Short screenplay for the Scare Me!!! contest, April 2017. DAY 112 FADE IN: EXT. CITY STREETS - DAY The sidewalks are empty. Cars have been abandoned. There's no sign of people. No sign of any kind of life. A newspaper is blown around by wind. We catch a glimpse of a headline, END OF THE WORLD? The newspaper moves on. No other movement. EXT. CROSSROADS - DAY A MAN in a biohazard suit, kinda like a spacesuit, stands in the middle of the street. Let's call him The Spaceman. It's as good a name as any. He waits there, motionless. For a long time. OVER THE STILLNESS: An electronic BEEPING, like a slow pulse. BEEP BEEP BEEP CLOSER ON THE SPACEMAN He holds an electronic gizmo in one hand. Like a chunky iPhone with a direction-finder hoop attached. BEEP He moves the gizmo slowly to his left. BEEP He moves the gizmo back to in front. BEEP He moves the gizmo slowly to his right. BEEP BEEP The Spaceman frowns. He moves the gizmo to the left again. BEEP He moves it to his right again. BEEP BEEP He quarter-turns to his right so he's facing that direction. BEEP BEEP His face, visible through his helmet visor, shows surprise. He checks the gizmo, fiddles with buttons. BEEP BEEP He looks in that direction again. BEEP BEEP His curiosity is piqued. He walks in that direction. EXT. DESERTED STREET - DAY They're all deserted. A faint BEEP BEEP The spaceman steps into view around the corner of a building. BEEP BEEP He looks around. Nothing to be seen. Just more abandoned cars. BEEP BEEP He consults his gizmo. BEEP BEEP As if it's trying to convince him something's here. He stares at a particular car. Its doors lie open. No one inside, it seems. BEEP BEEP But something is setting off the gizmo. He makes his way to the car. He pauses halfway. Looks around. Nothing. Dead streets. Dead city. He continues to the car. He stops at the car, bends down, peers inside. He jerks back, horrified. IN THE CAR A blonde-haired kid sits in the passenger seat. Or she used to be a kid. She's dead now, face shriveled, eye sockets empty. Her mouth is open in a silent scream. The Spaceman stares at the dead little girl. In her thin hand, a phone. In a cute bright Pikachu/Pokemon case. The Spaceman moves his gizmo closer to the phone. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP He pulls the gizmo away. He reaches in and takes hold of the phone. But the dead little girl won't let it go! He tugs, then tugs harder, then TUGS HARDER and pulls the little girl over onto her side. But he got the phone. He stares at it. BEEP BEEP He throws the phone down on the ground. And he stamps on it. He stamps and he stamps and he stamps. Until the phone lies shattered. BEEP The Spaceman stands there, his head bowed inside his helmet. BEEP His shoulders shake. BEEP After about 30 seconds of silent sobbing, he raises his head. Blinks tears from his eyes. Lets out a long sigh. BEEP He takes another gadget, a recorder, from his belt. He touches this to his helmet. THE SPACEMAN (CONT'D) Day one hundred and twelve. Mid afternoon. BEEP THE SPACEMAN (CONT'D) Another contact that turned out to be nothing. A dead child's phone. Battery almost exhausted. Sending out an intermittent signal. Picked it up on the scanner. He looks around, up and down the street. BEEP THE SPACEMAN (CONT'D) Will continue my sweep of this area. If I don't find anyone, I'll cross the bridge. See if I can find anyone alive over there. There has to be someone. They can't all be dead. BEEP THE SPACEMAN (CONT'D) I have enough food supplies for another four, five days. It's water that's the problem. The entire city's supply is toxic with contamination. BEEP THE SPACEMAN (CONT'D) I hope to God it rains soon. I hope it rains and washes all the filth away. I hope it rains so hard it cleanses the world of its sins. The Spaceman returns the recorder to his belt. He sets off down the street. The long, lonely, empty street. BEEP BEEP BEEP getting fainter and fainter. CUT TO BLACK: BEEP The End 04/17

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