This is an excerpt (first 20 pages) of a completed screenplay.

"Trapped In The Dark" (working title) - screenplay by Derek Paterson. FADE IN: INT. FARRAH'S APARTMENT - DAY Neo modern, a bachelorette yuppie's pad with a great view over the city. Sounds of a running shower from along a hallway. The bathroom door lies ajar. INT. BATHROOM - DAY In the shower, FARRAH HENDERSON, 20s, nude blonde perfection under steaming water. A cellphone rings, playing a dinky tune. Farrah turns her head, hearing it. She turns off the water, steps out, reaches for a towel and the ringing cellphone. She towels one side of her head dry and holds the phone to her dry ear. She stands in front of a full-length mirror, wipes the steamed glass so she can see her face. She smiles at herself, and towels her body with one hand while talking on the phone-- FARRAH (into phone) Look, I'm on my way, I'm stuck in traffic. We'll talk about it soon as I get there, okay? She tosses the phone onto a pile of towels. She leans toward the mirror, turns her head from side to side, sticks out her tongue. She wipes the mirror further down so she can see her body. She turns side-on, slaps her flat stomach. Turns round and bends over, sticking her butt out at the mirror. FARRAH You can look, but you can't touch. EXT. FARRAH'S OPEN TOP CAR ON THE HIGHWAY (MOVING) - DAY Dressed in a dark business suit, wearing shades and black leather gloves, her loose hair streaming behind her, Farrah cuts a swathe through traffic, changing lanes like a pro. EXT. OFFICE BLOCK - DAY A sliver of glass and chrome rising above the city. INT. SEVENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS - DAY An elevator door slides open, Farrah steps out carrying a designer purse and a slim attaché case. INT. SECRETARY'S DESK - DAY ANN, 20s, pretty but not quite in Farrah's league, looks up and smiles hello as Farrah approaches. FARRAH Hey ya. After Farrah passes by Ann's smile fades. She moves papers and folders from one pile to another, slapping them down. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Farrah enters, puts her purse and attaché case on her desk, takes off her shades and gloves. She switches on the laptop on her desk. Four Post-It notes are stuck to the screen. She picks each off in turn, reads it, screws it up and tosses it in the trashcan. She sits down, opens her desk drawer and puts her shades, gloves and cellphone inside, closing the drawer. She reaches into her purse, opens a compact mirror and applies a touch of lipstick while Windows boots up. GEORGI appears in the doorway, an intense Eastern European yuppie, 20s. He leers at her, drinking her in. FARRAH That's close enough. GEORGI You like my after-shave? FARRAH It's burning the back of my throat. What is it, battery acid? GEORGI It's 25 dollars a bottle, is what it is. But we'll discuss how it turns you on later. The boss wants to talk to us, and I mean right now. Farrah snaps her compact mirror shut, sticks it in her purse. FARRAH I'm ready. She exits, pushing Georgi aside, then closes and locks her door. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Georgi sniffs the air as he hurries after Farrah. GEORGI I like your perfume. FARRAH Not just my perfume. GEORGI You're right. I like everything. FARRAH You can look, but you can't touch. You know what happens if you touch? GEORGI What happens? FARRAH Bad things. INT. SAM'S OFFICE - DAY SAM WESTON, 40s, a slick business shark, stands with his arms folded, staring out the window. Farrah enters without knocking, Georgi follows her in and closes the door. Farrah sits down. Sam doesn't turn round. SAM I've canceled your appointments and cleared both your diaries. As of this moment you're on special assignment. You talk only to me. Georgi shows surprise. Farrah's eyes narrow. FARRAH Zateshi-Yodin? Sam turns, smiles. SAM Zateshi fucking Yodin. The merger's going ahead. But a couple of board members listened to me, thank God. They want us to make sure those Japs don't fuck us in the ass. FARRAH Just me and Georgi? SAM Yep. You monitor New York and Indonesia. Georgi watches London- Paris-Berlin. You see any indication, any indication at all, you pick up the phone and you let me know. FARRAH And you'll do what? SAM We've got a team of ninja lawyers standing by in Tokyo. They'll hit the exchange commission with a lawsuit that'll peel Zateshi-Yodin wide open, let everyone see what's going on. FARRAH They won't like that. SAM No, I don't imagine they will. But that's the board's problem. Ours is making sure we don't get caught with our pants down. FARRAH When? SAM Tonight. FARRAH When tonight? SAM It's a timing thing, the proposal must be put before the commission before trading opens. They say they're still drafting last-moment changes. Pearl fucking Harbor all over again. So... when news of the deal breaks around three a.m.-- FARRAH Three a.m.? SAM --around three a.m., I expect to see a spike. If there's any movement before then, we're under attack. It's no longer a merger, it's a goddamn takeover bid. FARRAH So Zateshi-Yodin eat us up. So what? SAM You'll have to learn Japanese. FARRAH I'm already taking classes. You know what I mean. SAM Sure, you'll be okay, so will this department and most of the division. But they'll make changes. You might not like them. They may not be as generous with wage rises and bonuses as I am. GEORGI I heard Jap dick tastes like sushi. FARRAH Oh come on, you "heard"? SAM Sounds more like personal experience to me. FARRAH You been hanging around in geisha bars, Georgi? Turning tricks for lonely businessmen? GEORGI "Turning tricks"? Does that mean what I think it means? Farrah and Sam laugh. FARRAH So, tonight, three a.m. SAM Of course the company will show its appreciation of your support, especially given the antisocial hours. Farrah glances at Georgi who nods, no problem. FARRAH When do you want us to start? SAM Half an hour ago. The sooner you get a fix on trend lines, the better. Georgi, any questions? GEORGI I have friends in London. Can I pull them in on this? SAM Absolutely not. Word leaks out we're expecting a double-cross, kiss your bonus goodbye. And your desk. Is that understood? Farrah gets up. FARRAH If there's a leak it won't come from us. Sam gives them business cards. SAM My secure cellphone number and my home number. You talk only to me. To no one else. Farrah nods, opens the door and exits. GEORGI What if we get hungry? Can we call out for pizza? SAM No one's to know you're here. The night guy on the security desk will know. That's all. Keep it that way. GEORGI No pizza. How about Chinese? Sam stares at him, cold and hard. Georgi grins and exits. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Farrah sits down at her desk and types on her laptop. Georgi appears in the doorway, leers at her. GEORGI You need any help, you let Georgi know. Without looking at him-- FARRAH You'll be the first, I promise. EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - DAY Mid-day, bright sunshine. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Farrah has taken off her jacket. She leans forward with elbows on the desk and chin on her hands, bored as hell. Georgi appears in the doorway. GEORGI You want a coffee? FARRAH Have you locked your office? GEORGI Everyone's gone to lunch. FARRAH Lock the door. Your laptop, too. Georgi shrugs and leaves. Soon he's back again. GEORGI Any other orders? Farrah taps on her keyboard. The screen goes black. She grabs her purse and exits, pushing Georgi aside. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY She closes and locks the door, takes the key with her. FARRAH Anything happening on the European markets? GEORGI Some interesting trading going on with the South African rand. She heads for the vending machines, Georgi follows her. FARRAH For Christ's sake don't take your eye off the ball. Zateshi-Yodin is listed under the zees. GEORGI But we're listed under "R," no? I'm watching us and them. Don't worry your pretty little head. Farrah stops, stares into space for a second, turns to him. FARRAH Did you just say my "pretty little head"? GEORGI Have I offended you? FARRAH Do you have to ask? GEORGI Remember I'm a foreigner. It's so hard to get a grasp of the language. Those subtle nuances, you know? So hard to get my lips around. He puckers his lips as if trying kiss her long distance. FARRAH I bet that gets you lots of Jap dick at the geisha bar. GEORGI You can be so cruel. INT. VENDING MACHINES - DAY At the coffee machine, Farrah counts out quarters and reaches for the slot, but Georgi takes hold of her hand. GEORGI Let me buy. I insist. A gentleman must always treat a lady. In my country this signals commencement of the mating ritual. He inserts money into the machine. FARRAH It's gonna be a long day. INT. SAM'S OFFICE - DAY Sam's on the phone. The door lies open. SAM --I'm fine with that in principle. Send me your update and I'll look it over. No guarantees, all I'm committing to is looking at it. Over his talking, the irritating squeak of a wheel that badly needs oiled. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE SAM'S OFFICE - DAY A janitor's cart moves past Sam's door, its wheel making all the noise. It's loaded with mops, brushes, plastic bottles of cleaning fluid. SAM Hold on a second, will you? Sam gets up, comes to the door, speaks to the unseen guy pushing the cart. SAM I see you again during business hours, I'll call your supervisor and get your ass fired. Get that damn thing out of here. Sam slams the door and goes back to his phone. The cart starts moving again, squeaking like fingernails on a chalkboard. INT. VENDING MACHINES - DAY Farrah and Georgi sip their coffees. GEORGI It's a beautiful thing to see a young bride in traditional costume, so pretty, so fertile, the future of her family depending entirely upon the deep well of her womb-- The squeaking wheel intrudes. Farrah winces. Georgi looks at her with concern. GEORGI What is wrong? Are you having a stroke? The squeaking wheel gets louder. They both look round. The janitor's cart rolls toward them, its unseen owner in no hurry at all. GEORGI Hey! Get out of here, we're trying to have a conversation, you peasant! The cart squeaks past without pause. The noise fades with distance. Georgi deliberately raises his voice... GEORGI Maybe if he got up out his lazy bed earlier and did his job when he's supposed to, eh? Farrah sticks a finger in her ear and wiggles it. FARRAH I don't know who's worse, him or you. Come on, let's see what's happening in the world. You can tell me about fertile brides later. They head back to their offices. GEORGI Their life together begins by drinking coffee together, strong and rich, made with special beans which are a symbol of-- FARRAH Fertility. GEORGI Have I told you this before? FARRAH Lucky guess. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Farrah stares at her laptop screen, sips her coffee. Wall Street stock market analysis -- columns of scrolling figures translate into bar charts, line graphs. That squeaking wheel noise again, coming from outside. She gets up and closes the door, sits back down. EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - DAY Late afternoon. Dull sky. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Sam appears in the doorway carrying a coat over his arm and an attaché case. SAM Just thought I'd say goodnight. FARRAH It's the middle of the afternoon. SAM Brooksby wants to play a round of golf. Who am I to say no? FARRAH That's like a business meeting, right? SAM I wish. It's fifty bucks a hole and the old bastard plays off scratch. FARRAH Have fun. Make sure you tip-toe past Georgi's office in case you wake him up. Sam grins and exits. Farrah drums her fingers on the desk. She occasionally taps a key on her laptop, looks at line graphs and pie charts and stock figures. She sighs with boredom. INT. ELEVATOR - DAY Sam steps inside, turns to face the doors, presses a button. He waits. The doors don't close. He presses the button again. Nothing happens. SAM Ah come on... The elevator doors slide shut. Sam watches the numbers change. 7, 6, 5, 4... He glances at his wristwatch. Back to the numbers... 2, 1, P, M Bing, the elevator doors slide open revealing a dark corridor. A sign on the facing wall says "Maintenance Level" Sam peeks out, looks left and right. He presses a button. Presses it again. Nothing happens. Angry, he presses it a dozen times. Still nothing. He flips open the hatch revealing the emergency phone, pulls this out -- the cable's cut! He puts the phone back and slams the hatch shut. Takes out his cell phone and thumbs a number. SAM (into phone) This is Sam Weston. I'm calling from Maintenance Level. The elevator seems to be stuck down here. (he listens) I pressed Parking Level. That's the only button I pressed. He presses the button again. SAM (into phone) It's still not working. The squeak of a cart wheel... SAM (into phone) Look, I just want someone to make this thing go up to Parking. Or tell me where the stairs are. It's pitch dark down here. The squeak grows louder. Still holding his cell to his ear, Sam peeks out, looks left and right. THE LIGHTS go out. Sam's left in the dark, with only a faint spark of light coming from somewhere along the corridor. SAM (into phone) For Christ's sake, the lights just went out. What the hell are you doing up there? (he listens) Of course I'm going to wait. I haven't got a choice. You have to get someone down here to fix this. The squeaking cart wheel is very close. Sam feels a little unnerved. He steps all the way back to the elevator wall, and lowers his voice... SAM (into phone) What d'you mean there's no one available? Who am I talking to, an answering machine? (he listens) I don't care about shift changes! This is an emergency. Give me your supervisor, right now. INT. MAINTENANCE LEVEL ELEVATOR - DAY Looking into the elevator, at Sam looking out. He slowly lowers his phone. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Georgi appears in the doorway, angry as hell. GEORGI What did you say to Sam? What did you say? FARRAH Beats me, what did I say? GEORGI You told him I was asleep! FARRAH I was just kidding. GEORGI It's a joke to you maybe! You got seniority! You earn thirty thousand a year more than me! Joke to you but not to Georgi! Farrah gets up, walks right up to him. FARRAH You don't know what I earn and I don't know what you earn, so shut your trap. I was kidding, Sam knew I was kidding, the only one who doesn't know is you. It's one of those "subtle naunce" things. GEORGI So you say. That's what you're telling me. Georgi turns to leave but Farrah grabs his arm. FARRAH No, wait. You're right, Georgi, I admit it... I wanted to get you fired and take over your job. Georgi's eyes widen in horror-- FARRAH Oh, wait! I've already got a better job! With better salary, better career prospects, a bigger office. Now tell me, why would I want to get you in trouble with Sam? GEORGI I don't know. FARRAH What did he say? His exact words. GEORGI He knocked my door! "Farrah told me you were asleep!" That's what he said. FARRAH And were you? GEORGI Was I what? FARRAH Asleep? GEORGI No! FARRAH Then what's the problem? GEORGI He's going to play golf. FARRAH He told you that? My God! GEORGI What? FARRAH "Golf" is a code word, it means you're fired. GEORGI Now you're making a fool of me. FARRAH I'm just trying to make you smile. GEORGI Well, I don't like your sense of humor. Georgi exits. Farrah sits back down, taps her keyboard. FARRAH Then fuck off back to Europe, you asshole. GEORGI (O.S.) I heard that! EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - DAY Afternoon turns into evening, daylight begins to fade, lights are switched on. INT. VENDING MACHINES - DAY Farrah buys herself a coffee. Ann walks by with her coat on, heading home. ANN G'night. FARRAH Hey, have fun. ANN Working late? FARRAH Just tidying up a couple of things. Ann keeps walking. Farrah sips her machine coffee and makes a face. FARRAH Christ, that is the worst-- Ann touches Farrah's arm, startling her. Farrah spills coffee on the carpet. ANN Oh God I'm sorry. FARRAH No hard done, 'cept to the carpet tile budget. What's up? ANN I need to ask you something. FARRAH Ask. I'm always here for you. ANN Me and Allan... we split up. FARRAH Allan? Allan in... accounts? Hey that's rotten news, I'm sorry. ANN Before we had a parting of the ways, we exchanged a few home truths. FARRAH About what? ANN I think you know. FARRAH Maybe you could spell it out for me? ANN Do you enjoy making me feel uncomfortable? FARRAH Don't pin this on me, you're doing it all by yourself. ANN I understand why Allan would want to sleep with you. I mean, look at you. You're hot, I'm not. FARRAH Thank you. ANN What I don't understand is why you'd ever want sleep with him. FARRAH Look. We worked together on a project. One night we had a drink. That's all there is to it. These things happen. ANN Feelings just aren't part of the Farrah Henderson equation, are they? FARRAH Oh, I'm sure I felt something while he was fiddling around down there. Not exactly prize-winning, if you catch my drift, but he scored points for enthusiasm-- Ann nudges the coffee cup, spilling it down Farrah's blouse. Farrah gasps in shock, then recovers and glares. FARRAH One bill for a new blouse, coming right up. ANN Paying it will give me pleasure. Just drop it on my desk next time you're passing by, won't you? Ann exits, shoulders back, head high. Farrah watches her go, and grins. INT. SEVENTH FLOOR LADIES ROOM - DAY At a sink, Farrah takes her blouse off. Her bra's skimpy and provocative. She turns from side to side, admiring her profile in the mirror. She runs water onto paper towels and dabs at the coffee stain. She holds the blouse up to inspect it, shakes her head. No better than before. The squeaking of a cart wheel makes her look round, just as the door bangs shut to cut the sound off. FARRAH Hey! She hurries to the door, wrenches it open. FARRAH This is the ladies' room, you jerk! A MALE EMPLOYEE walks by, shrugging into his coat. He stops and stares in wonder at Farrah's assets. FARRAH Sorry! She slams the door shut and leans back against it, laughing. Her laughter dies, her expression becomes thoughtful. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE GEORGI'S OFFICE - DAY Georgi sits at his desk flipping through a bundle of printout paper, comparing printed numbers with his laptop screen. The squeaking wheel noise makes him look up. He gets up, comes to the door, looks up and down the corridor. The corridor's empty. But that damn squeak is coming from around here somewhere. Farrah arrives, arms folded across her wet blouse. GEORGI What happened to you? FARRAH I got caught in the rain. GEORGI You were outside? He turns and looks out the window. GEORGI But it's not raining. Farrah unlocks her office door, enters, closes the door. Georgi shakes his head. He'll never understand women. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Farrah puts on her jacket and sits down. She types on her laptop keyboard. Back to checking the figures. EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - NIGHT A black obelisk against the night sky, defined only by its lights, many of which are off. INT. MAINTENANCE LEVEL CORRIDOR - DAY Water pipes and electical cables adorn the walls and ceiling. The janitor's cart rolls along, its wheel squeaking, its owner unseen. The cart is covered with a plastic sheet, and under the sheet is a man-size lump. As it turns a corner, Sam's leg and arm flop out from under the sheet. The unseen cart owner doesn't speed up or slow down, he maintains the same slow pace. The wheel squeaks continually. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - DAY Farrah looks out her window at the brightly lit city. Georgi knocks on her door. His other hand's hidden behind his back. She doesn't look round. He knocks again. She turns and beckons. He opens the door and grins. FARRAH Make it fast. GEORGI I'm a bad boy. FARRAH You want me to spank you, is that it? What is it with you guys? The moment you meet a powerful woman... Georgi pulls a brown paper bag from behind his back. He puts it on the desk, invites Farrah to look inside. She cranes her neck and looks-- Food cartons with Chinese labelling, a bag of prawn crackers. FARRAH Where'd you get this? GEORGI Guy on the security desk owes me a favor. I got him a good deal on a laptop for his daughter. She needs it for her physics degree. FARRAH Sam will have your guts for this. GEORGI No, no, the guy got them to bring it over in a big box, like it's a business package or something. Nobody knows we're ordering in. Just you and me. FARRAH Look Georgi, I'm going to be honest here. I'm not going to sleep with you just because you bought me a coffee or sneaked in Chinese food. GEORGI We'll discuss lovemaking later. Though I confess my disappointment. Let's eat. FARRAH What if Sam drops in to check on us? GEORGI You're more clever than me. You can do the explaining. A distant phone RINGS. GEORGI That's my phone! Quick, hide the evidence! He exits in a hurry. Farrah peeks into the bag, takes out a carton and chopsticks. She opens the carton, inhales, smiles. FARRAH Hide the evidence, no problem. She eats. INT. GEORGI'S OFFICE - DAY Georgi enters and picks up the ringing phone. GEORGI (into phone) Hello? This is Georgi. Hello? INT. MAINTENANCE ROOM - NIGHT The throb and hum of operating machinery and pumps. The janitor's cart lies abandoned in a corner. An old table supports a phone, an antique PC, a fax machine, a printer -- all grubby with age. There's a also a uniform cap and a plastic I.D. badge stamped "SECURITY" and bearing the photograph of a man identified as FRANK MORINO, 50s, wearing a security uniform and the cap. The telephone receiver cable extends O.S. held by the unseen cart owner's hand. INT. GEORGI'S OFFICE - DAY GEORGI (into phone) Hey Frank is that you? He listens... and as he listens he becomes unsettled. GEORGI (into phone) If it's you, say something. INT. MAINTENANCE ROOM - NIGHT The unseen cart owner's hand lowers the receiver back into its cradle. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - NIGHT Farrah feasts on noodles and rice. Georgi appears in the doorway looking slightly puzzled. FARRAH Started without you, sorry. S'good. You got anything to wash it down? GEORGI Coffee or water? FARRAH Evian. GEORGI I'll see what I can find. FARRAH Who was on the phone? GEORGI Don't know. I think it was an internal call. They hung up. FARRAH Your security guy? Georgi shrugs, and exits. FARRAH Hey! Don't you want any of this? No answer, he's gone. She shrugs and eats, keeping one eye on her laptop screen. A distant phone RINGS. Farrah looks outside for Georgi. FARRAH Ffffff... She moves to the door. FARRAH Hey Georgi! Your phone! She puts the carton down on her desk and exits. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE GEORGI'S OFFICE - NIGHT Farrah turns the handle -- the door's locked. She looks around puzzled -- the ringing's coming from somewhere else. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE SAM'S OFFICE - NIGHT It's Sam's phone -- Farrah tries his door, it's locked. The ringing stops. She heads back to her office. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - NIGHT Her phone rings just as she gets back, she snatches it up. FARRAH (into phone) Yes...? Mrs. Weston, hello! It's Farrah... Yes, Christine, thank you... That's right, Farrah Henderson... This is unexpected... Sam? No, he left hours ago. Farrah sits down, pulls the carton toward her, takes up the chopsticks. FARRAH (into phone) He said he was going to play a round of golf with Mr. Brooksby... That's right, Ken Brooksby. She eats a mouthful of food, listening. FARRAH (into phone) Mrs. Weston, Christine, I'm thinking maybe you should try the 19th hole. The clubhouse. You know how it is, loser buys the first round, winner shows he's a good sport by buying the next round. Next thing you know you've got a dozen guys... Every light on the floor goes out, plunging the office into darkness. Emergency lighting kicks in, the tiny bulbs just casting enough light to see by. The brightest thing in the area is her laptop screen. FARRAH (into phone) Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Yes of course I will, Christine... Very nice talking to you, too. Goodbye. She hangs up and stares at the dead lights. FARRAH What. The fuck. Is going on? INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE FARRAH'S OFFICE - NIGHT Farrah stands in the doorway, looking around. Darkness everywhere except for the emergency lights, her laptop and the glow of Georgi's laptop in his office. Her laptop BEEPS. She hurries back to her desk. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - NIGHT The laptop display says, "Network Connection Lost." Farrah snatches up her phone, dials. Ringing tone. She pushes the carton of Chinese food away, spilling it. FARRAH Come on, pick up you assholes! She slams the receiver down -- snatches it up, dials again. Ringing tone, over and over. She bares her teeth. She dials again. INT. MAINTENANCE ROOM - NIGHT The phone rings and rings. No one answers. INT. FARRAH'S OFFICE - NIGHT Farrah listens to the ringing tone. FARRAH Fuck! She slams the receiver down. Picks up her purse and heads for the door. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE FARRAH'S OFFICE - NIGHT She pulls her door shut and locks it. INT. SECRETARY'S DESK - NIGHT Farrah picks up the phone receiver, listens, slams it back down. INT. VENDING MACHINES - NIGHT No sign of Georgi. Farrah walks on. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE SEVENTH FLOOR MEN'S ROOM - NIGHT Farrah raps loudly on the door. FARRAH Georgi! You in there? No answer. She pushes the door open. FARRAH Georgi! Pull your pants up and get out here. No answer. FARRAH We lost the network! System support won't answer their goddamn phone. No answer. FARRAH I'm going downstairs. No answer. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE GEORGI'S OFFICE - NIGHT She slaps a Post-It note on his door. INT. SEVENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS - NIGHT Farrah presses the button. No response. She presses it again... and again. No response. FARRAH You have got to be kidding me. She marches to the stairway. INT. SEVENTH FLOOR STAIR EXIT - NIGHT She pushes the door open-- INT. STAIRWAY - NIGHT --and exits onto the stairway landing. It's spooky as hell out here, deep shadows broken only by sparks of emergency lighting. Farrah looks down the stairway. FARRAH Georgi? Her voice echoes down the stairwell. She takes a deep breath and descends, skipping lightly down the steps, holding onto the rail with one hand, her purse with the other. ...Onto the landing below. ...Down the next flight stairs. ...Onto the landing below. The stairs go on and on, floor after floor... INT. BOTTOM OF STAIRS - NIGHT Two doors, one marked RECEPTION, the second FIRE EXIT. A sign warns that opening the fire exit door will set off an alarm. Farrah descends the stairway. She pulls open the door that leads to-- INT. GROUND FLOOR CORRIDOR - NIGHT At either end are doors leading to stairways. Farrah just came down one of those. In the middle are two elevators, sitting idle with their doors open. To one side of the elevators are doors to Male and Female toilets. Facing the elevators is the main entrance, a double set of external and internal glass doors that form an "airlock" containing the reception desk. The windows of an enclosed security control room overlooks the reception desk and the elevators. Inside the control room, working monitors show camera views of the outside entrance. The corridor and the control room are poorly lit by emergency lighting. Farrah walks along the corridor, approaching the security control room. Her clicking footsteps echo, the only sound. She reaches the control room, peers through the windows. No one seems to be inside. She raps on the glass. No response. She raps louder. Still no response. There's a button with a sign, "PRESS FOR ATTENTION." She presses the button. A BUZZER goes off inside the control room. She presses it again and again. No response. She walks to the airlock doors. Tries the handles. Locked. She peers through the glass. It's pitch dark outside the building. She looks up and down the corridor. No people, no sounds, nothing. She walks to the Ladies Room and goes inside. INT. GROUND FLOOR LADIES ROOM - NIGHT Sterile ceramic tiles and mirrors. Main lights are out, just a low wattage glow from the emergency light. Farrah takes off her jacket, hangs it on a hook. She inspects the coffee stain on her blouse. FARRAH Fucking bitch... She reaches into her purse, takes out lipstick and a bottle of perfume. She applies lipstick, smacks her lips, pouts at her reflection. She drops the lipstick into her purse, opens the perfume bottle and puts a dab behind each ear. She smiles at herself. FARRAH Looking pretty good, for two o'clock in the fucking morning. She turns and tilts her head as if she's heard something. She walks into the middle of the room and stands there for a moment, listening. She walks over to the wall and stares up at the air vent. Just a whisper of air coming through the vent. INT. GROUND FLOOR CORRIDOR - NIGHT Farrah opens the Ladies' Room door, steps out. She looks up and down the corridor. Empty. She walks to the Men's Room door. Stops, and listens. (She has left her purse in the Ladies' Room.) INT. GROUND FLOOR MEN'S ROOM - NIGHT The door opens an inch, Farrah peeks inside. She opens it a little more. There's an inner privacy wall, she can't see inside. A whimpering noise, like a child crying. Farrah's eyes widen. She pushes the door open until she can slip through. The door's on a spring, it swings shut behind her. She turns at the last moment and stops it from banging -- closes it slowly so there's no noise. She creeps to the end of the wall and peeks round. Georgi lies face down on the floor, naked, tied up and bloody. There's hardly an inch of him that isn't angry red and purple welts. The whimpers are coming from him. He turns his head and stares at Farrah with terrified eyes. His breath comes in shuddering gasps. Farrah opens her mouth to speak -- Georgi shakes his head, no! He lifts his head, wincing with pain, and nods/jerks toward the nearest stall. The stall door is closed. There's someone inside. Farrah silently demands to know who's in there? Georgi shakes his head. She takes a step toward him -- Georgi shakes his head again, warning her to go back. The toilet flushes, startling her. End of excerpt.

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