Short screenplay from the Done Deal "Touch of Noir" contest,
       Feb 2008

       "Mistaken Identity"

               FADE IN:

               EXT. ALLEYWAY - NIGHT

               Heavy rain drums on a parked sedan.  Thunder rumbles.

               A uniformed, gold-braided COP comes downstairs and unlocks 
               the sedan.  He waves up at a window, a WOMAN waves back.

               A GUN BARKS THREE TIMES, the Cop grimaces, slumps against 
               his car, slides down.

               FOOTSTEPS recede into the night.  A woman SCREAMS.


               A sign in the window, "WAITRESS WANTED - APPLY WITHIN"

               MAISY, a cute blonde, reads the sign.  She goes to open the 
               door but a tough-looking GOON yanks it open from inside.

                                     GOON #1
                         The Boss is waiting for you.

               Maisy is puzzled for a moment.  She nods and goes inside.


               Two alert GOONS flank THE BOSS, a portly fellow with mean 
               piggy eyes.  He's eating a heap of pasta.  Maisy approaches.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Sit down.

               Maisy sits.  The Boss keeps eating.

                                     THE BOSS
                         They say you're the best.

                         They do?  Well, I've had experience--

               The Boss pushes an envelope and a sellotaped brown paper 
               parcel towards her.  Curious, Maisy peeks into the envelope.  
               Money, lots of it.  Gulp.

               The Boss pushes a B/W photograph toward Daisy.

                                     THE BOSS
                         The address is on the back.

               The photograph shows a handsome Italian-looking guy.  Maisy 
               turns it over and reads the back.  She's a little puzzled.

                                     THE BOSS
                         I want you to do him tonight.

                         Do him?

                                     THE BOSS
                         Yeah.  Tonight.  You got a problem 
                         with that?

               Maisy's HEARTBEAT POUNDS like a jackhammer.  She licks her 
               lips.  She can't resist, she takes the envelope.

                         I got no problem.

               Heart still POUNDING, Maisy gets up, turns to go.

                                     THE BOSS

               Maisy freezes.  She looks back, the Boss indicates the parcel.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Make sure this gets left behind.

               Even more puzzled, Maisy picks up the parcel.  The Boss jerks 
               his head, the door's that way!  He watches Maisy exit.

               EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT

               As Maisy walks along, she tears open the parcel.

               She's so busy she doesn't notice a truck has collided with a 
               car.  COPS pull an unconscious BLONDE WOMAN from the car.  
               There's blood all over her busted windshield.

               Maisy finally gets the parcel open.  Inside, a gun.

               Maisy realizes what she's holding.  She quickly slips the 
               gun into her purse, and hurries along.


               Maisy watches from across the street.  She checks the back 
               of the photograph.  It says "Black Orchid Nightclub."  She 
               turns over the photograph, stares at the picture of the 
               handsome Italian-looking guy.


               SAL, the guy in the photograph, schmoozes with CUSTOMERS who 
               enjoy the live entertainment, a four-piece JAZZ BAND.

               Sal glances round and notices Maisy, looking kinda lost.  He 
               likes what he sees.  He approaches Maisy, turns on the charm.

                         Welcome to the Black Orchid Club.  
                         Are you looking for your husband?

                         Oh no, I'm not--

               Maisy realizes it's him, the guy.

                         I always like to ask first.  In case 
                         the husband takes a swing at me.

                         Does that happen a lot?

                         More often than I care to admit.

                         Are you coming on to me?

                         Would you want me to?

                         I'm taking the Fifth.

                         That's my favorite Amendment.  Can I 
                         interest you in a drink?

                         That would be real nice.

               Sal attracts a passing WAITRESS.

                         Ask John to make one of my special 
                         martinis.  I'll be in my office.

               The Waitress gives Maisy a knowing smile as she walks away.


               The Boss looks up in surprise as Goon #1 brings a beautiful 
               Blonde Woman to his table.  Or she would be beautiful, only 
               her bruised face is covered in fresh scars and stitches.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Holy mackerel, who the heck are you?

                                     GOON #1
                         She says she's the hitter, Boss.

                                     FRANKENSTEIN BLONDE
                         I got held up in traffic.

                                     THE BOSS
                         That's impossible!  The job's been 
                         taken.  She was here, she's got...

               The Boss realizes he's been had.  He tears off his napkin 
               and throws it down.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Looks like I'm gonna have to take 
                         care of business myself!

                                     FRANKENSTEIN BLONDE
                         Hey, what about me?

                                     THE BOSS
                         You blew your chance, lady.  Do me a 
                         favor and cover that face, will ya?  
                         You're making me puke.

               The Boss exits along with his Goons.  Frankenstein Blonde's 
               eyes narrow.

               INT. SAL'S OFFICE - NIGHT

               Maisy admires the plush fittings as Sal closes the door.

                         You're pretty sure of yourself.

                         You can walk out any time you want.

                         What if I don't want?

               Sal grabs Maisy and kisses her hard.  Maisy loves it, but 
               her purse gets in the way.

                         Here, let me--

               Sal takes the purse... but wonders at the weight.  He searches 
               inside.  He pulls out the gun.

                         Oh, wow, that.  I can explain.

               Sal finds the envelope, weighs it in his hand.

                         Unless I miss my bet, there's ten 
                         big ones here.  That's the going 
                         rate for a hit.

               Sal chucks the gun and the envelope onto the desk.  Maisy 
               backs up as Sal advances on her.

                         If you'd just give me a second--

               Sal traps Maisy against the wall, he puts his hand over her 
               mouth.  Maisy's eyes widen in fear.

                         You should'a walked out when you had 
                         the chance.


               Grim-faced, The Boss and his Goons sway from side to side as 
               their car screeches round corners.

               INT. SAL'S OFFICE - NIGHT

               Maisy is roughly thrown onto a couch.

                         You gotta believe me.  I don't even 
                         know how to shoot a gun.

               Sal slaps her hard, Maisy YELPS and covers her face.

                         Start talking.  Who sent you?

               EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT

               The Boss and his Goons spill out of the car.  Goon #1 knocks 
               on a door.  A COOK opens it.  Goon #1 aims his gun.

                                     GOON #1
                         Health inspector.

               INT. SAL'S OFFICE - NIGHT

               Maisy huddles on the couch, sobbing.

                         Some tough nut you turned out to be.

                         Why won't you listen?  I came here 
                         to warn you, not kill you.

               WHAM! the door slams open, Goon #1 covers Sal.  The Boss 
               enters.  Sal looks at Maisy, she shrugs and spreads her hands, 
               I tried to tell you!

               The Boss advances on Maisy and slaps her hard, she YELPS.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Play me for a sap, would you?  This 
                         is all your fault.  Now I gotta get 
                         my hands dirty.

                         You're crazy.  What's this all about?

                                     THE BOSS
                         Ain't you heard?  The Chief of Police 
                         stopped three lead angels tonight.
                              (indicates Sal)
                         Hanging the blame on this piece of 
                         meat's gonna take the heat off me.

                         You're a blockhead, Gazzini.  Why 
                         should the cops think I did it?

                                     THE BOSS
                         Maybe 'cause you handled the gun, 
                         wise guy.

               Sal stares at the gun on his desk, realizing--

                                     THE BOSS
                         Don't worry, I'll take good care of 
                         your club while you're on Death Row.  
                         Yeah, I always liked this place.

               Sal lunges for the gun -- Goon #1 SHOOTS THREE TIMES.  Sal 
               grimaces and collapses, clutching his chest.

                         My God, you shot him!

                                     THE BOSS
                         Looks like he's skipping Death Row.  
                         Don't worry sweetheart, you'll be 
                         keeping him company soon.

               The Boss slips the envelope inside his coat pocket.

                                     THE BOSS
                              (to Goon #1)
                         Make it look like she shot him and 
                         he shot her.  A lover's quarrel.

                                     GOON #1
                         Sure thing, Boss.

               These are Goon #1's last words, THREE BULLETS from a silenced 
               gun spin him round and chop him down.

               Frankenstein Blonde stands in the doorway, her smoking gun 
               aimed at The Boss.

                                     FRANKENSTEIN BLONDE
                         Swell little party we got here.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Okay.  Maybe we should talk.

               Slowly and carefully he takes out the envelope.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Ten grand, to turn and walk away.

               Frankenstein Blonde walks over to Maisy and slaps her hard.

                         Hey!  Would everybody quit with the 
                         slapping?  I don't like it one bit!

                                     THE BOSS
                         So, do we have a deal?

                                     FRANKENSTEIN BLONDE
                         Okay.  As long as I get to play with 
                         her first.  She wants to be me... 
                         stick her nose in my business...

               Frankenstein Blonde pulls out a knife.

                                     FRANKENSTEIN BLONDE
                         ...I'll make her look just like me, 
                         only prettier.

                         Geez Louise!

               Noticed only by Maisy... Sal painfully heaves himself up... 
               climbs his desk... reaches over the top... grabs the gun.

                                     THE BOSS
                         Whatever.  Have your fun.  As long 
                         as the cops find the gun--

               The Boss freezes.  He's looking at the gun in question... 
               and Sal's angry, sweating face as he hangs onto the desk.

               The Boss turns and runs for the door -- BLAM, he goes sailing 
               into the wall, slides down.

               Frankenstein Blonde spins and throws her knife -- it hits 
               Sal in the heart!  Sal looks down... he looks at Maisy... a 
               moment of tragic understanding.  Maisy covers her mouth.  
               Sal slides off the desk, BLAM! the gun goes off.

               Frankenstein Blonde touches her chest, examines her bloody 
               fingertips in surprise.  She keels over, dead.

               Maisy kneels on the floor and cradles Sal's head.  His eyelids 
               flutter, he closes his eyes, he's gone.

               Maisy grabs the envelope and angrily shakes it -- it bursts 
               open, scattering money everywhere.  Maisy hunches over Sal 
               and sobs as bills rain down on them like confetti.

               FADE OUT


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