Short screenplay from the Done Deal "March Madness" contest,
       March 2009.


               FADE IN:

               EXT. DARK ALLEY - NIGHT

               The clip-clop of high heels.  A woman wearing a leather coat, 
               a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses, emerges from the shadows.

               She stops at a doorway.  A sign overhead says: "Gatsby Theater - 
               FOR SALE."  She grabs the handle and tugs.  It's locked.  
               She looks up and down the alleyway.  No one's around.  She 
               WRENCHES the door open with brutal strength, pieces of metal 
               bounce and ping, the wooden frame is splintered.  She enters.  
               The door creaks shut behind her.

               ALLEY SECURITY CAMERA POV:  watching the door slowly close.

               EXT. ROOFTOP - NIGHT

               Angled skylights glow, steam rises from vent pipes.

               Something blobbish lands on the roof with a loud SQUELCH.  
               The blobbish something unfolds and stands up.  It's a MAN, 
               wearing a long coat, a hat, and sunglasses.  He brushes 
               himself down.

               He peers down through one of the skylight windows.  Then 
               walks to one of the vent pipes.  He leans forward and POURS 
               himself down the pipe until he's gone.

               ROOF SECURITY CAMERA POV:  watching the vent pipe.


               The manhole cover unscrews clockwise and is pushed to one 
               side.  A grinning dinosaur head rises up out of the manhole.  
               The head turns to look up and down the street.  The head 
               slowly sinks out of sight.

               STREET SECURITY CAMERA POV:  watching the open manhole.



               A spotlight comes on, dazzling the woman with the wide-brimmed 
               hat on center stage.

                         Hey!  Cut it out!

               The spotlight shifts so it's slightly to her right.


                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         I'm sorry, Miss Bellman.  I couldn't 
                         see you.

                         That's okay.  Where the hell are 

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Behind you.

               The woman turns round.  A steel bin on wheels sits behind 
               her.  It has a glass window slit near the top.  The woman, 
               curious, bends down to peer through the slit.

                         Oh my God.

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Yes.  I was once a human being, like 
                         you.  Now I must dwell inside this 
                         vessel, since my mutated form can no 
                         longer exist in your world.

                         What are you mutating into, a giant 

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Possibly yes.  Two other persons are 
                         about to join you.  Do not be alarmed.

               The spotlight swings to illuminate a blobbish shape as it 
               oozes onto the stage.  The shape reforms into the man from 
               the rooftop.

                         Neat trick.  Who else?

               The spotlight swings to illuminate the disosaur, who emits a 
               low growl.

                         The hell?

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         I have invited you three here to 
                         present a proposition.  First I will 
                         introduce you, since it is unlikely 
                         that you are familiar with each other.

               The spotlight shines on the woman.

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Kaitlyn Bellman, dentist's 
                         receptionist by day, fearless heroine 
                         by night.  Better known as Miss 
                         Brutality.  Your ability to wrench 
                         open doors with the sheer brute 
                         strength in your grossly overdeveloped 
                         right arm, and your super punch, has 
                         foiled the master plan of many a 
                         hardened criminal.

               NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGE:  headline reads "MYSTERY GIRL WITH BIG 
               ARM FOILS BANK ROBBERY" -- photo of COPS standing over a 
               pair of ROBBERS who are both in agony, nursing their left 

               The spotlight shines on the man who was a blob.

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Doctor Reggie Farquahar, experimental 
                         fashion designer, whose advanced 
                         research into atomic-powered jewelry 
                         and accessories resulted in his own 
                         body gaining fantastic molecular 
                         gooey-ness.  Better known as Mister 
                         Ooze, who can sneak into secret 
                         criminal lairs through the smallest 
                         openings, and detain suspects until 
                         the police arrive.

               NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGE:  headline reads "CRIMINAL GANG STUCK 
               FAST" -- photo of several CRIMINALS stuck to a brick wall by 
               gleaming ooze.

               The spotlight shines on the dinosaur, who ROARS and swings 
               its paws around, enraged.

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Frederick Meeker, paleontology 
                         professor, whose exposure to a strange 
                         virus contained in the thigh bone of 
                         a dinosaur, which he gnawed as a 
                         joke to impress a young female 
                         student, has resulted in a bizarre 
                         melding of human and sauron DNA.  
                         Better known as Me-Rex, terror of 
                         the sewers.

               NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGE:  headline reads "DINOSAUR EATS GANGLAND 
               BOSS" -- photo of sickened COPS peering into a banged-up 
               sedan whose roof has been peeled open.

               The dinosaur calms down and nods.  Raowrr.

                         Okay, so you know who we are.  Who 
                         are you?

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         I am Doctor Victor Van Der Ook.

                         The famous missing scientist!  They 
                         said you fell into a volcano.

                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE
                         Merely a subterfuge to mask my 
                         activities.  It is my intention to 
                         create a team of super-heroes who 
                         will combat the tidal wave of crime 
                         that threatens to overwhelm this 
                         dark city.

                                     MISS BRUTALITY
                         Sure, I'm in.

                                     MISTER OOZE
                         Very well.


                                     MAN'S AMPLIFIED VOICE

               FADE OUT


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