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My stories wot got published in the dim, remote past, plus other more recent releases. †
Some published stories have been re-released ‡ on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.
Others can be read in full • by clicking on the links below.

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Buns of Steel: The Adventure Begins by Derek Paterson - read sample THE SHUFFLIN' DEID by Derek Paterson - read sample Starship Captain: Red Alert by Derek Paterson Starship Captain: Call To Arms by Derek Paterson Starship Captain: Enemy Within by Derek Paterson The King's Secret Service by Derek Paterson A Dark Renaissance by Derek Paterson The Kaiserine's Champion by Derek Paterson The Vampyre's Kiss by Derek Paterson The Werewolf's Curse by Derek Paterson The Draw by Derek Paterson Made In Heaven by Derek Paterson Paradigms by Derek Paterson Them's The Breaks by Derek Paterson Partings by Derek Paterson
  Published Fiction: † self-pubbed | ‡ re-released | • read full story here
The Good Boy May 2019
† Buns of Steel: The Look Of Heroes Feb 2019 (sample only)
The House of the Magus Nov 2018
† Buns of Steel: The Adventure Begins Oct 2018 (sample only)
† The Shufflin' Deid Aug 2016 (sample only)
† Starship Captain: Enemy Within May 2016 (sample only)
  How to Get a Head in Life [Timeless Tales Magazine] July 2015
† Starship Captain: Call To Arms June 2015 (sample only)
† Starship Captain: Red Alert June 2015 (sample only)
† OMG My Boss Is A Werewolf, I Know, Right? Jan 2015 (sample only)
† Dial W For Writer Jan 2015 (sample only)
† The King's Secret Service Dec 2014 (sample only)
† A Dark Renaissance Dec 2014 (sample only)
† The Werewolf's Curse Dec 2014 (sample only)
  The Manservant [ABSOLUTE VISIONS anthology] January 2012
‡ The Vampyre's Kiss [EGGPLANT LITERARY PRODUCTIONS] September 2004 (sample only)
  Terra Incognita [RAGE m a c h i n e] August 2004
‡ Double or Quits [SDO DETECTIVE] April 2004 (sample only)
‡ Paradigms [OCEANS OF THE MIND] March 2004 (sample only)
‡ The Corpse [CYBER-PULP] March 2004 (sample only)
  The Barrow [RAGE m a c h i n e] January 2004
  Fool Proof [PLANET RELISH] May 2003
‡ Them's The Breaks [SDO DETECTIVE] April 2003 (sample only)
  Risks [SBD SF&F] January 2003
  Legends [AOIFE'S KISS] December 2002
 The Shadow's Tale [QUANTUM MUSE] October 2002
  Nachtjäger [FORTEAN BUREAU] October 2002
  The Big Guy [FULL UNIT HOOKUP] September 2002
  Blood & Ice [SBD SF&F] August 2002
‡ Made in Heaven [OCEANS OF THE MIND] June 2002 (sample only)
‡ The Draw [OCEANS OF THE MIND] December 2001 (sample only)
  Dragonskin [NEVERWORLDS] October 2001
‡ Partings [THIS WAY UP] September 2001 (sample only)
‡ The Kaiserine's Champion [EGGPLANT LITERARY PRODUCTIONS] August 2001 (sample only)
  Higher Than Usual [STRANGE HORIZONS] April 2001
 Adjustments [JACKHAMMER E-ZINE] November 2000

Un montage of thumbnails and covers from published stories
Un montage of thumbnails and covers from published stories, including Eggplant Literary Productions, R A G E machine, Aoife's Kiss, Cyber-Pulp, Strange Horizons, Oceans of the Mind, Neverworlds, SBD SF&F, Planet Relish, This Way Up, Fortean Bureau, Quantum Muse.

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