Short screenplay from the Done Deal "End Of Summer" contest.

       "The Last Temptation"

       FADE IN:

       EXT. SKY - DAY

       A swollen angry sun blasts out dazzling yellow sunlight.


       The highway and the horizon are blurred by shimmering heat.

       A DUST CLOUD comes closer.

       Made by TWO CARS as they race side by side.  Still too far
       away to make out details, but moving fast.

       The sound of their ENGINES becomes louder and louder.
       Full open throttle.  Growling like tigers on heat.

       EXT. GARAGE - DAY

       A shabby broken down building sits alone in the wilderness.

       INT. GARAGE - DAY

       It's dark here because it's so bright outside.  Wooden
       crates, empty oil drums and other junk form a tangled

       In the shadows, BENNETT, 20, looks through a crack in a
       boarded-up window.  Sweat glistens on his shaven head and
       face.  He wears a sweatstained orange overall with TRAFFIC
       stenciled across the shoulders.

       A dull CLANG comes from the other side of the garage.
       Bennett's eyes swivel to look, the rest of him stays still.

       HARTLEY, 18, dressed and shaved like Bennett, has kicked
       over a can.  His defiant gaze meets Bennett's ice cold
       gaze.  Hartley shifts position, losing himself in the

       In another hiding place, MACKENZIE, 18, attractive despite
       the sweatstains and no hair, shakes her head in disapproval.

       EXT. GARAGE - DAY

       Two classics, a blue Dodge Viper and a black Ford Mustang,
       kick up dust as they approach.


       INT. GARAGE - DAY

       Bennett watches... not a muscle moving.

       The growl of the car engines fills the garage.

       EXT. GARAGE - DAY

       In the approaching Viper, GOATEE BEARD, 20s, and REDHEAD,
       19, wearing tee shirts and sunglasses.

       In the Mustang, COWBOY HAT and BLONDE GIRL, 20s.

       Cowboy Hat cuts out and overtakes at the last moment,
       roaring into the garage first.

       Goatee Beard and Redhead laugh.

       INT. GARAGE - DAY

       Cowboy Hat parks his Mustang and hops out, opens the door
       for Blonde Girl.

       The Viper rolls inside.  The engine's switched off.  Goatee
       Beard and Redhead climb out.

       Bennett raises his fist -- pumps it.

       Everyone jumps out from hiding, Hartley and MacKenzie cover
       'em with shotguns.  It's an arrest.  The prisoners realize
       they've walked into a trap.

                 Traffic Division.  You're under
                 arrest for violation of the
                 Atmospheric Pollution Laws--

                             COWBOY HAT
                 Now hold on--

       Hartley slaps his shotgun against Cowboy Hat's head.  Cowboy
       Hat collapses in agony.  Blonde Girl moves to help but
       Redhead stops her.

                 For violation of the Atmospheric
                 Pollution Laws, Article Seven,
                 Subsection Nineteen.  To wit,
                 illegal exhaust emissions causing
                 ozone layer breakdown.

       Goatee Beard takes a half step forward.

       Hartley takes aim but Bennett shakes his head, don't shoot.


                             GOATEE BEARD
                 I'm the one you want.  These are
                 my cars.  They just came along for
                 the ride.  Why not let them go?

       Bennett and Goatee Beard stare at each other.  Regret shows
       in Bennett's eyes, and in his deep sigh.

                 No can do.

       Goatee Beard sighs too, and steps back.

                 You want me to disable the cars?

                 I'll do it.

                 Only take me a minute.

                 I said I'll do it.

       Hartley shrugs, you're the boss.

                             BENNETT (CONT'D)
                 Anything else to say before we
                 carry out sentence?

       Redhead pushes up her sunglasses.

                 If you're going to murder us, get
                 on with it.

       Until now the shadows have hidden her face.  Now Bennett
       sees her clearly, and she sees him.  A flash of mutual
       recognition and surprise.

       BENNETT'S B/W FLASHBACK - him and the Redhead, together in
       a fast racing car, engine howling, wind in her hair,

       Bennett stares at her, saying nothing.

       MacKenzie's gaze flicks between Bennett and the Redhead.
       She catches on, they know each other.

                      (to Hartley)
                 Go check the cars for weapons.

       Hartley's confused, MacKenzie pushes him toward the cars.


                 All right, all right...

       Redhead looks at Goatee Beard, seeking his permission.  He
       nods, and indicates she should talk to Bennett.

       MacKenzie signals it's OK for Goatee Beard and Blonde Girl
       to help Cowboy Hat stand up.  They do.

       Redhead and Bennett step away so they're out of earshot.

       BENNETT'S B/W FLASHBACK - him and Redhead naked in bed,
       making love.

       Bennett examines her closely.  Her skin's blistered red, a
       real bad case of sunburn.  She smiles.

                 I almost didn't recognize you.

                 Guess it must be the skin cancer.

       She looks him up and down.

                             REDHEAD (CONT'D)
                 Never thought I'd see the day you
                 wore traffic cop uniform.  Wasn't
                 so long ago you were a racer

       Bennett tears his collar open, shows her the metal band
       around his neck, locked by a flashing electronic gizmo.

                 That was before they caught me and
                 put this on.  You wanna guess what
                 happens if I go too fast?

                 So now you turn other racers in.

                 You think I enjoy it?


                 You know me better than that.

                 I used to.


                 What about you.  It's killing you
                 and you still do it.  Why?

                 Because I won't give it up.  Not
                 for anything.  Especially not some
                 goon cop like you.

       Bennett flinches as if she's slapped him.

                 We're trying to save the planet.

                 The planet's screwed.

                 They're trying to fix it.

                 Yeah?  Good luck with that.

       With a nod, Bennett indicates Hartley and MacKenzie.

                 If I tell them you're on a "wanted"
                 list... and I have to take you in
                 for questioning... will you play

                 You'd do that for l'il old me?

                 My lieutenant owes me a favor.
                 Maybe... maybe I can convince him
                 to look the other way.  Before you
                 get processed.

                 But no guarantees.

       Bennett can't look her in the eye.  No guarantees.

       Blonde Girl glances at the entrance, judging distance.
       She sees Hartley's view is blocked by Goatee Beard and
       Cowboy Hat, and MacKenzie's distracted by Bennett and

       Blonde Girl makes her move, runs for the door!

       Hartley spins -- BLAM!

       The blast throws Blonde Girl outside.


       EXT. GARAGE - DAY

       Blonde Girl hits the ground hard.  Her shocked blue eyes
       are open but unseeing.

       INT. GARAGE - DAY

       Redhead closes her eyes and shudders in horror, knowing
       what's happened.  Her breathing comes in little gasps.

       Goatee Beard is left holding Cowboy Hat.  He stares at
       Bennett, willing something to happen fast.

                 We could make it work.  You and

                 Just like old times, huh?

                 It's different now.  But dammit
                 I'm the only chance you've got.

       Redhead sucks in a deep breath.  Makes her decision.

                 I'd rather die free than live
                 underground like a rat.

                 It's not as bad as you think.

                 Isn't it?  Thanks, but no thanks.
                 So long, Bennett.

       She turns away, holding eye contact until the last moment--

       BENNETT'S B/W FLASHBACK - Redhead laughs with all the joy
       of life as they speed along the highway--

       Redhead rejoins Goatee Beard, takes his hand, kisses him.
       A tender moment, possibly their last.

       MacKenzie looks at Bennett, waiting for orders, shotgun

       Bennett can't do it.  MacKenzie realizes.  She lowers her

       Hartley herds them toward the entrance at gunpoint.  Goatee
       Beard resists but Hartley savagely clubs him.  Goatee Beard,
       Redhead and Cowboy Hat stumble outside.


       MacKenzie looks at Bennett -- is this what you want?

       THREE RAPID SHOTS from outside.  Each shot makes Bennett
       flinch.  He turns away and screws his eyes tight shut.

       Hartley comes back inside, reloading his shotgun.  He sits
       on one of the cars and grins, pleased with himself.

       MacKenzie tosses Hartley a radio.

                 Call it in.

                 Anything you say.

       MacKenzie joins Bennett.

                 Who was she?


                 I'm sorry.

                 Forget it.

                      (into radio)
                 Five Niner Charlie, receiving,

                 What about the cars?

                 I said I'd take care of them.

       MacKenzie shrugs, okay.

                      (into radio)
                 This is Five Niner Charlie reporting
                 four repeat four racers fried and
                 ready to collect.  Vehicles have
                 been apprehended...

       He looks over at Bennett.


                             HARTLEY (CONT'D)
                      (into radio)
                 ...and disabled.  Put 'em up on
                 the board.  Let those other drag-
                 ass teams read 'em and weep.  Five
                 Niner Charlie, over and out.

                      (to MacKenzie)
                 You better get moving.  I want you
                 back at the pick-up point before
                 high noon.  I'll hitch a ride with
                 the garbage truck.

                 Ten-four.  Tell the driver to keep
                 his speed down.

       They grin weakly at each other.  Old joke.

       MacKenzie picks up Hartley on her way out.

       EXT. GARAGE - DAY

       MacKenzie and Hartley step into glaring sunlight and shield
       their eyes.

       They sling their shotguns over their shoulders, then unfold
       umbrellas painted gleaming silver.

       They hold them high to protect themselves from the sun,
       and jog away.

       INT. GARAGE - DAY

       Bennett stands at the entrance watching them go.

       He turns away and slowly walks up to the cars.

       He runs his hand lovingly over the Viper's hood, along her
       side, over her tail.

       He moves to the Mustang.  Caresses the metal from end to

       He's in love with these cars.

       Bennett closes his eyes.

       BENNETT'S B/W FLASHBACK - him and the Redhead, together in
       a fast racing car, engine howling, wind in her hair,


       Bennett looks at the Mustang's dash.  The keys are still
       in the ignition.

       EXT. SKY - DAY

       A swollen angry sun blasts out dazzling yellow sunlight.


       The highway and the horizon are blurred by shimmering heat.

       A DUST CLOUD comes closer.  Made by a single car.  Still
       too far away to make out details, but moving fast.

       The sound of its ENGINE becomes louder and louder.  Full
       open throttle.  Growling like a tiger on heat.

       The Mustang flashes past!  Bennett at the wheel.

       ...And zooms away into the distance, becoming lost in the
       heat haze.

       A faraway BOOM reaches us.

       FADE OUT

       The End.


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