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Paradise Lost
Edge of Tomato contest June 2023, which alas failed to launch.
Insect Manny and his companions Scuttle and Dolph set off to find Manny's crush, who seems to have wandered off into the savage wide world, can they find her before she gets eaten by predators or shredded by gigantic lawn mowers.

It's A Done Deal
Xmas contest entry, Dec 2022
No-nonsense city exec Ronny drives to a small town to close down the hotel, which will turn the place into a ghost town, but things take an unexpected turn.

The Last Laugh
Halloween contest entry, Oct 2022.
Recurring characters Cindy, Dollan and Horst hunt a master vampire, hopefully before the sun goes down.
Related to Demon Squad: Resurrection from the 2016 Halloween contest, and Demon Squad from the 2005 Halloween contest.

We Love You, Space Princess
Summer Challenge entry, July 2022
It's hard to raise gifted kids when their mother isn't around.
Alas only 2 entries were submitted, contest was a washout.

Star Protector
Just One Scene contest entry, May 2022
An aspiring villain sets a clever trap for the city's hero, intending to steal his powers and use them for evil.

One Night In Cairo
Oh Those Hot Summer Nights! contest entry, Jun 2021
Brennan, an Irish brawler who dabbles in archeology when he isn't lying drunk in an alleyway, finds himself in deep trouble when he runs into cultists planning to awaken a sleeping Egyptian god with with an insatiable appetite for blood.

I Summoned A Love Demon (Without Even Trying!)
Valentine's Day contest entry, Feb 2021
Dottie has been practicing and practicing but her spells never work. When she least expects it, one finally does.

Halloween contest entry, Oct 2020
Harry gets irate when an ATM takes his bank card and won't give it back.

Mark's Summer Vacation contest entry, Sep 2020
Chris finds himself in a pickle when Sherry takes him home to seduce him, which is great, but her husband Larry appears and they have some funny ideas.

Bury Me Deep
Crowded Grave contest entry, Oct 2019
A clown interrupts a funeral service. The widow is not amused.

The Wop
Crowded Grave contest entry, Oct 2019
It's like F•R•I•E•N•D•S except weirdly not.

It's A Dog's Life
Winter Is Coming Contest entry, Sep 2019
A young couple argue over the dog he found wandering in the park and brought home.

Odd Man Out
Winter Is Coming Contest entry, Sep 2019
Vigilante justice comes to a climate change scientist who just won't keep his big trap shut.

Last Stop
Southern Land's Contest entry, Mar 2019
A tired driver stops at a mysterious roadside hotel to rest for the night. Based on a famous song, which was the theme for this contest.

Midnight Caller
Valentine's Day entry, Feb 2019
Izzy wakes up to find a creepy teen boy in her bedroom, he's a vampire and he's here for one thing only, but at least he brought cake.

The Draw
Halloween contest entry, Oct 2018
Brothers Eddie and Clarence stop off at a dusty little town hoping to find a McDonalds, instead they find themselves involved in an old-fashioned gunfight that can only end one way.
Related to Young Love

Sweet Summer Rosie
Summer Camp contest entry, Jul 2018
A sad tale of bitter, twisted revenge at an idyllic summer camp by the lake.

There's Something About Ursula
That short script you didn't finish contest entry, May 2018
A nerd begins to have doubts about his spooky girlfriend.
Finished version of the unfinished scriptment from the Valentine's Day 2012 contest.

Devil Inside
"Turn someone's world upside down contest" entry, Apr 2018.
Flannagan visits a family who have a disturbing case of possession tied to a bed upstairs.

The Last Sunset
Valentine's Day contest entry, Feb 2018.
Nerdy Grant finally works up courage to approach Fatima, a nice girl who works in her brother's coffee & bagel shop.
Related to There's Something About Ursula

The Battle Of The North Pole
Xmas contest entry, Dec 2017.
It's up to Ferdy, a young elf, to save the day when an ambitious elf called Blizzard captures Santa and intends to sell off the big fat bearded man's toy factory to shady foreign investors.

Brilliant Disguise
Halloween contest entry, Oct 2017.
A cynical detective investigates an oddball murder involving two pleasant neighborly folks dressed up as pumpkin-head scarecrows.
Related to Smoking Heart, Give Generously, Lost and Found and Young Love.

Dog Days of Summer contest entry, Sep 2017.
In a world where people are ruled by intelligent dogs, the human underdogs begin to fight back.

Day 112
Scare Me!!! contest entry, Apr 2017.
Possibly the last man alive in the world continues to search for survivors.

Short screenplay for the 2017 Valentine's Day contest that didn't happen, lack of participants.
A man stumbles out of a wheat field. He has been PROBED.

Demon Squad: Resurrection
Halloween contest entry, Oct 2016.
Various familiar creatures of evil attend the annual meeting of the Dark Brotherhood, but they're not alone.
Related to Demon Squad from the 2005 Halloween contest!

Aim Small, Miss Small
Halloween contest entry, Oct 2016.
Trouble from the future threatens to spill over into Halloween.

Killing Hitler
"Hot Tubs & Time Machines" contest entry, Sept 2016.
BLAM! Take that, evil Nazi monster!
Spoiler, HITLER DIES. Several times, in fact.

The Great Detective
"Hot Tubs & Time Machines" contest entry,* Sept 2016.
The World's Greatest Detective solves history's most heinous crime mystery.
* ...which didn't get submitted, since no one else wrote 2 entries.

Throne Games
"Bring Me The Head" contest entry, July 2016.
Things are looking grim for a young nobleman who sits in a prison cell awaiting execution. But rescue is at hand!

DD April Fool's 2016 contest entry.
An astronaut is stuck outside a space station airlock, her air and fuel supply are dwindling, is the AI nuts or just playing a joke?

It's A Date
DD Valentine's Day 2016 contest entry.
Fate conspires to stick a crime-fighting hero and a dangerous villainess together.

Give Generously
DD Xmas 2015 contest entry.
An elite squad of undercover cops faces off against a crew of bank robbers on the most joyous day of the year.
Related to Brilliant Disguise and Smoking Heart.

Smoking Heart
DD Halloween 2015 contest entry.
Nuns, cheerleaders and a rugged detective who lives by his own rules.
Failed to make it into the contest due to technical hitch, i.e. lying software lied about the page count.
Related to Brilliant Disguise and Give Generously

Chilled to the Bone
Old Worlds/New Worlds contest entry, June 2015.
After being caught in an avalanche, a group of explorers take shelter in an ancient cave tunnel system, but find more than they bargained for.

With Love From Russia
Valentine's Day 2015 contest entry
Even trained spies with ice water for blood sometimes break all the rules and fall for the enemy.

Echoes In The Mist
Halloween 2014 contest entry
A haunting story set in Bonnie Scotland. Haha, get it, haunting story? Man, tough audience.

Paint It Black
Valentine's Day 2014 contest entry
Speed dating with the modern girl.

Snow Harder
Xmas 2013 contest entry
A tough toy quality inspector from Elf City pays his estranged wife a visit in Santaville, but his timing just couldn't be worse. GERMAN ELVES.

Mating Call
Halloween 2013 contest entry
Strange things happen down in the cellar at a Halloween party.

The Shooter
"Dangerous Dames" Noir contest entry, April 2013.
A droid cop is determined to solve a vicious murder at a spaceport cantina.

She's The One
"Voluptuous Valentines" Valentine's Day 2013 contest entry
When Gary met Mia... things were bound to screw up somehow. But as long as he can find a burger van, things might not be so bad.

Halloween 2012 contest entry
Four delinquents think a helpless guy in a wheelchair is the perfect victim, but the motorized pervert proves a match for their viciousness.

There's Something About Ursula
Valentine's Day 2012 contest entry
A nerd begins to doubt what his spooky girlfriend is really looking for.
Contest was a washout.
The completed script from the May 2018 context entry

Lost And Found
Halloween 2011 contest entry
Trick or Treat turns into robbery with menace on a special night of the year.

The Night of the Terror
Halloween 2010 contest entry
A vampyre and his old servant celebrate Halloween.

Blood Money
Neo Noir 2 contest entry May '10
A hit man wants to retire.

I Know What You Did Last Halloween
Halloween '09 contest entry
A kid goes trick or treating and meets a genuine ghost.

March Madness 09 entry
Three potential heroes are recruited by a noted scientist who has mutated into an inhuman form.

The Test
March Madness 09 entry
A rookie undercover cop goes undercover.

Young Love
March Madness 09 entry
Eddie and Binky want to be together, but Eddie's dysfunctional brother Clarence insists on coming along.
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Red Alert
Christmas 2008 entry
Something unknown this way comes.

The Horror From Beyond
"MADHOUSE - How to make a Monster!" Nov 2008 contest entry
A mad scientist and his assistant create life!

Just A Quick Thank-You Note
"MADHOUSE - How to make a Monster!" Nov 2008 contest entry
Radical surgery produces unforeseen results.

Flying Nun
"In A World Where..." 30-second trailer Sept 2008 contest entry
Violent trailer for nun hitwoman thriller.

Sword of Doom
"In A World Where..." 30-second trailer Sept 2008 contest entry
Conan-like Fantasy sword epic movie trailer.

Vice Squad
"Devil's Deadline: My Favorite Vice" Sept 2008 Noir contest entry
A mean pimp, his junkie ho, and a bent cop.

Just Testing
"Geek" Feb 2008 contest entry / Sci-Fi (5 mins)
An unusual school test takes an unexpectedly sinister turn.

K.I.S.S. March 2008 contest entry (1 min)
Yakuza Boss Renko gets an unexpected surprise.

Mistaken Identity
"Touch of Noir" Feb 2008 contest entry (5 mins)
A waitress is mistaken for a hitwoman, with unhilarious consequences.

Brig's Out!
"Touch of Noir" Feb 2008 contest entry (5 mins)
A condemned killer returns to get what's coming to him.

"Motel Macabre" Nov 2007 contest entry / Comedy (5 mins)
A self-centered actress hiding from the press must trust a stranger to protect her from an unknown stalker.

Cause & Effect
"Motel Macabre" Nov 2007 contest entry / Horror (5 mins)
A tired woman travels around the country leaving odd things behind.

Enemy Mine
Memorial Day June 2007 contest entry / War (7 mins)
Four Brit soldiers are stranded in the middle of the desert, it's hot, and there's an Arab on a camel.

Wings of Eagles
Memorial Day June 2007 contest entry / War (7 mins)
All that matters to a gung-ho American pilot in WWI France is running up a score.

Money Changes Everything
"Devil's Deadline: Sex & Murder" April 2007 contest entry / Modern Noir (7 mins)
A minder is asked to look after a mobster's beautiful but scheming wife.

Losing Faith
"Devil's Deadline: Sex & Murder" April 2007 contest entry / Modern Noir (7 mins)
Two hit men leave a trail of bodies around town.

Fish Tails
DD March Madness 07 entry
Its much hotter under the water.

'06 Xmas Special short
Santa and Mrs. Santa visit the doctor.

The Forty Year Itch
'06 Halloween short challenge entry / Horror (5 mins)
An aristocratic brother and sister share a dark secret.

"That is one good pickle."
Sept '06 48-hour challenge entry / (4 mins)
Some weird goings-on in Apartment 4C.

The Forbidden Isle
'06 "Raindrop" challenge entry / Fantasy (6 mins)
A Greek prince must rescue a virgin beauty from the clutches of an evil sorcerer.

Executive Decision
'06 Valentine's Day contest entry / Romance (5 mins)
An estranged couple are brought together by the magic of Valentine's Day.

The Siren
'05 Halloween contest entry / Horror (5 mins)
A shipwrecked captain finds sanctuary in an old castle that contains horror beyond his imagining.

Demon Squad
'05 Halloween contest entry / Horror/Humor (5 mins)
An elite team battles unearthly creatures to save the world.

Extra Time
'05 Halloween contest entry / Horror/Humor (5 mins)
A cheerleader invokes a forbidden ritual to bring her boyfriend back from beyond the grave.
Some forum comments are here.

Last Temptation
'05 "End of Summer" contest entry / Sci-Fi (5 mins)
In a bleak near-future illegal pollution earns strict punishment.

The Enemy
'05 "End of Summer" contest entry / Sci-Fi (6 mins)
Man strikes back against his worst nightmare, spawned by technology run amok.

Gunboat Diplomacy
May '05 contest entry - Sci-Fi/Humor (5 mins)
Something is out there. And sometimes it pays Earth a visit.

'03 Halloween contest entry
I have no recollection of writing this. Found it in the DD archives. Weird.