Short screenplay for the Oct 2016 Halloween contest. AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL FADE IN: EXT. TYPICAL SUBURBAN HOUSE - NIGHT Halloween decorations, pumpkin heads, tombstones in the garden. Kids wearing various costumes run around, excited. Except for one kid who doesn't do any running. He just stands at the end of the driveway, watching. MINI-TERMINATOR sports a flat top haircut and miniature black leather jacket. One eye glows red through the lens of his sunglasses. INSERT MINI-TERMINATOR POV Red filter. Computer data scrolls up the screen as Mini-Terminator analyzes every kid in sight, framing each in a glowing focus rectangle. The scrolling data says stuff like: 42% PHYSICAL LIKENESS or 37% PHYSICAL LIKENESS or WRONG GENDER if he looks at a girl. Each time, the report ends with: NO MATCH BACK TO SCENE Mini-Terminator turns from the house and walks away. A COWBOY KID with his MOM on the porch see Mini-Terminator leave. MOM Who was that, do you know him? COWBOY KID I think it's that new kid, he showed up in class today. MOM You should have invited him in! Cowboy Kid shakes his head, nuh-uh. COWBOY KID He gives me the creeps. MOM Well that's not a nice thing to say. EXT. STREET - NIGHT Mini-Terminator walks down the middle of the street, his head slowly turns left, then right. He's scanning. GIRL'S VOICE (O.S.) No! Let go! Mini-Terminator's head whips round. CLOSE UP of Mini-Terminator's glowing red eye. INSERT MINI-TERMINATOR POV Red filter. IN NEARBY BUSHES A young girl dressed as PRINCESS LEIA in white dress and hair buns tries to fight off VAMPIRE BOY and WEREWOLF BOY, who want her candy bag. VAMPIRE BOY Gimme it or I'll rip your arms off! LEIA Get your own candy! WEREWOLF BOY Your crazy bro ain't around to protect you now! Computer data scrolls up the screen: Vampire Boy gets analyzed: 33% PHYSICAL LIKENESS Werewolf Boy gets analyzed: 46% PHYSICAL LIKENESS Leia gets analyzed: WRONG GENDER NO MATCH BACK TO SCENE Mini-Terminator turns away, none of his business. IN THE BUSHES LEIA Heeeelp! VAMPIRE BOY Shout as loud as you like, everyone else is! WEREWOLF BOY Haha! That's right! Whoosh, Vampire Boy goes flying further into the bushes, his cloak flapping. Werewolf Boy looks around, huh, what's happening? Whoosh, Werewolf Boy goes flying too, in the opposite direction. Leia blinks in confusion. She finds herself looking at Mini-Terminator. LEIA Who are you? MINI-TERMINATOR (Austrian accent) Model Junior-100. I must continue with my mission. He turns to go but Leia puts her hand on his arm, stopping him. LEIA Wait. She reaches into her bag, pulls out a candy bar, offers this to him. He looks at it. He looks at her. Blank incomprehension. LEIA Take it. I'm giving it to you. MINI-TERMINATOR Why would you give it to me? Moments ago, you were willing to have your arms ripped off rather than surrender your inventory. LEIA You talk funny. MINI-TERMINATOR I am an infiltration unit, I am not supposed to talk funny, I am supposed to blend in to escape detection. Leia indicates his clothing and his sunglasses. LEIA Is this, like, from a book, or something? MINI-TERMINATOR I must continue with my mission. Leia drops the candy bar back into her bag. LEIA I'll come with you. EXT. STREET - NIGHT They walk down the middle of the street, side by side. LEIA This is kinda dangerous, what if a car comes along? MINI-TERMINATOR I have extensive files on the internal combustion engine. LEIA What does that mean? MINI-TERMINATOR I know seventy-seven ways to disable a car. LEIA Huh. What do you think of my costume? MINI-TERMINATOR Your costume? LEIA Do you even know who I am? MINI-TERMINATOR I am unable to identify you, insufficient data. LEIA Didn't you see the Star Wars movies? MINI-TERMINATOR Star Wars... Leia lets go and dances in front of him, spinning round. LEIA I'm Princess Leia! I lead the rebellion against the evil empire! Mini-Terminator stops and stares at her. MINI-TERMINATOR You lead... the rebellion. LEIA I was going to go as General Leia, she kicks ass too, but I like the dress better. INSERT MINI-TERMINATOR POV Computer data scrolls up the screen as Mini-Terminator analyzes Leia again. WRONG GENDER IGNORE GENDER MATCH REQUIREMENT SCANNING The focus rectangle on Leia's face flashes. 95% PHYSICAL LIKENESS PARTIAL TARGET MATCH BACK TO SCENE Leia slips her arm through his, they resume walking. LEIA Tell me more about yourself. MINI-TERMINATOR Model Junior-100. Insufficient manufacturing resources to continue building full-size combat models. Junior cyborg program initiated. LEIA I literally do not know what to say. A CAR comes towards them, headlights glaring. LEIA Oh, we should probably-- Mini-Terminator's red eye glows brighter, the car slews across the road, mounts the sidewalk and rolls to a stop, horn blaring. The horn stops and the headlights go out at the same moment. LEIA Wow. Someone's been hitting the sauce. MINI-TERMINATOR You are related to John Connor. LEIA How'd you know that? MINI-TERMINATOR You resemble him. You are too young to be his mother-unit. Therefore you are his sister. LEIA No more candy for you tonight, mister! MINI-TERMINATOR You will take me to him. LEIA That would be a neat trick. Haha, trick or treat. "Where is your crazy half-brother?" "With his crazy mom." Mini-Terminator walks on, his face shows nothing, but his brain... INSERT MINI-TERMINATOR POV SCROLLING DATA, PRIMARY MISSION OBJECTIVE: FIND JOHN CONNOR KILL JOHN CONNOR SECONDARY MISSION OBJECTIVE: FIND SARAH CONNOR KILL SARAH CONNOR BACK TO SCENE Mini-Terminator stops. Leia stops with him. MINI-TERMINATOR Where are they now? LEIA Seriously, you're looking for him? Why? MINI-TERMINATOR Tell me where they are. LEIA They left town, I think they're-- Vampire Boy smoothly comes up behind Mini-Terminator on a skateboard and DUNK! he WHACKS HIS HEAD with a baseball bat! Mini-Terminator drops to his knees, dazed, sunglasses falling away. Leia shouts after Vampire Boy, LEIA You goddamn freak! Vampire Boy gives her the finger as he speeds off down the street. Leia throws a candy bar after him, great pitching arm, Vampire Boy suddenly skids and slams into garbage cans, sailing over them and vanishing with a WAIL. Leia helps Mini-Terminator to stand. LEIA Are you all right? My God, he could have killed you. Mini-Terminator rubs his eye. It's not glowing red any more. MINI-TERMINATOR Memory core malfunction. Rebooting. LEIA I think you should see a doctor. MINI-TERMINATOR I must... continue... with my mission... whatever it is. LEIA You need to get your head x-rayed. You're coming with me. MINI-TERMINATOR Command accepted. They walk off together, back the way they came. Leia puts on his sunglasses. LEIA (V.O.) How did you even see with these sunglasses on? FADE OUT VAMPIRE BOY (V.O.) Help! I can't feel my legs! END

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