Short screenplay from the Done Deal "K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)" contest,
       March 2008

       "L-love A-actually Part II" (warning, adult content) 

               FADE IN:


               A disgusting pig-sty unfit for humans.  Flies buzz.

               JUNKIE HO staggers in.  She beckons to someone outside.

                                     JUNKIE HO
                         Hey c'mon in, s'alright, c'mon.

               A clean-cut ENGLISH JOHN follows her inside.  He looks around, 
               fascinated.  Junkie Ho sweeps the couch clear.

                                     ENGLISH JOHN
                         Oh I say.  What a charming place you 
                         have.  Very atmospheric.

                                     JUNKIE HO
                         Whatever.  Hand job's ten, blow job's 
                         twenty, regular screw's thirty, up 
                         the a$$ is forty.

                                     ENGLISH JOHN
                         What might fifty dollars purchase?

                                     JUNKIE HO
                         Fifty buys you the triple deluxe, 
                         any three of the above.  You mind if 
                         I shoot up?  It gets me in the mood.

                                     ENGLISH JOHN
                         Absolutely, you just, shoot up then.

               Heroin melts and smokes on a rusty spoon.

               A needle pierces an arm already scabby with needle holes.

               Junkie Ho gives a satisfied sigh and relaxes on the couch.

                                     JUNKIE HO
                         So what's your triple gonna be?

                                     ENGLISH JOHN
                         I think I'll shag you up the bum 
                         twice.  Then I'll have a blow job.

               Junkie Ho scrambles for a baseball bat and swings wildly.  
               English John exits running.  Junkie Ho slams the door.

                                     JUNKIE HO
                         Fvcking pervert English motherfvcker!

               FADE OUT


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