Short screenplay for the Sept 2016 "Time Machine" contest. KILLING HITLER OVER BLACK A huge crowd CHEERS, hundreds of thousands of throats shout a name, over and over... HITLER HITLER HITLER FADE IN: INT. ACCESS STAIRWAY - SPORTS STADIUM - DAY A NAZI BROWNSHIRT SOLDIER wearing Swastika armbands lies unconscious, his forehead bloody. Outside, the chant continues: HITLER HITLER HITLER EXT. STADIUM UPPER STANDS WALKWAY - DAY A lone figure skulks between pillars, keeping low. The chant continues: HITLER HITLER HITLER INT. STADIUM - PILLAR - DAY The figure -- let's call him SMITH -- crouches down with his back against a pillar. He opens a leather satchel. He takes out parts of a rifle. He snaps them together expertly. The chant continues: HITLER HITLER HITLER Smith stands up and peeks out from behind the pillar. STOCK FOOTAGE: NAZI RALLY Adolf fvcking Hitler smiles at an audience of diehard Nazis who hang on his every evil word. They thrust their right arms out and chant at their rock star Fuhrer: HITLER HITLER HITLER INT. STADIUM - PILLAR - DAY Smith squints through his rifle's telescope sight. Makes adjustments. He flicks a switch. A RED LASER LIGHT SHINES. EXT. PODIUM - DAY Hitler smiles and gives his trademark limp arm salute. The crowd chants: HITLER HITLER HITLER EXCITED WOMAN (V.O.) Ich liebe dich, Mein Fuhrer! (English subtitle:) I love you, my Fuhrer! HITLER Danke, danke, ich bin hier die ganze Woche. (English subtitle:) Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week. A red light spot touches Hitler's chest, right over his black heart. BLAM! Hitler clutches his chest and reels back from the microphone. Horrified SCREAMING from tens of thousands of throats. EXCITED WOMAN (V.O.) Nein! Mein Fuhrer! (English subtitle:) No! My Fuhrer! INT. STADIUM - PILLAR - DAY Smith crouches down and hastily disassembles his rifle, dropping the parts back into the leather satchel. HEAVY FOOTSTEPS give him cause for panic. Suddenly he's surrounded by NAZI GUARDS who cover him with their machine pistols. Smith slowly puts down the leather satchel and raises his hands. He smiles the smile of a man who knows he has already won. SMITH Too late, you Nazi swine, I got him. Do your worst. NAZI OFFICER Bringt ihn zu den Fuhrer! (English subtitle:) Bring him to the leader! Hands grab Smith and roughly drag him up. INT. OFFICE - DAY NAZI GUARDS force Smith to sit down in a chair. They secure his wrists to the chair's arm rests with steel clamps. They step back and snap to attention. Smith looks around. Maybe wondering why he's still alive. A NAZI wearing a brownshirt uniform stands looking out the window, his back to Smith. Smith frowns, this guy looks kinda familiar... ADOLF HITLER Your weapon is quite sophisticated. But I have seen its like before. And no doubt will see it again. In the background, the stadium crowd chants: HITLER HITLER HITLER Hearing this, Smith is confused. ADOLF HITLER You wonder why the crowd continues to cheer. You should know that the Fuhrer made a remarkable recovery and returned to the podium. Smith frowns, trying to figure this out. Who IS this guy? ADOLF HITLER No one suspects he died, as a result of your bullet, and has been replaced. Smith shakes his head, this is crazy. The Nazi turns around to face him. Smith's eyes widen in astonishment! The Nazi looks like Hitler! Same evil face, same evil mustache. SMITH My God! You're a clone! Enraged, Hitler bounds forward and slaps Smith so hard that his chair falls over onto its side, he goes down with it, ow! ADOLF HITLER INSOLENT SCHWEINHUND! I AM NO CLONE. The Nazi guards lift Smith and the chair upright again. Smith's dazed and bleeding from the mouth. SMITH My mistake, I do apologize. Hitler's rage switches off, just like that. ADOLF HITLER But the cloning process is only one-half of the miracle. The second half would not even be possible, if not for you time travelers. Smith reacts with surprise! Then tries to hide it. Emoting required. SMITH I have no idea what you're-- ADOLF HITLER Come, now. I know what you are. You jumped here from our future, did you not? Your weapon confirms this. Do you think you are the first? There have been many before you. All of you leaped back through time with the idea that assassinating me will change history for the better. He leans in close and shouts in Smith's face: ADOLF HITLER IT NEVER DOES. HA! Hitler struts back to the window, laughing an evil laugh. ADOLF HITLER We have seen many sophisticated weapons and inventions from the future. Including a clever device capable of recording brain patterns. Smith is intensely interested in hearing about this! ADOLF HITLER Its owner died before he could explain his intentions. Perhaps he wished to make a copy of my mind for posterity, so that it might be examined by future philosophers? This is the only logical explanation. Smith begins to understand... SMITH You used this device... to write your brain patterns into the blank minds of your clones. Hitler puts a finger to his own nose and points at Smith with his other hand. You got it! The stadium crowd is still chanting: HITLER HITLER HITLER ADOLF HITLER So you see, your actions have proven futile. You shot a clone. A decoy. His death is meaningless. I can easily make others. SMITH Damn all you Nazis to Hell. A NAZI DOCTOR in a white coat enters, pushing a trolley laid out with gleaming surgical instruments. SMITH Two sugars with just a splash of milk, please. ADOLF HITLER You will tell us everything we wish to know of your future world. So we can better prepare for conquering it. The Nazi Doctor picks up a surgical saw and touches the blade with his thumb, producing a droplet of red blood. He grins at Smith. A sadist who loves his work. SMITH I would venture to guess that if you're here, the brain pattern recorder can't be far away. You would want to keep refreshing the image so it's always up to date. ADOLF HITLER The machine's location is of no importance to you. You should be concerned with your own situation. SMITH You really should have taken my wristwatch. ADOLF HITLER What nonsense do you speak? SMITH But of course, you've never watched any Bond movies, have you? A great pity. Maybe learning that the villain never gets away with his plans for world domination would have been educational for you. Hitler frowns, struggling to understand. He looks at Smith's wrist. SMITH'S WRISTWATCH The dial glows. HITLER Schneiden Sie seine Hand! Holen Sie sich das Uhr! Schnell! (English subtitle:) Cut off his hand! Get the timepiece! Quickly! The Nazi guards leap forward and grab Smith's arms. The Nazi Doctor brings his saw down on Smith's wrist. Smith smiles at Hitler. Too late, Nazi scum! Hitler's eyes widen in horrified realization. SCREEN WHITE OUT A DEAFENING EXPLOSION FADE TO BLACK A beat. Then... EXCITED WOMAN (V.O.) Ich liebe dich, Mein Fuhrer! (English subtitle:) I love you, my Fuhrer! An excited crowd chants: HITLER HITLER HITLER The End.

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