Short screenplay from the Done Deal Neo Noir 2 contest,
       May 2010

       "Blood Money"

               FADE IN:

               INT. HOTEL BAR - NIGHT

               MITZI sits alone at the bar, looking unsure of herself instead 
               of being on the cover of a glossy magazine where she belongs.

               A SLICK GUY ambles over and flashes his teeth.

                                     SLICK GUY
                         I think it's a crime.

                         What is?

                                     SLICK GUY
                         A good-looking dame like you, all 
                         alone on a cold night like this.

               Slick Guy signals the BARTENDER - two drinks!

               Mitzi doesn't even notice, she's watching TWO GUYS in black 
               suits waiting at the elevator.  DING!  The doors open.

               INT. HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT

               Pink neon blinks through the window blinds.

               Shaky hands load a cracked-open revolver.  Bullets tumble to 
               the floor and roll under the bed.

               The owner of the shaky hands, LOUIS, squeezes under the bed 
               to get the bullets.  His probing fingers almost touch them--

               The door crashes open and the two guys in black suits aim 
               their automatics at an apparently empty room.

               Louis, under the bed, has a good view of their feet.

                                     BLACK SUIT 1
                         Big Rocco said he'd be here.

                                     BLACK SUIT 2
                         Maybe we should wait for him.

                                     BLACK SUIT 1
                         Nah.  His girlfriend's downstairs.  
                         Let's take her out back.  She'll 
                         sing like a duck when we start 
                         breaking her fingers.

                                     BLACK SUIT 2
                         I thought ducks went quack quack?

               They put their automatics back in their underarm holsters, 
               and turn to leave.  The CLICK of a cocking gun makes them 
               freeze.  They slowly look back over their shoulders.

               Louis kneels on the floor, elbows resting on the bed, aiming 
               the big revolver.  The barrel shakes.

                                     BLACK SUIT 1
                         Hey Louis.  Were you hiding under 
                         the bed?

                                     BLACK SUIT 2
                         That ain't cool, Louis.

                         I got nothing against you guys.  I 
                         just want out.  You put your hardware 
                         on the floor, you get to walk out of 
                         here alive.

               Black Suit 1 looks down and sees the scattered bullets under 
               the bed.  He grins.  Black Suit 2 catches on and grins too.

                                     BLACK SUIT 1
                         You gotta get yourself an automatic, 
                         Louis.  I got fifteen slugs in my 
                         magazine and one in the pipe.  You 
                         got what, one, two at most?

                                     BLACK SUIT 2
                         Maybe none.

               Both guys grab for their guns, trying to beat Louis.

               The old revolver THUNDERS twice.  The two guys are punched 
               back against the door frame.  Red bloodstains spread across 
               their white shirts.  They slide down, dead as doornails.

               INT. HOTEL BAR - NIGHT

               Mitzi is still being badgered by Slick Guy.

                                     SLICK GUY
                         Twenty bucks, that's my top offer.

               Slick Guy's eyes bulge because Louis's pressing something 
               hard into his back, and it ain't a banana.

                         The lady said get lost, creep.

               Slick Guy gets lost fast.

                         Oh Louis, I didn't think you was 
                         gonna come back.  There was these 
                         two guys, I didn't like the look of 
                         them.  They went upstairs.  I think 
                         they were looking for you.

                         I didn't see them.  C'mon, grab your 
                         purse.  We're going somewhere nice, 
                         I promise.

               Louis and Mitzi head for the door but BIG ROCCO enters, 
               flanked by TWO GOONS.  Big Rocco glares at Louis.

                                     BIG ROCCO
                              (to Goons)
                         Go buy the lady a drink, boys.  Be 
                         real nice to her.  Me and Louis got 
                         business to discuss.

               The Goons escort Mitzi to the bar, she looks back, worried.

               Big Rocco takes Louis to an empty booth, they sit down.

                         Leave her out of this, she doesn't 
                         know what I do.

                                     BIG ROCCO
                         I paid you to wipe out Sammy the 
                         Squealer.  What happened?

                         I got past the Feds but his family 
                         was there.  I couldn't shoot him 
                         with his wife and kids watching.

               Louis takes out a fat envelope and drops it on the table.

                         It's all there.  I was gonna give it 
                         back to you.  I ain't no thief.

                                     BIG ROCCO
                         You disappoint me, Louis.  You were 
                         the guy I could always rely on.  The 
                         guy who never misses.

               Big Rocco looks around, as if searching for someone. 

                         If you're looking for the Barreta 
                         Brothers, they found me.

                                     BIG ROCCO
                         They were never as good as you, Louis.

               Louis and Big Rocco draw guns at the same time.  Stand-off.

                                     BIG ROCCO
                         Toss it away or the broad gets it.

               Louis looks over at the bar -- the two Goons are holding 
               Mitzi, she struggles but they're too strong.

               Louis throws his gun away, it lands over by the door.  Big 
               Rocco grins and thumbs back his gun's hammer.

                                     BIG ROCCO
                         Don't worry.  You and her'll be 
                         together soon.  In a desert grave.

                         Son of a bitch--

                                     SAMMY THE SQUEALER (O.S.)
                         Hey, Rocco!

               Big Rocco looks round at the voice -- BLAM!  He's a dead 
               man, a bloody hole in his forehead.

               Louis grabs Big Rocco's gun and BLAM, BLAM! -- the two Goons 
               clutch their hearts and slide down the bar.  Mitzi gingerly 
               steps away from them.

               SAMMY THE SQUEALER points his gun at Louis's head.  Louis 
               lays Big Rocco's gun down on the table.

                                     SAMMY THE SQUEALER
                         I saw you outside my house.


                                     SAMMY THE SQUEALER
                         You gave the Feds the slip and drove 
                         away.  Why?

                         You had your family with you.  It 
                         wasn't right.

               Sammy lowers his gun.  He indicates Big Rocco.

                                     SAMMY THE SQUEALER
                         The Feds ain't gonna be happy with 
                         me.  I'm leavin' town.  Heading south.

                         Then I'm heading north.

               Sammy the Squealer nods OK and exits.

               Mitzi throws her arms around Louis.

                         Oh Louis.

               Louis snatches up the money envelope and gives it to Mitzi.

                         Come on, babe.  Let's blow this joint.  
                         From now on it's just you and me.

               They head for the door, smiling.  Mitzi opens the door, Louis 
               bends and picks up his gun from where it landed--

                                     AMPLIFIED BULLHORN VOICE (V.O.)
                         This is the police!  Put down your 

               Shocked, Louis fumbles his gun -- A DOZEN GUNS OPEN FIRE.

               Louis and Mitzi dance like spastic puppets as they're riddled 
               with bullet holes.

               The shooting stops, Louis and Mitzi collapse in bloody heaps.

               A confetti of money rains down on their corpses.

               FADE OUT


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