This is an excerpt (first 20 pages) of a completed screenplay.

"The Lot" - screenplay by Derek Paterson. OVER BLACK Weary FOOTSTEPS splash through rain puddles. A running MAN pants for breath... ...Drowned out by DOZENS OF REVVING MOTORCYCLE ENGINES. FADE IN: EXT. GHETTO STREETS - NIGHT A bunch of whooping bikers with SKULLS painted on their leather jackets race their motorcycles through streets littered with oily puddles and debris. They skid to a stop and dismount. The leader of the pack, LORD SAXON, studies the warren of shadowed alleyways that lies ahead. His angry face bears a fresh crimson scar, wet and gleaming. Behind him sits a GOTH GIRL with tattoos and slutty attitude. LORD SAXON Two women! Two women to whoever brings him to me! The Skulls run into the warren. Lord Saxon touches his scar. His eyes blaze with the need for revenge. EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT A pair of black leather biker boots splash through dirty puddles. They stop. Their owner stands still. ANNA (O.S.) You don't stand a chance against the Skulls. A TRAIN thunders past overhead, lights from its windows casting flickering square patterns that reveal ANNA, leaning against a wall, smoking. Beneath her long red leather coat she wears a short red dress and thigh boots. She's a sex fantasy come to life. The train disappears into the night. ANNA You might as well cut your own throat before Lord Saxon does it for you. We see LANCE for the first time, a cool dude in black motorcycle leather. He looks back the way he just came, then looks thoughtfully at Anna. Behind Anna are two alley openings leading off in different directions. Both alleys are filled with boiling mist. LANCE Don't suppose you have a spare gun? She blows a cloud of smoke toward him. ANNA For you? Nah. EXT. ALLEYWAY ENTRANCE - NIGHT Three Skulls skid to a halt outside the alleyway. They run inside. EXT. ALLEYWAY - NIGHT Lance hears the Skulls approach. He shifts his feet further apart. The Skulls charge Lance, screaming like crazy men. Lance blocks the 1st Skull's knife-thrust, SNAPS his arm, SMASHES his elbow into his face. The Skull collapses and Lance snatches his knife from his hand. The 2nd Skull's knife is a blur but Lance parries every cut and thrust. WHAM, Lance drives his knife into the Skull's heart! As the shocked Skull collapses, Lance snatches his knife from his hand. The 3rd Skull leaps and swings his knife at Lance's head. Lance CHOPS the Skull's knife-hand off at the wrist. The Skull attacks with his other hand, a spiked knuckle-duster. Lance CHOPS this hand off too. The severed hand and duster hits the ground beside the severed hand with the knife. The 3rd Skull stares in horror at his bleeding wrist stumps and opens his mouth to scream. Lance snaps his neck! The 3rd Skull falls dead. Lance looks down at the bodies. Something that could be interpreted as regret passes briefly over his face. ANNA That was impressive. Lance wipes his new knife on a dead Skull and slips it down inside his boot. LANCE Is that what you call it? Distant WHOOPS and SCREAMS reach them. Lance searches the bodies and turns up a pair of guns. He sticks them into his waistband. Now he looks into both mist-filled alleys, wondering which way to go. ANNA You enter The Lot, you got two choices. Dred or Turo. The Skulls are getting closer. Lance moves toward the right-hand alley but Anna steps in front of him. LANCE What if I don't like Dred or Turo? ANNA It's one or the other. You either live under their protection, or you don't live at all. LANCE You're in my way. ANNA Dred's got more muscle. He's probably going to win. But Turo could surprise everyone. He's not dead yet. He tries to move past her but she blocks him again. LANCE What about you? ANNA What about me? LANCE Are you Dred's bitch or Turo's bitch? ANNA I always go with the winner. Anna turns and walks down the left hand alley and disappears into the swirling mist. SCREAMS and WHOOPS fill the alley. Seconds away. Lance hurries after Anna. Disappears into the mist. EXT. NARROW MISTY ALLEYWAY - NIGHT Mist everywhere, thick and blinding. Lance pauses and looks back. Everything's eerily quiet, as if he just left the real world behind. He loses his sense of direction and turns around and around, confused. He puts one hand against the alley wall and stumbles on. EXT. GHETTO STREETS - NIGHT A Skull reluctantly approaches Lord Saxon. SKULL There's no sign of him. We found three of our men, dead. Muscles in Lord Saxon's face twitch as if he's having a fit. The Skull steps back, afraid. But Goth Girl whispers into Lord Saxon's ear and strokes his neck, calming him. The crazy moment passes, Lord Saxon smiles. LORD SAXON Let Dred and Turo take care of him. And when I'm ready... I'll take care of them. He lifts an air horn, thumbs the button. The deafening HONK summons other Skulls. They mount their bikes and drive out of there, WHOOPING and SCREAMING. EXT. GHETTO STREET - NIGHT Dark buildings on either side, mostly empty shells. Mist boils from an alley opening. Anna emerges from the mist. She walks down the middle of the street as if she owns it. Lance stumbles out of the same misty alley. He takes a moment to steady himself. He sees Anna further up the street. He hesitates, then follows her. EXT. DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Once upon a time this place was a theater. Anna stops at the entrance, looks back at Lance, enters the building. Lance examines the front of the building. Faded posters and peeling paint. He looks up and down the empty street, then follows Anna inside. INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Anna waits for Lance at the other end of the hallway, hand on hip, a seductive pose. Her lips part invitingly. Lance takes a step toward her... ...and freezes as razor sharp blades touch his throat. Two GUARDS were waiting just inside. Lance doesn't dare move. They search him and take his knife from his boot. ANNA Don't kill him yet. Dred might want to talk to him. The Guards march Lance down the hallway, knives still held at his throat. Anna leads the way. INT. FEASTING HALL - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT The theater has been converted into a communal meeting place. A fire burns in the middle of the room, surrounded by chairs. A dozen MEN AND WOMEN relax together. The color red is "in" here -- red leather jackets, coats, dresses, neck scarves, berets. Most carry weapons, Japanese katanas, big serrated Army killing knives, fighting sticks. DRED sprawls on a chair, whittling a piece of wood as he stares into the flames. He looks up as Anna enters. She smiles at Dred, then steps aside. The Guards enter with Lance, knives at his throat. DRED Who have we got here? ANNA Skulls chased him into The Lot. He killed three of them. DRED Should I be impressed? ANNA I was. (to Lance) You got a name? LANCE Tell these joy-boys to put down their knives, maybe I'll tell you what it is. Anna smiles at Dred, cocks an eyebrow. Well? DRED Kill him. Lance drops and sweeps Guard #1's legs out from under him. Guard #2 slashes at Lance who leaps and spin-kicks Guard #2 in the face. Guard #1 jumps up, Lance punches him in the head. Both Guards hit the floor, out cold. Lance freezes. Dred holds his knife at his throat. DRED So what did you do to piss off Lord Saxon? LANCE Killed his bodyguards. Tried to kill him. DRED That would piss him off, all right. Relax. You pass the test. Dred steps back and puts his knife away. He returns to his seat by the fire. Lance touches his throat, inspects his fingertips. DRED You got away. You must be lucky. I could use a lucky man. LANCE What if I don't like being "used"? ANNA You were gonna tell me your name. LANCE They call me Lance. Anna sits on Dred's knee. He draws her close, making it obvious that she's his. Lance smiles, taking the hint. ANNA This is Dred. I'm Anna. LANCE You always go with the winner. ANNA That's right. DRED Lord Saxon likes to play games. I don't. Screw with me, I'll kill you here and now. No "hunt," no chases through dark alleyways. Just an unmarked grave. Smiles on the faces of the watching audience. LANCE What are you offering? DRED Protection. Comfort. Companionship. Lance looks over his shoulder. LISA stands there, every bit as beautiful as Anna. Something in the way she stands, in the way she looks, says she'll belong to Lance if he accepts Dred's leadership. Lance is mighty tempted. LANCE Turo might make me a better offer. Lisa doesn't react but some of Dred's people don't like this. They glare at Lance, and look to Dred for a cue. DRED Chill, people. (to Lance) Turo's days are numbered. If that sounds cliché then so be it. It's also a fact. LANCE If you can do it, why haven't you done it? ANNA It's not that simple. LANCE I thought you didn't play games? ANNA (to Lisa) Take him upstairs. Show him. Lisa offers Lance her hand. He hesitates but Lisa smiles at him, "Come on." He takes her hand, she leads him out through another doorway. ANNA So it begins. DRED You know I don't like wasting men. She kisses him on the cheek. Then whispers in his ear. ANNA Sometimes... sacrifices... are necessary. He stares at her. She stares back, eyes cold as ice. INT. ROOF STAIRWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lisa leads Lance upstairs by the hand. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Offering a bleak view of the darkened city's rooftops. Lance and Lisa climb upstairs. The wail of a POLICE SIREN reaches them. LANCE Sounds close. LISA It's an illusion. Cops don't come into The Lot. They know they'd never find their way out again. LANCE Why am I here? Lisa points into the distance. Lance looks at a lit rooftop, several blocks away. He moves to the edge of the roof to get a better look. On the distant rooftop, a dozen WARRIORS dressed in black stand in a circle, facing outward, as if they're guarding something in the center. That something is a MAN, suspended in the air above them, head bowed, arms limp by his sides, seemingly asleep. Just hanging there, no visible support. LANCE Who are these guys? LISA That's Turo's place. They're Turo's warriors. LANCE Who's the guy on the high-wire? LISA Morgan. Anna's brother. LANCE Is he dead? LISA He will be soon, unless Dred does something. Above the distant rooftop a storm takes shape, black clouds forming a whirlpool, crackling with electricity. LANCE How many men does Dred have? LISA We outnumber Turo's people. But it's not just a question of numbers. LANCE What is it a question of? LISA Power. It's a question of power. A LIGHTNING BOLT flashes down out of the sky and strikes the man hanging in the air. His body shudders and crackles with electricity. The circle of Warriors don't even look round, they're like statues. LANCE Hell was that? LISA We were talking about power, remember? You just saw it in its purest elemental form. LANCE Uh-huh... LISA Maybe you think I'm talking shit, and that's okay. But you stand here for long enough, you'll come to believe. LANCE What's to believe? He's hanging from a wire attached to a crane. They've turned him into a human lightning conductor. LISA There's no wire. No crane. And that was no ordinary lightning. But you already know that. Don't you? Lisa takes Lance's hand and leads him back to the stairway. He looks back over his shoulder at the distant rooftop. INT. ROOF STAIRWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance and Lisa descend. LANCE What kind of hold does Dred have over you? LISA What makes you think I'm not here by choice? LANCE Answer the question. LISA The kind of hold that's not easily broken. The same two Guards are waiting at the bottom of the stairs. looking bruised. They glare at Lance as he passes. Lisa leads Lance into an adjoining hallway. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lisa stops at a door, pushes it open. INT. LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lisa enters, takes off her coat, hangs it on a peg. She looks back at Lance. He stands in the hallway as if he's having second thoughts. LISA Will you unzip my dress? Lance enters. He pulls her zipper down nice and slow, revealing Lisa's naked back inch by inch. LANCE Does Dred expect to buy my loyalty by ordering you to sleep with me? She turns around and lets her dress fall to the floor. Lisa doesn't believe in underwear. Lance tenses as she embraces him, kisses him... then he allows it to happen. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Looking into Lisa's room as Lance and Lisa embrace. The door swings shut by itself... moved by invisible hands. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT TURO, EARL and WAYNE stand outside the circle of warriors looking up at Morgan. Turo's the handsome heroic type, so is the younger Wayne. Earl's older and wiser, graying hair and beard. He wears a cloak and carries a wooden staff topped by a milky white jewel as big as a fist. Earl closes his eyes, the white jewel glows, black storm clouds form a whirlpool above and a LIGHTNING BOLT crashes into Morgan, who spasms as electricity crackles up and down his body. The electricity fades, he goes limp. TURO How much longer? EARL Soon. I'll have the special bullet ready by tonight. Earl pulls a big silver gun from inside his cloak and hands it to Turo. It's a cannon with a handle. EARL "X" caliber ammunition. One shot, back of the head. Even Morgan won't walk away from that. TURO You sure it'll work? EARL It'll work. Turo tosses the gun Wayne who examines it with interest. TURO Cold-blooded execution's not my style. EARL Kill the brother and you weaken the sister. They're linked, body and soul. Wayne gives Earl the gun, he slips it beneath his cloak. TURO You frighten me sometimes. EARL Thank you. TURO Wasn't a compliment. I might have to listen to your spook shit but that doesn't mean I have to-- Earl holds up a hand, stopping Turo. He closes his eyes. Turo glances at Wayne who shrugs, don't ask me. Seconds pass... then Earl opens his eyes again. TURO Are we having fun? EARL Something's happening over there. They look across distant rooftops... at Dred's place. TURO Tell me it's something good. EARL No, it's something very bad. INT. ROOF STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo, Earl and Wayne come downstairs. TURO It's always something bad with you. When you gonna give me some good news? EARL Midnight tonight. You'll kill Morgan, Anna's power will falter, Dred will be unprotected. We'll attack, and Dred will die. TURO I guess that's good news. Turo glances at Wayne. They're not sure if it is. INT. FEASTING HALL - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT The same kind of communal arrangement Dred and his people enjoy. Warm fire, people chilling. The dominant color here is black. Turo's people respectfully stand up when Turo enters. Turo waves them back down. TURO Anyone seen Vera? Everyone shakes their head, "No." TURO Y'all telling me she hasn't come down yet? More shaking heads, a few shrugs and smiles. TURO Never met a woman likes her bed so much. Everyone laughs... then tries to hide it because VERA stands in a doorway, a breathtaking beauty. She raises an eyebrow. Turo claps his hand over his mouth, play-acting. TURO Me and my big mouth. Vera walks to Turo, puts her arms around his neck, kisses him. Turo's people smile and politely look away. TURO Every time I see you, my stomach flips over. Why is that? Vera smiles and kisses him again. He rubs his stomach and pretends he's in pain. TURO Maybe it's something I ate. She pretends to be insulted and turns to walk away, but Turo pulls her back, spins her round, takes her in his arms. She loves it. TURO I'll be up in just a minute. You can wait a minute, can't you? She rolls her eyes and puts a finger to her lips, deciding. TURO You insist on being disrespectful. Very well. I command you to go upstairs and wait for me, woman. Vera steps back, curtseys, turns and hurries from the room. Turo's people laugh, Turo smiles and shakes his head. He sees Earl watching, looking serious. TURO Horse walks into a bar. Barman says, "Why the long face?" EARL My bones are getting as old as your jokes. Earl wearily sits at the fire, stares into the flames. EARL Morgan has to die and you have to kill him. TURO Heard you the first time. I'll do what needs done. Doesn't mean I'll enjoy it. EARL Yesterday the future was clear. Tonight all I see are shadows. TURO We got extra men guarding the roof. Morgan's going nowhere. Let me know when that special bullet of yours is ready. The sooner we whack that sumbitch, the better. Turo exits after Vera. Earl stares into the flames. EXT. FIRE ESCAPE - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT One of Turo's Warriors lies sprawled on the fire escape, dead. Shadowy figures creep past him and silently climb up the ladder. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE VERA'S BEDROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo walks up to a door, opens it, looks inside. The bed's empty, Vera isn't there. Turo looks up and down the hallway, puzzled. A window at the end of the hallway lies open. Turo walks down the hallway, normal speed at first, then more quickly. He reaches the window, looks out... EXT. WINDOW ONTO FIRE ESCAPE - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo looks down... and reacts with surprise when he sees-- EXT. BACK ALLEY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT FOUR OF DRED'S WARRIORS. They're running as fast as they can, dragging Vera along. She struggles but they're too strong. She looks up and sees Turo. She thrusts her hand toward him, her mouth opens in a silent plea. Turo drops three floors from the fire escape into the alleyway, lands like a cat and springs after them, legs pumping like an Olympic sprinter. Two of Dred's Warriors look back and see Turo coming. They skid to a stop and look at each other. They draw their knives and run at Turo, screaming like madmen. Turo draws his knife and runs between them, not stopping. The two Warriors stagger and collapse, clutching gushing wounds. That's how fast Turo is. A beat-up sedan screeches to a stop at the end of the alley. The other two Warriors bundle Vera into the back and throw themselves in after her. The sedan burns rubber before Turo arrives. He doubles over and gasps for breath as he watches the sedan's tail lights disappear into the night. TURO Vera... EXT. DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT The beat-up sedan careens round a corner and screeches to a stop at the entrance. INT. LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance and Lisa lie on the bed. She's asleep, eyes closed. He runs his hand down her naked back. She smiles. Distant SHOUTS and BANGING noises. Lance leaps out of bed. FOOTSTEPS clump along the hallway outside. They pass by, fading. Lance relaxes. LISA Forget it. Come back to bed. I need you. Lance quickly gets dressed. LISA It's nothing to do with us. LANCE My mama always said I was too nosy for my own good. He opens the door, exits. Lisa bares her teeth, angry. INT. HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance creeps along the hallway. He finds a door, opens it. INT. BALCONY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance steps onto a balcony that overlooks Dred's feasting hall. Below, Dred and his people form a circle around a lone figure who looks around, helpless and afraid. It's Vera. INT. FEASTING HALL - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred gently touches Vera's chin. She snaps her head away. DRED Nobody's going to harm you. You're too valuable. And too beautiful. ANNA How does it feel to be a pawn in a game you can't even understand? Vera doesn't respond. Anna circles around her. ANNA If not for the fact we need you, you'd be roasting over the fire. It's been a while since we had fresh meat. Dred's people chuckle and grin. Lance frowns. He doesn't like the sound of that. Dred picks out two of his men. DRED See she's cared for. Don't dare harm a single hair on her head. They escort Vera away. DRED I'll send a messenger to Turo. ANNA He'll propose terms. A neutral place. Morgan for his bitch. We should use the opportunity. DRED I'm listening. ANNA As soon as Morgan is safe we attack Turo's people. Reduce his ranks even further. DRED We just lost two of our best men. ANNA I know where you can find someone better. Anna looks up at the balcony. Dred follows her look. Lance steps forward. No use trying to hide. DRED It's your choice. You want to stay, you fight with us. If you want to leave then leave now. Lance glances back over his shoulder. Lisa stands in the hallway, watching him. Tempting him with just her eyes. LANCE What do I have to do? Anna smiles up at Lance. ANNA Honey, just be yourself. Lisa offers Lance her hand. Lance takes it. She smiles and leads him back to her bedroom. EXT. THE LOT - DAY Dawn invades The Lot, revealing stark buildings and empty streets. In the background, shadowy skyscrapers rear up through thick fog. INT. LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance wakes up with a start. He looks around. No sign of Lisa. He gets up, naked, and goes to the door. He opens it and peers outside. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance sticks his head out. The hallway's empty. INT. LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance gets dressed. He picks Lisa's red dress up off the floor. Sniffs it. Smiles. Throws it onto the bed. INT. HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance pads silently along the hallway. Still no sign of anyone. The stairway leading up to the rooftop is closed and locked. Windows he passes are blacked out. INT. BALCONY - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance looks down. The hall is empty, the fire's dead, just a wisp of smoke. INT. HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance opens various doors, looks into rooms, hallways... All empty. He finds a locked door. A big key hangs on a nail. He looks up and down the hallway. Slips the key into the lock. Turns it, pushes the door open. INT. VERA'S PRISON CELL - DRED'S PLACE - DAY The door opens, Lance looks into the room. Vera stands by a barred window, her back to Lance. He looks her up and down. Tight black dress, legs that deserve to be worshipped. She turns and catches him watching her. LANCE I'm guessing you're Turo's woman. Vera stares at his lips when he talks. LANCE I'm kind of a guest here, too. Just got in last night. Funny, it could have gone either way. I could have ended up with Turo instead of Dred. Vera's eyes widen in surprise. She turns away, looks out the window again. She touches the iron bars that keep her from freedom. LANCE Can I... get you anything? Water? Maybe some food. If I can figure where the kitchen is... No response. Lance shrugs, backs out of the room and pulls the door shut. INT. HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Lance locks the door, hangs the key back on its nail... and turns round fast. Anna and two of Dred's warriors stand watching him. No one moves. A staring contest. ANNA Wasn't Lisa enough for you? LANCE I thought you'd gone shopping and forgot about me. ANNA Not likely. How's our guest? LANCE Says I'm not her type. Anna smiles, she knows he's lying. ANNA You hungry? LANCE Thought you'd never ask. INT. CELLAR STAIRWAY - DRED'S PLACE - DAY Anna and Lance descend the stairway. ANNA So tell me something about yourself. LANCE What do you want to know? ANNA You and Lord Saxon. LANCE He moved in on my boss's territory. We put up a fight. We lost. ANNA How come? LANCE We were betrayed. That's how Lord Saxon works. He puts a man on the inside, to weaken and destroy from within. ANNA And here you are. On the inside. LANCE That's why you've been watching me from the moment I got here. They reach the bottom of the stairway. ANNA You're not as dumb as you look. INT. CELLAR HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - DAY They stop at a door. ANNA So why didn't Lord Saxon kill you when he had the chance? LANCE He gave the survivors a choice. Sign up and fight for him, or die. ANNA When you talk about him there's hate in your voice. You signed up for revenge. LANCE Next time, I won't miss. This shit with your brother-- Anna pushes the door open and enters. Lance follows. INT. KITCHEN - DRED'S PLACE - DAY They sit at a table facing each other. Lance eats with gusto, wolfing down chicken, salads, breads, loose meats. Anna doesn't eat, she just watches. ANNA There's a church, halfway between here and Turo's place. Turo's agreed to meet us there. Earl will be watching. LANCE Who's Earl? ANNA He's like me, only not so cute. You saw an example of his work last night. Bad weather's his speciality. INSERT: lightning strikes Morgan as he hangs in the air. High voltage crackles up and down his shuddering body. LANCE What's your speciality? ANNA I'll show you... but you have to promise not to blink. LANCE Okay... Anna lays her hand flat on the table, spreads her fingers. She picks up a knife... inspects the point... and PLUNGES it into her own hand, nailing it to the table. Lance doesn't blink or flinch. He stares at the impaled hand. A bright pool of blood spreads across the table. ANNA And now you have to believe. Anna pulls the knife out of her bleeding hand. ANNA Believe like you've never believed before. The blood stops. Then reverses its flow, running back into her hand, leaving the table clean. Lance watches, frowning. Anna holds her hand up, turns it around for Lance to inspect. No sign of the wound. LANCE I bet you're a hit at dinner parties. ANNA You didn't blink. LANCE Blinking is a reaction. Reactions can be trained. ANNA We're gonna put you inside the church. LANCE What happens if they search the place? ANNA They won't. Turo will rely upon Earl's vision. LANCE Which means...? ANNA Earl can't see you. You haven't been initiated. You're not one of us... yet. LANCE If you knew how crazy you sound... ANNA We'll discuss your initiation ceremony when you get back. LANCE'd probably stop talking like that. What ceremony? ANNA We like to throw a party for new family members. Music, girls. It'll be fun. You'll want to know the layout of the church... INT. OLD CHURCH - NIGHT Moonbeams shine in through what's left of the stained glass windows. Morgan stands beneath the pulpit, head bowed, supported by two of Turo's Warriors in black. ANNA (V.O.) I can tell you exactly where my brother will be. Turo's men won't know what hit them. Morgan looks up and smiles. As if he knows we're watching him. As if he's somehow connected to this conversation. INT. KITCHEN - DRED'S PLACE - DAY LANCE How many guards are we talking about? ANNA Not nearly enough to take you down. LANCE Your faith is touching, but those dudes on Turo's roof didn't look like Boy Scouts. Anna palms the top off a beer bottle and slides it across the table, right into his hand. Lance is impressed. He drains the bottle, and belches. LANCE My compliments to the chef. ANNA Your job is to bring my brother out of there in one piece. Nothing else. You got that? LANCE Sure. ANNA Turo's bitch doesn't need your protection. She'll stick a knife between your ribs and twist it just so she can watch you die. LANCE Aren't you having something? ANNA I already ate. Anna waves her hand over the table. Lance looks down, the plates are gone, the beer bottle's gone, the table is bare. ANNA It's like I said. You have to believe, like you've never believed before. LANCE Huh. ANNA Now I want you to sleep. You're going to need all your strength for tonight. LANCE Not tired. Anna's huge eyes fill Lance's vision. ANNA I said sleep. EXT. THE LOT - DAY/NIGHT Time runs fast. Clouds race across the sky. Day turns into night over the space of a few seconds. ANNA (V.O.) You can wake up now. INT. LISA'S BEDROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT With a start, Lance wakes up alone in Lisa's bed. He looks around the room. He looks under the blanket. He's naked. His clothes are piled up on a chair. The door opens, it's Lisa. LISA I was going to wake you with a kiss. LANCE Sorry I missed that. Who put me to bed? LISA Me and Anna. She's even more impressed with you than before. LANCE Does she always drug her guests' food? Lisa doesn't answer. Lance gets up, gets dressed. Lisa leans against the door frame, watching his naked butt. He finds his knife and the two guns under his clothes. The knife goes into his boot, the guns into the back of his waistband. LISA There's something you should know. Guns don't work too good in The Lot. LANCE Guns don't work too good... LISA Take my word for it, you can't rely on them. You ready? She heads down the hallway. Lance follows her. INT. FEASTING HALL - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred and KNIGHT, a huge warrior, stand waiting. Dred tilts his head, ordering Lisa to leave. She gives Lance a final look, then exits. DRED Enjoy your beauty sleep? LANCE Sure. Knight stares intently as if he's measuring Lance up... or silently challenging him. DRED This is Knight. He's gonna take you to the church. He'll show you where to hide. LANCE I'll pick my own hiding place. DRED If you're discovered, surrender immediately. Tell them you were looking for somewhere to sleep. If they let you live, maybe you'll find a way to complete your mission. If not... LANCE If not, I'm dead. DRED You catch on fast. Do what Knight says. He knows these streets, you don't. Turo isn't the worst thing out there. LANCE Meaning what? KNIGHT We're leaving, c'mon. Knight heads for the front entrance. Lance moves to follow but Dred grabs his arm. DRED When this is over, we'll talk. Maybe ditch those black leathers, see how red suits you. Lance nods and follows Knight outside. EXT. GHETTO STREETS - NIGHT Eerily quiet, as Knight leads Lance further into The Lot. Lance looks up. A shadow moves past an upstairs window, and vanishes. Another shadow appears briefly in a doorway across the street, and disappears. Another shadow watches Lance from alleyway, then retreats back into the darkness. KNIGHT They won't bother us none, long as you're with me. LANCE Who are they? KNIGHT Anna calls them lost souls. LANCE What do you call them? KNIGHT Snacks. EXT. OLD CHURCH - NIGHT If good ever lived here, it packed its bags and left town long ago. INT. OLD CHURCH - NIGHT Knight throws the doors open and enters. Lance follows him inside. Wooden benches run either side of a wide aisle. At the front, a stairway leads up to the pulpit balcony. KNIGHT You got doors front and back. Confession booth's right over there if you want to make peace with God. Or you can hide up in the tower. Maybe some bats up there. One more won't make no difference. LANCE Have I done something to offend you? KNIGHT Your being here offends me. We don't need no outsider to fight our battles for us. This should be us against Turo, not you playing the hero. LANCE Funny, I don't feel like a hero. KNIGHT You don't look like one either. I'd wish you good luck, but know what? I'd be just as happy if Turo cut your ass. LANCE It's been nice talking with you. Sometime soon, we'll talk again. Knight sneers and exits, SLAMMING the doors shut. The echo BOOMS around the church. Lance stands alone. EXT. OLD CHURCH - REAR - NIGHT Wayne and five of Turo's warriors approach the church. Two warriors support Morgan who's too dazed to resist. Wayne keeps careful watch for ambush. EXT. GHETTO STREET NEAR CHURCH - NIGHT Some distance away, Turo and Earl stand watching. Earl closes his eyes for a beat. Then opens them again. EARL They're playing by the rules. Just Knight and five warriors. Vera's with them. You'll have her back soon. Turo nods, but he's worried. EXT. OLD CHURCH - NIGHT Knight and five of Dred's Warriors escort Vera to the church. Knight grins with anticipation. Vera stares at him, suspicious. INT. OLD CHURCH - NIGHT Empty... quiet... no sign of Lance. A back door opens. Wayne enters, looks around. He signals, his men enter, bringing Morgan with them. Wayne points to a spot just below the pulpit. Two Warriors stand there with Morgan, the others spread out behind Wayne. Morgan's so dazed he doesn't even know where he is. Wayne watches the main doors. The main doors are thrown open. Knight and Vera and Dred's five Warriors enter. Knight faces Wayne from the other end of the aisle. KNIGHT Let's get this shit over with. WAYNE Whatever you say. Meet halfway? KNIGHT Meet halfway. Wayne takes hold of Morgan. Knight takes hold of Vera. Vera looks around the church, checking out the shadows, the ceiling. Facing her, Wayne notices her worried look. He looks around too. Nothing to see. Lance jumps up and over the pulpit, lands between the two Warriors holding Morgan. His knife flashes, both Warriors are dead before they even know he's there. Wayne glances back and realizes it's a trap. Knight throws Vera down and runs at Wayne, drawing his knife. Wayne lets go of Morgan, who sinks to his knees. Wayne and Knight meet, their knives CLASH as they exchange dozens of thrusts and parries. Turo's remaining three Warriors attack Lance but they don't stand a chance, Lance cuts them down in three blinks of an eye. The last Warrior slides off his knife. He stares at their bodies, his expression filled with doubt and regret. Knight stabs Wayne in the side. Wayne staggers back, clutching the wound. Dred's five Warriors surround Wayne, waiting for Knight's command. Knight grabs Morgan and pulls him to his feet, then grins at Wayne. KNIGHT Sorry I don't have time to make your death special. Knight drags Morgan up the aisle. Wayne tries to fight his way past the Warriors but they easily drive him back, and close in for the kill. Knight reaches Vera. She looks up at him. Knight puts his knife against her throat. KNIGHT You sure are pretty. His grin fades. He's going to kill her. Vera stares into his eyes, unafraid. Then her gaze flicks past him, onto something else. Knight looks back over his shoulder. Lance is among Dred's Warriors, hacking and killing, two Warriors go down. Wayne takes on one of the Warriors and wins despite his wound. Lance kills the other two Warriors with two fast thrusts, and charges at Knight. KNIGHT Shee-it. They come together and go sailing over benches and end up fighting on the floor. Knight grabs Lance's wrist, Lance grabs Knight's wrist. They match strengths and Knight's eyes widen. He knows he's gonna lose. WHAP! Morgan hits Lance from behind with bunched fists, smashing him over a bench and onto his back. Knight breaks away and runs for the main doors, dragging Morgan with him. They exit into the night. Lance gets up, rubs the back of his head. He freezes as Wayne's knife touches his throat. WAYNE Crazy murdering son of a bitch... Vera touches Wayne's hand. Wayne stares at her, puzzled. She pleads with her eyes. Unsure, Wayne lowers his knife. The back door's kicked open and Turo, Earl and more of Turo's Warriors run into the church. They skid to a stop, looking at the collection of bodies. TURO Hell happened here? Vera runs to him, embraces him. Turo stares at Lance, the odd man out. Earl stares at Lance too, frowning... TURO And who the hell is this? Vera stares at Turo. She doesn't speak but as he looks at her, Turo somehow gains understanding. He looks at Lance afresh. EARL Take her out of here. Turo and Vera retreat to the back door and exit along with the other Warriors. Earl looks to Wayne. WAYNE He would'a killed Knight, if not for Morgan. EARL (to Lance) You better go. Dred finds you here, he'll kill you for sure. Wayne beckons to Lance, come on! Lance leaves with Wayne. Earl watches Lance suspiciously until they close the door, leaving Earl alone in the church with the dead. Earl closes his eyes. The milky white jewel atop his staff glows. Turo's five dead Warriors burst into flames and burn fiercely. Earl raises his staff high. EARL We salute you, brave warriors. Dine tonight in Valhalla. Earl turns and exits, cloak swirling. Only Dred's dead Warriors remain in the church. INT. OLD CHURCH - NIGHT Now the cremated bodies have burned down to ash. Dred stares at his dead Warriors. He is not happy. DRED Another five men dead. You're getting careless. KNIGHT Using an outsider wasn't my idea. DRED That's the only reason you're not screaming over a slow fire. Dred turns and exits. Knight bares his teeth, angry as hell, and runs after Dred. EXT. OLD CHURCH - WEST SIDE - NIGHT Dred is surrounded by more Warriors, alert and ready. Knight catches up and walks alongside Dred. KNIGHT I've had enough of waiting. I say we hit them tonight. DRED We've lost men, dammit... KNIGHT So have they. DRED They'll be expecting an attack. They'll be ready and waiting. KNIGHT Maybe we'll give them something they don't expect. DRED What are you proposing? KNIGHT We raise the dead. I'll lead them myself. Dred stops. Everyone stops with him. DRED I don't believe I heard you right. I thought you said we should raise the dead and you'll lead them. KNIGHT That's what I said. Dred stares at Knight as if he's insane. Then the idea begins to appeal to him. DRED Bring the bodies. Several Warriors go back inside the church. DRED This better work. You know what happens if it doesn't. Fear shows in Knight's expression, but only for a moment. KNIGHT It'll work. EXT. GHETTO STREETS - NIGHT Turo's group moves like a military convoy, with scouts and outriders watching for ambush. Lance brings up the rear, a reluctant guest. Wayne gestures to him, come on! Vera looks back over her shoulder. Every time their eyes meet, Lance finds another reason to stay. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT The doors swing open as Turo's group approaches. They enter the building. Turo's Warriors watch the street, then come inside one by one. The doors close. INT. FEASTING HALL - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo sits Vera down and silently asks her if she's OK. She nods. They don't talk, but somehow they manage to have a conversation with just looks and smiles. An attractive girl, FERN, brings a basin of water to Wayne. She opens his shirt, inspects his wound, cleans it. Wayne sucks in a sharp breath. Fern bites her lip, apologetic. Wayne smiles at her, lets her know it's okay. One by one, Turo's people notice Lance. He stands alone, the object of everyone's attention. Turo addresses his people. TURO Can you give us some privacy, please? Thank you. Everyone leaves, only Turo, Earl, Wayne, Vera and Lance remain. TURO (to Lance) I'm told I have you to thank for saving my woman. LANCE De nada. TURO I'm also told you aced Dred's guys. Almost got that bastard Knight, too. Turo looks at Wayne, inviting him to speak. WAYNE He's the fastest I've ever seen. TURO Is that so? (to Lance) Of course, that was after you aced five of my guys. Damn, you're a regular killing machine. BAM! Turo kicks Lance in the face, fast and hard, knocking him down! Lance sprawls on the floor, stunned. Turo snatches Lance's knife and throws it away. TURO That how you get your kicks? From killing everyone you meet? Lance springs to his feet but BAM! Turo kicks him down again, harder and faster than before. Turo goes nose to nose with Earl. TURO How come you didn't see him? EARL I don't know. TURO You losing your touch? EARL Do you think I am? TURO If you're not at the top of your game, we might as well throw in the towel right now, give it up to Dred. Vera touches Turo's arm. They stare at each other and suddenly Turo knows the answer. He looks at Lance. TURO Anna didn't initiate you. EARL An outsider?! TURO Fresh off the bus and right into Dred's lap. Sweet. Turo grabs Lance by the throat and lifts him off the floor. Lance's feet dangle in the air as he slowly chokes to death. Wayne tries to pull Turo off but isn't strong enough. Vera watches, horrified. WAYNE He didn't know. He didn't know! Turo contemptuously throws Lance down. Lance clutches his throat, gasps for breath. TURO He. Didn't. Know. That makes it okay. Five good men dead because of this sumbitch. WAYNE All he knew was what Dred and Anna told him. EARL I say we kill him. WAYNE Dred doesn't own him yet. It was a mistake. EARL Wake up, boy. He cost us five warriors... and Anna has Morgan back. She's stronger than ever. WAYNE Ask him why he changed sides. EARL I don't give a damn. WAYNE (to Turo) Ask him! Turo thinks about it... nods permission. Wayne offers Lance his hand. Lance takes it, stands up. TURO Why'd you change your mind, Mr. Cool? What is your name anyway? Lance painfully clears his throat. LANCE They call me Lance. TURO Waiting for an answer. Lance stares at Vera. She stares back. Surprise crosses her face. Turo sees this. TURO You kill five of my people. Then you decide you can't let Knight waste my woman? LANCE Something like that. TURO So. What did Dred offer you to do his dirty work for him? Lance doesn't answer. EARL You really got to ask? Turo laughs. Earl and Wayne smile. Lance is confused. TURO Anna? No, Dred's the possessive type. Lisa. He gave you Lisa. Am I right? Lance gapes, surprised. Vera looks away, disappointed. TURO Dred and me, we were blood brothers. Then Anna came along, broke up the party. Now we're blood enemies. Most of Dred's people used to be my people. Turo turns his back on Lance and walks away. He faces a corner, does some deep thinking. Earl and Wayne glance at each other. Vera watches Lance, who isn't sure what's going on. He can't stop looking at Vera. Earl notices the looks passing between them. He'd have to be blind not to. Turo comes back and faces Lance. TURO You saved my woman. That means you walk out of here alive. But if I ever see you again... Shit, you know how it works. EARL You can't let him go. TURO Why not? EARL He could go back to Dred. WAYNE He won't. EARL How the hell do you know? WAYNE He has a good heart. EARL Stop talking like a kid, dammit. WAYNE Make a fool of me all you want, you know I'm right. EARL I remember Lisa. Ooh yeah. She could break your heart, then mend it with just a smile. (to Lance) So tell me, how attached are you to the lady? LANCE None of your damn business. EARL (to Turo) There's your answer. Dred can pull him in any time he wants. Lisa just has to shake her tight little ass. TURO I'm tired. Let's sleep on it. EARL You can bet Dred won't be sleeping. TURO I'm not making a decision tonight. I'll give you my answer in the morning. (to Lance) Consider yourself my guest till then. If you try to leave, or do anything stupid, you'll be killed. Tell me you understand what I just said. LANCE I understand what you just said. TURO Then I'll have someone escort you to your room. Turo looks at Vera. She's surprised, but escorts Lance out. He goes along with her, unsure. INT. STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Vera leads Lance upstairs. INT. GUEST ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance inspects the bedroom and its single bed. Vera watches from the doorway. LANCE Thank you. She turns to go -- stops. Stares at him. LANCE This is a mistake. She's puzzled. She shakes her head. Lance turns away. LANCE You know why. We both know why. He looks back over his shoulder. Vera's gone. He sighs. INT. FEASTING HALL - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo, Earl and Wayne sit around the fire. EARL If you don't want to dirty your hands, I'll do it. TURO Like I said, I'll sleep on it. WAYNE I'll... post more guards, check the perimeter is secure. TURO Guards aren't enough any more. I'm still waiting for someone to explain how Dred snatched Vera. Right from under our noses. EARL Anna's doing. More of that spook shit you don't like. TURO How? Earl stares into the flames. EARL We lost a man when we grabbed Morgan, remember? Wayne closes his eyes, pained. WAYNE Galahad. EARL Anna used him to mask Dred's warriors. Trust me, you don't want to know the details. I didn't see them till it was too late. TURO It's always Anna. It wasn't like this before she showed up. EARL I'll hang special wards so it can't happen again. Turo stands up. TURO It shouldn't have happened once. What the Hell's wrong with you? Anna's got her crazy brother back, Dred's picking us off whenever he feels like it. Both of you, get your shit together or pack your bags, head on over to Dred's and ask him for a job, 'cause you're no good to me. Earl and Wayne look away, embarrassed. TURO I trust I've made my point. Goodnight, gentlemen. Turo exits. WAYNE I don't think he's happy. EARL No shit. "He has a good heart." Are you out of your mind? WAYNE How much longer can we hold out against Dred? We need help. EARL Not from him. WAYNE I don't think we can afford to pick and choose. EARL I said not from him. WAYNE What makes you so sure? EARL Tonight I sent the souls of five warriors onward because of him. And tomorrow? What then? Earl closes his eyes for a beat. The milky jewel atop his staff glows. He opens his eyes again. WAYNE What? EARL Those extra guards you were talking about. Maybe they're not such a bad idea. Wayne gets up and exits. Earl stares into the fire. INT. PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT So called because a five-sided star has been painted on the floor in luminous, burning white. There's no other light source in the room. Anna and Morgan face Lisa across the pentagram, their faces eerily lit by the glow. Anna is impassive, while Lisa is barely able to control her mounting terror. Morgan watches Lisa like a frog watches an insect. Dred's men drag in the bodies of the Warriors killed in the church and place them upon the pentagram, their boots touching, their heads at the point of each star. Dred's men exit, leaving Anna, Morgan and Lisa with the dead bodies. Lisa shakes uncontrollably. LISA Please don't, Anna. I don't want to die. Please... MORGAN Oh just get on with it, will you? INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Knight tries to push inside the room but Dred stops him. They go nose to nose. KNIGHT Why does it have to be her? DRED Because you failed to bring back any live prisoners. Because it won't work unless someone dies. Are you volunteering? Knight swallows hard and backs off. INT. PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Anna's eyes roll so the whites show. She utters strange sounds that are more like animal noises than words. The language of blackest magic. Lisa whimpers... then screams, as flames suddenly engulf her and consume her. Anna grunts and snarls as Lisa writhes in agony and burns. Morgan giggles. All he needs is popcorn. The flames shrink Lisa until she's no longer recognizable as human. In a matter of seconds the flames die out and all that's left of a beautiful girl is a pile of smoking white ash. Anna comes out of her trance gasping for breath. She sees what she's done to Lisa and turns away, closing her eyes. Morgan kneels beside the pile of ash. He puts a straw up his nose and "snorts" Lisa. He throws his head back and laughs with unashamed pleasure. He puts his mouth to the mouth of the nearest dead Warrior, and exhales into the Warrior. Anna watches, fascinated. Morgan repeats this for each of the five Warriors in turn. By the time it's done he's dizzy and light-headed. When he stands up Anna has to support him to stop him from falling over. Morgan giggles like a little boy, high as a kite, stoned on essence of Lisa. The bodies of the five dead Warriors twitch and shake! INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE -NIGHT The door creaks open. Dred pushes Knight into the room. Knight goes unwillingly. INT. PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Knight finds himself face to face with the five Undead Warriors. They stare at him with dull eyes. ANNA This is your master. Follow him, and do as he commands. Knight glances at her. Anna tosses her head, telling him to leave. Knight exits. Morgan leans against Anna and giggles. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE -NIGHT The Undead Warriors follow Knight out of the room. Knight glances at Dred, who shows no reaction. Knight leads the Undead Warriors along the hallway. Dred watches them go. INT. GUEST ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance lies on the bed, awake and thinking. The lock CLICKS and the door opens. Wayne looks in, his arm's in a sling. He gestures for Lance to come with him. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Wayne leads Lance upstairs onto the rooftop. Three of Turo's Warriors stand guard. Wayne and Lance walk to the edge and look out over The Lot, shrouded in mist. WAYNE Why did you come here? LANCE You invited me, remember? WAYNE I mean into The Lot. LANCE Guess I was running away. WAYNE From what? Your past? LANCE A posse of Skulls. They wanted to roast my nuts over a fire. WAYNE Lord Saxon. LANCE You know him? WAYNE He's been testing us. And Dred, too. As if we don't have enough to deal with... Wayne makes sure the three Warriors are out of earshot. WAYNE It's no secret that we're losing the war. Dred outnumbers us now. It's only a matter of time. LANCE Shit happens. WAYNE It started out the other way. The odds were in our favor. But Anna, she has a way of getting to those with weak loyalties. One by one our warriors vanish. Next day, they show up again wearing Dred's colors. You're quite the street philosopher. LANCE Sounds like Anna's the problem. WAYNE That's why Earl pulled out all the stops to capture that crazy brother of hers. Earl can explain it better... but Anna and Morgan are linked. Now she's got him back, we can expect the worst. LANCE Uh-huh. WAYNE I'm here through choice. Turo asks nothing of us. We remain with him because of who he is. LANCE And who is he, exactly? WAYNE The only one who can hold back the darkness. LANCE Dred and Anna being the darkness. WAYNE You're catching on. LANCE Thanks but no thanks. No offense, but everybody around here talks crazy shit all the time. WAYNE You fought for Dred. Why won't you fight for Turo? With a warrior like you on our side... LANCE A warrior like me. You don't know a damn thing about me. WAYNE I know you don't like the killing, but it's the thing you do best. Lance turns away but Wayne puts his hand on his arm, stopping him. WAYNE The Lot is a sanctuary. It drew us here... the outcast... the dispossessed. Those who had nothing and nobody. We found each other. We found purpose. We found peace. And we found ourselves. I'm not willing to give that up without a fight. LANCE And you're telling me all this because...? WAYNE You and me have something in common. I don't like the killing either. But sometimes we must do things we despise, for the sake of the greater good. I don't just mean Turo. I'm talking about the ideal, the concept, the thing. Dred and Anna are gonna turn this place into Hell unless we stop them. LANCE I think I'd be better off taking my chances with Lord Saxon. WAYNE That's your choice, but think what you'd be throwing away. LANCE Yeah, all this prime real estate. WAYNE I asked you why you came here. You said Lord Saxon chased you into The Lot. Think again, brother. The Lot invited you. LANCE You know, they can do wonders with modern medicines. WAYNE That's your mouth talking. But look into your heart and tell me you haven't felt more at home here than any other place you've ever been. Tell me you don't feel the peace and tranquility The Lot has to offer. Some things are worth fighting for. Some things are even worth dying for. LANCE Like I said, both sides talk crazy shit all the time. Show me how to get out of here and I'll go. I won't fight for Dred. I give you my word. Wayne's gaze flickers over Lance's shoulder. Lance looks behind him. Earl stands there listening. EARL I wish I could believe that. But, given what's happened, I can't take that risk. Earl gestures to Wayne, telling him to step away from Lance. WAYNE This isn't what Turo wants. EARL I'm prepared to accept his displeasure. In time he'll come to understand I'm doing this for his own good. Get out the way. --> Earl raises his staff, the milky white jewel glows. Lance looks up at the sky. Storm clouds form a flashing whirlpool filled with lightning waiting to be unleashed. Lance pushes Wayne aside and runs toward the corner of the roof, heading for the fire escape, his only way out. The three Warriors run to intercept Lance. BLAM! A bolt of lightning flashes down and hits a Warrior, transforming him into a human torch. The Warrior plunges over the edge of the rooftop. BLAM! A second Warrior is struck by lightning and burns. The third Warrior retreats and tries to run but BLAM! another bolt blasts him. Earl's stunned by what's just happened. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Anna looks toward Turo's place, her eyes glow with mystic energy. Morgan stands behind her, smiling, his hand on her shoulder. His eyes glow with the same light. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Another bolt of lightning flashes down and blows Earl clean across the rooftop. He slams into a wall and sinks down, stunned. He drops his staff, the milky white jewel stops glowing. Lance reaches the fire escape. He's about to climb over when he comes face to face with an Undead Warrior climbing up the ladder. The Undead Warrior draws his knife and leaps at Lance, who retreats fast. The Undead Warrior slashes at Lance who ducks and dodges. Wayne draws his knife and throws it underarm to Lance. Lance snatches it out of the air and engages the Undead Warrior. Wayne runs to help Earl. Lance gets through the Undead Warrior's defenses and stabs his opponent in the side. Lance doubles over in agony! He staggers back clutching his side. It's as if he just stabbed himself! The Undead Warrior shows no sign of pain or injury. Lightning flashes across the sky and for an dazzling instant Lance looks at himself in place of the Undead Warrior. More Undead Warriors climb up the fire escape and onto the rooftop. Knight is last up the ladder. He grins when he sees Lance facing Undead Warrior #1. KNIGHT If it isn't the hero. Let's see what you got. Knight points the other Undead Warriors at Wayne and Earl. KNIGHT Kill them. Wayne dives for Earl's staff, snatches it up and swings it wildly, keeping the Undead Warriors at bay. Wayne draws them away from Earl. Lance stabs his Undead opponent again, and SCREAMS in agony as he feels pain from the wound. The Undead Warrior grabs Lance's wrist, Lance grabs the Undead Warrior's wrist. They wrestle, neither giving way. Every time lightning flashes across the sky it's as if Lance is looking at himself in a mirror. He's fighting with himself. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Morgan's smile broadens as he whispers into Anna's ear. MORGAN Too bad he has to die. He's just your type. Anna frowns. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT The Undead Warrior forces Lance down onto his knees and pushes his knife closer. Lance tries to stop it but it comes closer to his throat, inch by inch... Watching this, Knight grins. Lance kicks the Undead Warrior away, leaps across the rooftop and BUTTS Knight with brutal force. Knight collapses holding his bloody face. Lance snatches Knight's knife, spins round and throws it at the approaching Undead Warrior. THWUNK! The knife buries itself in the Undead Warrior's forehead. Lance SCREAMS in pain as the Undead Warrior pitches backward onto the rooftop. The Undead Warrior's mouth opens and he exhales the ash Morgan breathed into him. Lance's pain suddenly stops. Lance scoops up the Undead Warrior's knife and puts it against Knight's throat. Knight comes out of his daze and focuses on his situation. LANCE Call 'em off. KNIGHT Can't do that. LANCE Then you die. KNIGHT His life for mine. Lance glances at Wayne, wounded and bleeding and pressed into a corner by the other four Undead Warriors. LANCE Deal. KNIGHT Leave him! The Undead Warriors draw back from Wayne. Lance takes the knife away from Knight's throat and steps back. KNIGHT Kill this mother instead. Knight scrambles up and over the fire escape before Lance can stop him. The Undead Warriors close in on Lance, knives ready. Their eyes and expressions are blank. Earl pushes himself up, stretches out his hand. His staff flies toward him. He catches it and pulls it close to his chest. The milky white jewel glows, pulsing like a heartbeat. A whirlpool storm forms overhead. A huge lightning bolt hits the roof, throwing the Undead Warriors down. Earl's lips move, forming words without sound. A hurricane wind hurls the staggering Undead Warriors over the edge of the rooftop. EXT. FIRE ESCAPE - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Knight holds onto the fire escape ladder for dear life, but the wind's too powerful. He loses his grip too and falls, screaming in terror. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT The wind slams Lance against the wall. He slides up and over. He digs his fingers into the brickwork but it's no good, the hurricane wind plucks at him, loosening his grip. Earl closes his eyes, the milky white jewel loses its glow. The wind dies away, the storm dissipates. Lance collapses back onto the rooftop, exhausted. Earl collapses too. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Anna's eyes stop glowing. She SCREAMS in rage. Morgan giggles. Anna glares at him. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo leads a handful of Warriors upstairs. They skid to a stop and look around in amazement. Earl unconscious, Wayne on his knees bleeding, Lance lying face down, unmoving. Turo directs his men to help Earl, and goes to Wayne. Wayne looks up at him, weary and hurt. Turo helps him to stand, and looks at Lance. TURO I should'a killed him when Earl said. WAYNE It was Knight. He brought some friends along. TURO What friends? WAYNE I'm pretty sure... they were the guys we killed in the church. TURO I don't want to hear this. WAYNE Just be glad you weren't here. Earl blew them away. Wayne gestures at Lance. WAYNE If not for him... we'd be dead. TURO Where's Knight now? WAYNE Last seen flapping his arms like a bird. INT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred stares at Anna. She lowers her gaze. DRED We'll just have to think of something else, won't we? Morgan exits, giggling. Dred glares after him. ANNA It's not his fault. DRED Whose fault is it? ANNA Mine. DRED What happened to Knight? ANNA You don't want to know. INT. GHETTO STREET - NIGHT The Undead Warriors march along the street, dragging Knight after them. Knight struggles but it's no good, they're too strong. They stop at a manhole cover. A SCREECH of metal, and the manhole flies open by itself, revealing a glowing red pit filled with smoke. Knight is gripped by terror. He digs his heels in. KNIGHT No! One by one the Undead Warriors jump down into the hole. Flames lick up, consuming them. Finally only Knight and one Undead Warrior remain. KNIGHT I can still be of use to Dred. The Undead Warrior stares at him with glassy eyes -- then grabs Knight and jumps down the hole, taking Knight with him. Knight SCREAMS. Flames and smoke belch up from below. The manhole cover flies back to cover the hole! INT. GUEST ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance wakes up with a start and grabs Fern's wrist. She's cleaning his wounds. Fern smiles to reassure him. He lets go and lies back down, exhausted. LANCE I'm sorry... The door opens, it's Vera. She stares at Fern for a moment. Fern frowns, unsure... then gets up and exits, leaving them alone and closing the door. An awkward moment. LANCE Turo know you're here? Vera won't meet his gaze. Lance shakes his head and sighs. LANCE Mind telling me what happened? Vera stares at Lance and understanding comes over him. LANCE How can dead men come back to life? Vera stares at him again. LANCE Anna. He closes his eyes, remembering. LANCE I saw myself when I fought them. How can that be? Vera stares at him. A MONTAGE: 1) Lance and Lisa have sex. Lisa enjoys every moment. 2) Anna faces terrified Lisa in the Pentagram Room. 3) Five dead Warriors are laid out on the Pentagram. 4) Knight and Dred look into the Pentagram Room. 5) Lisa SCREAMS as she's consumed by flames. 6) Morgan snorts Lisa's dust. 7) Morgan exhales into a dead Warrior's mouth. 8) The five risen Undead Warriors stare at Knight. BACK TO SCENE: Lance understands... and is horrified. He turns away from Vera. She touches his hand. Holds it. They gaze into each other's eyes, and fatal attraction blooms. Vera catches herself in time, realizes what's happening. She hurries to the door. LANCE Wait! Lance staggers to the door and leans against it, dizzy. Vera won't look at him. She wants to be here, doesn't want to be here. LANCE If you want to leave... you only have to turn the handle. She looks at him, a picture of want. Then her expression turns to pain. A rollercoaster of conflicting emotions. LANCE Tell me how it's wrong. Vera shakes her head. LANCE If you can't tell me then maybe it isn't wrong. She touches the door, asking him to open it. LANCE I would never force myself on you. If you truly want to leave, then leave. He opens the door. Vera takes a half-step forward. Then she stops, stares at him. LANCE I owe him nothing. Soon as I can, I'm getting out of here. Vera's eyes widen. LANCE If he cared about you, he'd let you go. All this place has to offer is death. Vera cries, and exits. Lance leans against the door. He staggers back to the bed, collapses onto his back, closes his eyes and falls asleep. EXT. THE LOT - DAY/NIGHT Time runs fast. Clouds race across the sky. Day turns into night. INT. GUEST ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT A KNOCK on the door. Lance wakes up. The door opens, it's Turo. TURO Thought you might be hungry. Turo puts the tray down and pulls up a chair for himself. Lance sniffs, interested in the food smells. TURO Amazing what a good night's sleep can do. And a good day's sleep, too. LANCE Is Wayne okay? TURO Yeah. Earl's pissed. But grateful to you for what you did. Guess we all are. LANCE Don't be. They tried to kill me. I defended myself. TURO When you put it like that... Turo uncovers the tray. Bread, meats, cheese. Lance sits up, pulls the table over to the bed and eats like a starving man, stuffing food down his throat. Lance stops, senses Turo watching. LANCE You never seen a man eat before? TURO Around here, it's a rare event. Lance eats some more while looking thoughtfully at Turo. LANCE You're going to screw with my head. Why don't you just get on with it? TURO I can't remember the last time I ate. Could have been a few days ago. Could have been last week. I know it's been a while. LANCE Uh-huh. Turo picks a piece of cheese from the tray, chews it. TURO If there's food around then sure, I'll eat. LANCE I didn't have you figured for a crackhead. TURO You won't find any drugs here. LANCE You don't allow it? TURO There's no buzz, no spike. You can shoot up all day, won't make you feel any different. LANCE What keeps you alive, clean living? TURO Something better than that. Take your time, I'm not in a hurry. Turo sits back and lets Lance eat. Lance watches him while he empties the tray, wondering what's coming next. INT. HALLWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo leads Lance toward a door guarded by two Warriors, who step aside. Turo reaches down into his shirt and fishes a neck-chain with a key. He unlocks the door. Opens it. INT. TOP OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lit by burning torches set into the walls. The stairway spirals down into darkness. Turo invites Lance to go first. Lance descends, not sure where this is leading to. Turo picks up a torch and follows Lance, staring intently at his back. INT. SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance pauses, and looks up and down. There's nothing to see, just the section of stairway he's standing on. Blackness above and below. LANCE Where are we going? TURO We're almost there. LANCE I just love mysteries. Lance descends... Turo follows him... They're two tiny figures on stairway lit by the flickering torch. Surrounded by nothing. INT. BOTTOM OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT At last the stairway ends. Lance and Turo face twin doors jammed shut by a sword thrust between them. The sword blade is carved with silver runes. Its pommel is a milky white jewel, smaller than the one on Earl's staff. LANCE The hell is this place, a nuclear shelter? TURO Kinda hard to explain. LANCE Looks like your interior decorator had some kind of symbolism thing going. Lance almost touches the sword, but pulls his hand away. TURO These doors are always locked. The sword is the key. All you have to do is pull it free. LANCE Do I win a prize? TURO Humor me. Lance grips the Runesword and pulls. It won't budge. LANCE You got me. Welded in there. Turo gestures for Lance to step back. Turo grips the Runesword and exerts all his strength. Electricity plays over his hands, smoke rises from his fingers. Lance can't see just how much effort and pain it takes Turo to pull the Runesword free. The twin doors swing open. LANCE If there's naked dancing girls, I'll be impressed. TURO No dancing girls. INT. POOL ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT A glowing milky white pool lies on the floor, the only light source. A wind constantly whistles through the room as if it's a vast open cavern. Maybe it is. Turo places the Runesword in brackets set into the wall. He grimaces in pain. hiding his blistered hands from Lance. LANCE Happens all the time. Someone walks into a broom cupboard, they don't want to look stupid... TURO It's human nature to make a joke about something that frightens you. But here there is only truth. Turo walks to the glowing pool. LANCE What makes it glow? Turo doesn't reply, it's as if he's hypnotized by the glow. LANCE You want to be alone with your pool, just say so. TURO I can tell you it's a source of power. That it's what Anna wants more than anything. LANCE Wayne's sales pitch was better. He wanted me to fight for truth and justice. You want me to fight for a puddle of toxic waste. No sale. Lance turns away but Turo grips his arm, stops him. LANCE Hell's wrong with your hand? TURO Close your eyes, tell me what you see. Lance looks at him suspiciously. TURO If I wanted you dead, you'd already be dead. Lance thinks about it... and closes his eyes. INT. LANCE'S CAR (MOVING) - CITY STREET - NIGHT Lance opens his eyes, finds himself at the wheel. Blue light flashes in the rear window. A siren WHOOPS. Lance realizes... he's being pulled over by a cop. Lance pulls over and stops. The cop car stops behind him. A shadow gets out and approaches. Lance glances down at the glove box, it's lying open and a GUN is inside. He snaps the glove box shut just as the cop draws level. It's a she. Her name tag says RIVERA. She taps the window. Lance rolls his window down. She bends down to talk to him. It's Vera, in police uniform. RIVERA Guess you didn't see the red light. This is a little surreal for Lance. RIVERA You don't talk to me, I'm gonna assume you're drunk or stoned. You don't smell like you've been drinking. What did you take? LANCE I'm not stoned. RIVERA But you didn't see the red light. LANCE I guess I didn't. Sorry. RIVERA This is where you're supposed to complain about police harassment. Lance can't believe this is happening. RIVERA You're a thousand miles away. Want to tell me about it? Lance shakes his head, no. RIVERA That bad, huh? Rivera straightens, looks around. Sees a COFFEE SHOP on a nearby corner. Considers it for a moment. RIVERA Wait here. She returns to her car. Reaches in and grabs her radio. RIVERA (into radio) This is Patrick Six-Two. I got a bladder alert. Going off the air for ten mikes. Rivera returns to Lance's car, indicates the Coffee Shop. RIVERA Come on, I'll buy you a coffee. Lance stares at the Coffee Shop. RIVERA You know what coffee is, don't you? Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on your car. Anyone tries to jack it, I'll shoot 'em. Promise. She heads for the Coffee Shop. Lance watches her, then gets out and follows her. INT. COFFEE SHOP - NIGHT Lance and Rivera sit at a window table. RIVERA You don't say much, do you? LANCE I want to. The words keep sticking. RIVERA You're stunned by my beauty, right? LANCE Maybe. RIVERA Nah, it's the uniform. Man sees a powerful woman in uniform, with a gun and a kay stick, hormones start jumping up and down. You got a name? LANCE Lance. RIVERA Gwendolyn. Gwen. Where are you from, Lance? Not around here. LANCE No... RIVERA I thought you were gonna grab that gun in your glove box. I was ready to blow you away. She sips her coffee while he stares at her. RIVERA But you didn't. What changed your mind? LANCE I carry it for protection. I don't shoot people for fun. RIVERA Protection from who? Lance stares into his coffee. RIVERA You didn't jump a red light. I made that up. LANCE Say again? RIVERA I said I made it up. LANCE Mind if I ask why? RIVERA You drove by me. I just caught a glimpse, but... It was a look you had. Your expression. Something... LANCE You got good eyes. RIVERA ...Or maybe it was a feeling. Like we connected, just for that fleeting instant. LANCE That's pretty poetic. So you, uh, decided to stalk me? RIVERA I've never experienced a feeling like that before. It was like some force of Nature. I couldn't fight it. Even if I wanted to. LANCE Did your last boyfriend change his name and leave town? RIVERA Tell me something about yourself, Lance. Lance sighs, shakes his head. LANCE I appreciate the coffee. But this isn't going to work. RIVERA Because I'm a cop? LANCE Mostly. RIVERA And because you need to carry a gun for protection. LANCE That, too. RIVERA You scared I'll arrest you if I know who you are? LANCE I'm scared you'll try. She nervously plays with her coffee cup. The cup topples, Lance grabs for it, their fingers touch. They both snatch their hands away as if the contact shocked them. RIVERA These plastic tables. They sure do build up a charge. Lance just stares at her, too surprised to speak. RIVERA I guess I let my imagination skip through the flowers. I gotta get off working nights. She grabs her hat and gets up but Lance takes her hand. Rivera sucks in a deep breath. LANCE Please, sit down. Please. Rivera slowly sits back down. Lance lets go. LANCE It's coming back to me. RIVERA What's coming back to you? LANCE This. You. We've been here before. I've been here before. RIVERA One coffee shop pretty much looks like another... Lance looks outside. Car lights approach. LANCE Listen to me. You have to stay here with me. RIVERA I gotta complete my shift. LANCE That's not what I mean. RIVERA I finish at eight. We can meet at my apartment. If you want to. A revving engine makes her look outside. The car stops alongside Lance's and Rivera's cars. Five GANG MEMBERS climb out, menacing shadows in the headlights. RIVERA The hell do they want? She stands, Lance quickly gets up, stopping her. She stares at him, bewildered. LANCE Don't go out there. I'm asking you not to go out there. RIVERA Are you nuts? She side-steps him, he moves to block. LANCE This is important! Listen to me-- RIVERA I'm a cop, remember? Outside, the Gang Members smash Rivera's windows and lights. A SHOT rings out. Then another. Rivera elbows Lance aside, draws her gun and runs outside. The door swings closed. Lance wrenches the door open and runs after her. EXT. COFFEE SHOP - NIGHT Running, Rivera takes aim at the Gang Members. They see her coming, three of them hit the deck, the other two SHOOT. Rivera's thrown down. She tries to sit up, aims her gun. A Gang Member SHOOTS her again, slapping her down. Lance leaps over Rivera and charges. He throws out his arm -- the Gang Member who shot Rivera goes down with a knife buried in his throat. Lance plows into the other Gang Members like a Mack truck, they fall like skittles, Lance finds the other gunman and swings him against Rivera's car, chops his throat, smashes his head against the roof. The Gang Member collapses, his face bloody. Lance picks up his gun and SHOOTS HIM. He walks up to the other stunned Gang Members. THREE SHOTS, three dead Gang Members. Lance lets the gun drop. He hurries to where Rivera lies. She's gasping for breath, flecks of blood on her lips, a bullet hole in her throat. He kneels beside her, cradles her in his arms. He looks around, desperate for help. No one's in sight. She grabs him, pulls him close, tries to whisper into his ear. She relaxes. She's dead in his arms. Lance closes his eyes and bows his head. INT. POOL ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance stands with his head bowed. He sucks in a deep breath, lifts his head, opens his eyes. He finds himself looking at Earl, not Turo. The milky white jewel on the top of Earl's staff glows as brightly as the pool. EARL I'm truly sorry about that, but I had to know. Lance shakes his head, not understanding. EARL Rare to connect with a person in such a way. Tragic, that she was taken from you. LANCE I'm outta here. Earl waves his staff, the twin doors BOOM shut. Lance stares at him, aware he's alone and isolated and in danger. Earl walks around the edge of the glowing pool. EARL A billion tears. A million shattered dreams. They dribble down from the city above and gather in this lonely place. A glowing teardrop falls from somewhere above and PLOPS into the pool, sending ripples across the surface. LANCE Guessing you were big "Ghostbusters" fan. EARL What you see here is human pain and suffering beyond imagination. A source of almost limitless power. The power of the human soul. LANCE That would be more crazy talk. Earl bends down, scoops up a handful of glowing liquid, lets it run through his fingers, back into the pool. He shows Lance his hand -- the blisters are gone, healed up. EARL Vera never could tell us where she came from. Never could tell us anything. She can't speak. LANCE It can't be her. EARL She gave Turo strength. But she also became his weakness. There is no "can't" in The Lot. Didn't you see five dead men come back to life with your own eyes? LANCE You are out of your mind. EARL Raising the dead requires a sacrifice. Lance shakes his head. Refuses to believe it. EARL Lisa. Lance flinches as if Earl just slapped him. EARL You put your seed in her. Anna would have used that to her advantage. The undead possessed your strength. LANCE You're lying. EARL Poor Lisa. She was a bad girl. But she didn't deserve to die like that. No one does. Earl holds his staff over the glowing pool. There's movement within the pool... a shape takes form and grows. It's a man, rising up out of the glowing liquid. EARL Once, when Wayne was wounded bad, me and Turo brought him here. The pool healed him, made him whole again. That's just one of the things it can do. As long as you believe, anything's possible. The man in the pool slowly raises his head. It's Wayne. Lance stares in disbelief. EARL I commanded the pool to send forth a warrior who can defeat you. It remembered Wayne. Oh, it's not the real Wayne, of course. But it'll do. It'll do just fine. Wayne's eyes open. He stares at Lance without expression. LANCE What if I don't make a play for her? EARL You can't stop yourself. Neither can she. The connection between you is obvious. LANCE Vera wouldn't do anything to hurt Turo. EARL Not intentionally, no. But eventually she will give in to her feelings, and choose you over him. I'm sorry you have die. But you understand why it has to be this way, don't you? Lance heads for the exit, but Earl waves his staff, the Runesword flies off the wall and embeds itself between the doors. Lance can't believe it. He pulls on the Runesword but it won't budge, the doors are jammed shut. Lance spins round and draws his knife. LANCE So that's the way it's gonna be. Suit yourself. First him, then you, old man. Earl waves his staff, Lance's knife is torn from his hand by invisible forces and sails into the darkness. A distant metallic CLUNK echoes. EARL I do this out of kindness. I have no wish to prolong your agony. Lance draws his guns and SHOOTS at Wayne. No effect, it's as if he's shooting blanks. He swings the guns onto Earl and SHOOTS until they click empty. Earl just smiles. Lance tosses the guns over his shoulder. LANCE I had to try. EARL I'd be disappointed if you didn't. Guns don't work too good in The Lot. LANCE Yeah, I heard that. Wayne's gaze follows Lance's every move. EARL (to Wayne) This warrior is a threat to Turo. He must die. Wayne draws his knife and advances on Lance, stepping out of the glowing pool. Lance looks around. No way out. No weapon. Shit. Wayne leaps and spin-kicks Lance in the face. Lance hits the ground hard, flips himself up onto his feet. Wayne slashes, Lance staggers back, grips his shoulder. Blood seeps between his fingers. They circle each other. Wayne slashes, misses, kicks Lance in the guts, slashes again. Lance gains another bloody wound, this time in the chest. EARL Stop fighting him. Accept your fate. LANCE Yeah, sounds like a plan. Lance punches and kicks Wayne a dozen times, solid blows that would cripple any ordinary man. Wayne doesn't even blink. He stabs Lance in the side, Lance staggers back and sprawls on the ground near the edge of the pool. Wayne steps closer, his knife dripping blood. Lance, on the ground and hurt, edges away from him. Earl turns his back on them and heads for the doors. EARL I salute you, brave warrior. Dine tonight in Valhalla. LANCE Yo' mama. Lance moves further away from Wayne and touches the edge of the pool. His arm splashes into the liquid. He gasps in shock, arching his back. Earl stops, looks back. His eyes narrow with suspicion. Wayne stands over Lance and raises his knife. Lance tenses for the fatal thrust. It doesn't come. EARL Kill him. Kill him now. Wayne frowns. Ripples spread across the pool. Wayne steps back. Lowers his knife. Lance just doesn't understand. Earl closes his eyes and waves his staff over the pool as he mutters to himself. The pool boils in the center. Earl's staff wavers, he strains and gasps and fights to keep it over the pool. EARL Obey me! Do as I command! Wayne steps into the pool. Lance watches bewildered as Wayne slowly sinks into the glowing pool, until there's only ripples left. The copy Wayne is gone. Earl's shoulders slump, he leans heavily on his staff. LANCE Another of your tricks? EARL No, no... Seems like you got a reprieve. As much as I hate to admit it... I think the pool likes you. LANCE Huh. EARL Maybe Wayne was right. Maybe you have got good in your heart. Don't matter. I still got to kill you. Earl attacks Lance with his staff, raining blows upon him. Lance tries to fight back but Earl beats him to the floor. Lance scoops glowing liquid with his hand and hurls it at Earl's face. Earl dodges but this gives Lance a second, he leaps across the pool, lands clear on the other side. He runs for the doors. Earl runs to stop him. Lance reaches the doors and grabs the Runesword. Earl hits him from behind. Lance collapses but keeps hold of the Runesword. Earl raises his staff over his head for the final blow. EARL Sorry it has to be this way. LANCE You already said that. He pulls on the Runesword. It slides free of the doors, which swing open. Earl gapes, astonished. EARL It can't be! LANCE Guess somebody up there likes me. Lance swings the Runesword and smashes Earl's staff out of his hand. Lance holds the Runesword at Earl's throat... Earl expects to die... Lance is gonna do it... but Lance changes his mind. WHAM, he punches Earl in the face. Earl collapses, out cold. Lance tosses the Runesword away and staggers toward the spiral stairway. INT. TOP OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance drags himself upstairs, battered and bloody. INT. GUEST ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance strips to the waist, wincing with each movement. He empties water into a basin and cleans his cuts and bruises. He looks in the mirror. Vera stands in the doorway. She stares at his injuries, horrified. LANCE The crazy old man's still alive, if that's what's worrying you. In the mirror, Vera's eyes widen in surprise. Lance towels himself dry, wincing as he touches cuts and bruises. He puts on his shirt, shrugs on his leather jacket. LANCE Best thing I can do is go. Vera shakes her head. LANCE Help me get out of here. She stares at the floor. Seems to make up her mind. She takes his hand and leads him out. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Vera leads Lance upstairs. Two of Turo's Warriors look at them curiously. Vera gestures for them to go downstairs. They obey. LANCE Thank you. I... Whatever he's trying to say, he can't say it. He gently brushes his fingers against her face, she closes her eyes, sighs. Lance sighs too. He heads for the fire escape. He's almost there when she touches his arm, stopping him. They stare into each other's eyes. Vera leads him behind a duct housing. She pulls him close and smothers him in kisses. He can't resist. INT. FEASTING HALL - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred and some of his people chill at the fire. Anna enters, her no-nonsense walk and expression attract attention. ANNA Change of plan. DRED I didn't know we had a plan any more. She looks up. Morgan's on the balcony above, looking down. ANNA Morgan says something's happened. He doesn't know what. But Earl's protective wards just turned to shit. DRED What if Morgan's wrong? ANNA He's not wrong and you're wasting time. DRED You want me to attack. ANNA With everything you've got. Dred glances at his people. DRED Spread the word. They quickly exit leaving Anna and Dred alone. DRED The last battle. ANNA You're going to win. Don't ever doubt it. DRED What happens then? ANNA We make this place into whatever we want it to be. DRED Remind me what that is. It's been so long I've forgotten. Anna touches Dred's cheek. ANNA I haven't. Go and kill Turo for me. DRED No mercy? ANNA Absolutely not. She presses something into his hand. Dred holds it up. It's a little glass bottle attached to a silver chain. The bottle appears to contain blood. Dred looks at Anna curiously. ANNA There's a little bit of me in there, a little bit of Morgan. Think of it as drain cleaner. She loops the chain around Dred's neck. He backs away from Anna, turns and exits. Anna looks up at Morgan. He smiles. Anna doesn't. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance and Vera lie naked on a makeshift blanket of their clothes. He kisses her gently. She responds in kind. A shadow passes over them. Lance looks up and Turo kicks him in the guts, hurling him across the roof. Lance curls up, gasping. Vera rises, grabbing her clothes. Turo glares, she shrinks back, can't look him in the eye. Turo signals to Wayne, who escorts Vera to the stairs. She doesn't want to leave, keeps looking back over her shoulder. EXT. DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Three beat-up sedans pull up to the entrance. Dred and his posse of Warriors climb aboard and roll out of there in convoy. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Turo throws Lance his clothes. TURO Cover yourself. The sight of you makes me sick. Lance pushes himself up, pulls on his pants, puts on his shirt. Turo throws him his boots. Lance slips them on, then puts on his jacket. TURO Lisa wasn't enough for you? LANCE It's not what you think. TURO Oh? Then what is it? Turo kicks Lance in the face, knocking him down. So fast Lance didn't see it coming. Lance pushes himself up, wipes blood with his sleeve. LANCE I knew her before I came here. TURO You knew her. Turo kicks him again, Lance spins round and round. Dizzy, he wanders dangerously close to the roof edge. He recovers himself just in time. TURO You knew her how? LANCE We met. We talked. She died. TURO You killed her? Lance shakes his head. LANCE She was a cop. Her name was Rivera. Gwen Rivera. Turo kicks Lance three times -- crotch, guts, face. Lance staggers back and teeters on the edge, waving his arms. TURO Don't look down. Lance looks down. Beneath him, the alleyway, far below. A fatal drop. TURO You looked. Big mistake. LANCE I didn't know it was her. TURO What's that supposed to mean? LANCE I didn't recognize her. TURO You said you knew her. LANCE Earl made me remember. TURO Earl. LANCE I've been moving through fog since I got here. First Anna. Then Dred. Then the church. Nothing made sense. Not you, not Vera. TURO Why'd Earl make you remember? LANCE Ask him. He's downstairs, asleep beside a pool of toxic waste. TURO Step over here a minute. We need to discuss this. Lance hesitates, then steps toward Turo who spins and kicks him in the chest! Lance is catapulted back over the edge of the roof. He desperately hangs on by his fingernails. Turo leans over. TURO He showed you the pool? Lance is too busy hanging on for his life to answer. TURO What did you see? Lance's fingers slip. Turo reaches down, grabs Lance's wrist, lifts him up and holds him over the alleyway as if he weighs nothing. TURO I said what did you see? LANCE Wayne. I saw Wayne. TURO Wayne's been with me. LANCE He came out of the pool. TURO I said he's been with me. LANCE Earl told him to kill me. Turo casually looks around, gathering his thoughts. All the while he holds Lance in mid-air. Lance can only hang there, helpless. TURO He must've had his reasons. LANCE You're the reason. Turo's puzzled... then he figures it out. TURO He thought you'd hurt me by taking Vera. Well. He got that right. Turo's expression becomes ugly. Lance looks down. TURO Just close your eyes. It'll be over before you know it. Vera rushes onto the rooftop, with Wayne a step behind in pursuit. She stops and stares in horror at Turo and Lance. Wayne catches up with her. TURO Take her downstairs, dammit! Wayne takes Vera's arm but she shakes him off. TURO All right. Then watch. (to Lance) Sayonara, Mr. Cool. LANCE Anna told me I had to believe. TURO Too late for that. Turo lets Lance go. Lance drops out of sight. Vera covers her mouth with her hands, horrified. Turo turns away from the edge and walks toward Vera. Then he stops. Turns back. Curiosity grips him. He goes back and peers over the edge. Lance swings up and kicks Turo in the face, driving him back. Lance attacks, raining kicks and punches in on Turo. Tyro fights back, blocks Lance's ferocious attack, stands his ground. A pause. Both men look at each other, battered and bloody. LANCE It's never too late to believe. TURO You had to go find religion, didn't you? LANCE Is that what I found? Turo glances up at the sky. TURO It's not what's up there. He puts his fist over his heart. TURO It's what's in here that counts. Wayne and Vera look away at the same instant as if they've heard something. Wayne hurries to the other side of the rooftop and looks down. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred's mounted posse roars down the street. They screech to a stop, dismount from their cars and race to attack Turo's Warriors guarding the entrance. Dred stops and looks up at the rooftop. He grins. EXT. ROOFTOP - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Wayne stares back at him. On the other side of the rooftop Lance and Turo go at it like ancient gladiators, beating the crap out of each other. A blur of strikes and counterstrikes. Whatever advantage Turo had before, Lance has now made up the difference. Vera can hardly bring herself to watch. This is tearing her apart. WAYNE HEY! Lance and Turo slow down, stop fighting, step back from each other. WAYNE We got company. He hurries to the stairway. Lance and Turo glance warily at each other. Truce. Turo follows Wayne downstairs. Lance joins Vera. She bows her head, crying. He gently touches her chin, brings her head up. LANCE I'll be back for you. He runs to the stairway and disappears. Vera stands there hugging herself, a picture of misery. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT The fighting is bloody and desperate at the entrance as Turo's outnumbered defenders are driven back inside by Dred's superior force. A window above opens, one of Turo's men pours a smoking pot of boiling liquid onto Dred's Warriors! The Warriors scream and fall back. Another window opens, one of Turo's Warriors throws a spear, it impales one of Dred's Warriors who screams and falls. Some of Dred's warriors peel back a car roof, revealing a miniature medieval catapult! They crank the mechanism and launch a huge rock at the building! INT. WINDOW ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT The rock comes crashing through the window, killing two of Turo's Warriors who were about to throw spears down at the attackers. INT. ROOF STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Wayne throws himself downstairs. Turo's only moments behind. Lance follows them down, wounded and staggering. INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT A battleground, as Dred's red-clad Warriors push Turo's black-clad Warriors inside. Dead and wounded litter the floor and get tramped on. Dred leaps over his own men and lands among Turo's Warriors, his flashing knife deals death to three men. They collapse in agony and Dred looks around for someone else to kill. Wayne attacks Dred furiously, driving him back. Their knives clash and a moment Wayne looks to be winning and Dred looks worried. But Dred slowly but surely gains the upper hand. Wayne fights with increasing desperation. Dred smiles, knowing he's going to win. Two of Dred's Warriors break through the line of defenders and race to fight Turo. Turo slashes one man to pieces and drives his knife into the second warrior's heart, pinning him to the wall. Turo snatches the dying Warrior's knife from his hand and leaves him hanging there. Dred cuts Wayne who staggers back. Dred closes in for the kill but Turo shoulders Wayne out of the way, taking his place. Dred grins, the moment he's been waiting for has arrived. They fight like furies, their knives blurring, the CLANGING of steel on steel a constant din. Wayne moves to stop three Dred Warriors who break through the defense line. The first cuts Wayne's shoulder, the second slashes his arm, the third stabs him in the stomach. Wayne slides down clutching his bleeding guts. He looks up at the three Warriors. They grin at him. Lance comes up behind a Warrior and snaps his neck, grabs his knife, plunges it into the second Warrior's heart, punches the third Warrior so hard his head hits the wall. The third Warrior's eyes roll and he slides down leaving a bloody splash where his skull hit the wall. Lance carries the wounded Wayne to one side, sits him down. Wayne looks through the mass of fighting bodies and sees Fern lying dead, eyes open and staring, blood on her forehead. Wayne closes his eyes and sighs. Lance turns as a Dred Warrior leaps and spin-kicks, Lance leaps even higher and kicks the Warrior back into the ranks. He kneels beside Wayne. WAYNE Forget about me. You have to stop Dred. Two Dred Warriors with knives attack Lance, he twists their arms together and pushes their elbows up and back so their knives slash each other's throats open. They sink to their knees and pitch forward onto their surprised faces. More Dred Warriors have taken the entrance. They advance, pushing the last Turo defenders back inside. Lance stands his ground and takes on every Dred Warrior who comes at him. Their knives and swords and fighting sticks can't touch him, he's super-fast, super deadly. Bodies pile up at his feet. Lance advances, single-handedly pushing Dred's remaining Warriors into retreat. They back away, none of them eager to die. They spill outside, and Lance follows them. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance faces a half circle of Dred's Warriors. The remainder of Turo's men exit and take up position behind him, forming a tight wedge of bodies and gleaming knives. Dred's Warriors outnumber the defenders two against one. But no one wants to fight Lance. A BOLT OF LIGHTNING strikes the entrance, blowing Turo's men and Dred's warriors down. Lance sprawls on the ground, stunned. ANOTHER BOLT OF LIGHTNING hits the entrance, showering chunks of stone. More men go down, bleeding and dying. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Storm winds whip the rooftop. Anna and Morgan stand like statues, their eyes glowing. EXT. GHETTO STREET - NIGHT Lord Saxon and his Skulls gather to watch the lightning fireworks display in the misty skies above The Lot. LORD SAXON I think it's time we paid Dred and Turo a visit. The Skulls look at him, surprised. LORD SAXON Mount up! We're going in! Lord Saxon mounts his motorbike. Goth Girl climbs on behind him and he burns rubber. The Skulls mount their machines and roar into The Lot after Lord Saxon. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance pushes himself up. One of Dred's Warriors swings a Japanese katana at Lance's neck. Lance catches the Warrior's wrists, stopping the swing. He levers the katana down and around so the blade slices into the Warrior's crotch. Lance pushes the astonished Warrior away and takes his katana. The Warrior collapses like a felled tree. Fighting erupts all around Lance as Dred's Warriors resume their battle with Turo's Warriors. Lance stares into the distance. At two tiny figures on a distant rooftop. Anna and Morgan, beneath a whirling storm. Lance runs to one of the empty cars. A Dred Warrior with a sword tries to stop him, they exchange a dozen blows and Lance chops an X across the Warrior's chest. The Warrior falls dead revealing Earl standing there with his staff. LANCE Bring it on, old man. Earl reaches into his cloak and pulls out the big silver gun. Lance braces himself. But Earl flips the gun over and tosses it to Lance. EARL Guess you'll need this too. He produces a glass "bullet" filled with glowing pool liquid. He tosses it to Lance. EARL One shot. Make it count. A lightning bolt explodes nearby, almost knocking Lance and Earl down. A Dred Warrior with a knife attacks Earl who spins, deflects the knife, smashes the end of his staff against the Warrior's head. The Warrior goes down. EARL You still here? Lance gets in the car, revs the engine and screeches out of there in a cloud of smoke. INT. HALLWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred drives Turo further and further back... thrust and parry, steel CLANGING on steel... toward a door... through the door... INT. TOP OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT ...and through onto the landing. They fight like tigers. There hasn't been a battle like this since Errol Flynn took on Basil Rathbone in Nottingham Castle. Dred doesn't let up for an instant, he forces Turo downstairs, step by step. INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT What's left of Dred's Warriors fight their way past what's left of Turo's Warriors, and rush inside. Wayne sees them coming, pushes himself up -- a passing Dred Warrior stabs him. Wayne collapses. EXT. DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance's car screeches to a spinning stop. He climbs out, looks up at the rooftop. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Anna looks down at him, a twisted smile on her lips. She looks over her shoulder at Morgan. He smiles and heads for the stairway. EXT. DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance hurries inside carrying his sword and with the silver gun tucked inside his jacket. INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Dark, silent. Lance creeps toward the door leading to... INT. FEASTING HALL - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance enters, looks around. No one's there. He heads for another door. INT. BALCONY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Morgan draws back, not wanting to be seen. INT. FEASTING HALL - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance glances up at the balcony. No one there. INT. HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance stalks toward the roof stairway. He stops when he passes a door that lies ajar. He steps back, pushes the door open. INT. PENTAGRAM ROOM - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance stands in the doorway looking at the glowing star painted on the floor... and a pile of dust. He pulls the door shut, puzzled. INT. HALLWAY - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance pauses at the bottom of the stairs, looks up. EXT. ROOFTOP - DRED'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance cautiously climbs upstairs, his sword ready. The rooftop's empty except for-- VERA, lying in the far corner, apparently unconscious, her wrists tied behind her back. Lance runs to her, kneels beside her. He cuts the ropes. Vera's eyes flutter open. She gasps when she sees Lance and throws her arms around his neck. Lance holds her, strokes her hair. LANCE How did you...? Vera shakes her head, puts a finger to his lips. LANCE Where's Anna? And that brother of hers? She shakes her head again. Lance looks around warily. LANCE I have to find them. Stop them. Vera stares at him, puzzled. LANCE Guess I decided to fight for Turo after all. Vera smiles, pulls him close. He strokes her hair, she nuzzles his neck. She opens her mouth wide. Fangs. She bites his neck! Lance tries to pull her off but she clings to him like glue. Morgan leaps up the stairway. He's armed with a huge broadsword. Lance doesn't see him, he's so intent on fighting Vera off. Blood soaks Lance's neck and chest. He staggers, weakened. His strength is being drained. Morgan takes up position behind Lance and lifts the big sword. He brings it down, aiming to cut diagonally across Lance's back. Lance becomes aware at the last second and he spins around, Vera spins with him, locked onto his neck, eyes widening in surprise. The sword slashes a red line across her back. Vera throws her head back and gasps! Lance drops onto one knee, holding his bleeding neck. When he looks up it's Anna, not Vera, who's standing there. Morgan stands frozen, horrified by what he's done. Anna wipes blood from her lips and stares at Lance. ANNA Guess neither of us gets what they wanted... Her eyes glaze, she collapses, Morgan drops the broadsword and catches her. He lowers her to the rooftop, cradling her limp body. Morgan bares his teeth and glares at Lance. MORGAN You did this. Lance scrambles for his sword, Morgan scrambles for his. They rise together and swing, the big broadsword's weight drives Lance back to the edge of the rooftop. With every wild swing Morgan SCREAMS like a madman. A mighty swipe sends Lance's katana spinning away. Morgan kicks Lance in the guts, knees him in the face. Lance sprawls on the rooftop, head and shoulders over the edge. It's a long drop to the street below. Morgan looms over Lance, lifts the broadsword over his head like an executioner's axe. He grins like a skull. MORGAN I'm gonna cut out your heart and eat it. My brains, your strength. Dred, Turo, Earl, I'll kill them all. Turn this place into my kind of Hell. Lance pulls out the silver gun and aims at Morgan's heart. Morgan laughs. MORGAN Asshole, didn't nobody tell you? Guns don't work too good in Th-- BOOM! The bullet's impact punches Morgan high into the air, he flips end over end, his SCREAM tailing off as he vanishes over the opposite side of the rooftop. AN EXPLOSION shakes the building, a column of black smoke rises. Within the smoke is Morgan's face, eyes and mouth open wide in shock. The smoke blows away, vanishes. LANCE More crazy talk... Lance slowly picks himself up. He walks over to Anna. Her open eyes stare up at the sky. Lance sighs, and looks toward Turo's place. INT. BOTTOM OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred drives Turo to the bottom of the stairway. They both have dozens of minor cuts, their clothes are slashed and bloody. But Turo's weaker, tired and desperate. Dred sees the twin doors are shut, the Runesword wedged between them. He grins. DRED You had it too long. Did nothing with it. Time to give it up. TURO Can't do that. Dred feints a knife attack and side-kicks Turo backward, into the doors. The sword pommel jabs into Turo's back, he cries out in agony and drops to his knees. Dred kicks Turo's knife out of his hand, and back-fists Turo across the floor. DRED Out of my way. Dred takes hold of the Runesword -- and gasps as electricity flows over his hands. He tries to pull the Runesword free but it's no good. Smoke rises from his hands, he lets go and staggers back, flesh sizzling. DRED That sumbitch Earl. He looks at Turo, who pushes himself up onto his hands and knees. DRED He made this thing for you, didn't he? Only you can touch it without being burned. Well... Dred grabs Turo by the neck. DRED We'll just have to see about that. INT. SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Earl hurries downstairs, driven by fear and worry. INT. BOTTOM OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred drags Turo to the doors, forces him to place his hand on the Runesword. Turo resists, Dred knees him in the face, stunning him. Again he places Turo's hand on the Runesword, closes Turo's fingers around the hilt, and pulls the Runesword free. The doors swing open. Dred lets Turo go and kicks him onto his back. Turo rolls over, half-conscious. Dred examines the Runesword. DRED A symbol of your power. It's only fitting that I have it. Don't you agree? Earl comes running down the stairway skids to a stop when he sees Turo and Dred. He leans heavily on his staff, panting and weak. DRED What do you know? The gang's all here. The surrogate father. His two adopted sons. But he always favored one over the other. EARL That's not true. DRED But what the hey. This is a day of joy, a day of celebration. A day of taking out the trash. Dred turns to enter the pool room. Earl lifts his staff like a spear and hurls it at Dred's back. But Dred spins and slaps the staff aside with the Runesword. Earl sighs and slumps in defeat, he blew his one chance. DRED Not good enough, old man. INT. POOL ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Dred rips the silver chain from his neck and dangles the glass bottle Anna gave him over the glowing pool. Earl staggers to the doorway, hangs onto the door frame. EARL Don't contaminate the one thing in the world that's good. DRED This is your idea of good? It's pathetic. It's every failure that ever happened. Seeping down through the walls, dripping from the ceiling. He scoops up a handful of glowing liquid. DRED This is weakness in concentrated liquid form. But, put it in the hands of someone strong, someone who's man enough to rule, and it becomes strength. EARL That someone is Turo. Dred glances at Turo, still on the floor, trying to get up but lacking the strength. DRED 'Fraid not. Your man didn't make the cut. So to speak. EARL You put what's in that bottle into the pool, you'll be giving power to Anna. She'll betray you. Her and Morgan will turn The Lot into a living Hell. DRED That would be an improvement from where I'm standing. But you know what? Maybe you have a point. He drops the bottle -- onto the floor, not into the pool. And grinds it beneath his boot. Earl's surprised. Dred runs the palm of his hand up the edge of the Runesword, cutting himself. Blood wells. He grins at Earl. DRED Why should she have all the fun, huh? He stretches out his arm. Blood runs down his hand and down his fingers, threatens to drip-- --And Turo hits him from behind, taking Dred down and away from the pool. Dred's blood splashes on the ground. Turo sprawls face down on the floor, unmoving. It took everything he had. Dred pushes himself up. He landed on the Runesword! It's half-buried in his belly. He clutches the blade, tries to pull it free, but it's stuck. He looks up at Earl. DRED Wasn't supposed to end this way. His final words. Dred keels over, dead. Earl staggers to Turo, lays his hand on Turo's shoulder, shakes him. Turo doesn't respond. Earl hangs his head and weeps. Earl wipes the tears away. He looks at the pool. He looks at Turo. He grabs hold of Turo by the armpits and drags him over to the pool. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance's car pulls up, he climbs out. Bodies lie scattered everywhere. The battle's over. Nobody won. INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance enters. More bodies. He sees Wayne sitting against the wall, head bowed. Lance kneels beside Wayne, who lifts his head and focuses. WAYNE Too late. Save yourself. LANCE Where's Turo? Wayne. Where's Turo? But Wayne closes his eyes and bows his head. Lance sighs. INT. FEASTING ROOM - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance enters, looks around. He hurries to the opposite door... but before he can get there a motorcycle engine ROARS! A Skull zooms through the doorway, riding straight at him! The Skull swings a chain with a spiked ball. Lance leaps and spin-kicks the Skull off his bike. The Skull gets up, sees Lance and attacks. Lance dodges the spiked ball, grabs the chain, loops it round the Skull's neck and pulls tight! SNAP! The Skull falls dead. Slow clapping from above. Lord Saxon stands on the balcony along with half a dozen Skulls. Other Skulls emerge from hiding and surround Lance. He faces a circle of knives, swords, spears, fighting sticks, spiked clubs, spiked knuckle-dusters. The Skulls on the balcony step aside and Goth Girl pushes through, dragging Vera with her. Goth Girl holds a knife to Vera's throat. Vera's surprised and overjoyed to see Lance alive... Lance is overjoyed to see Vera alive... But they both know they might not live much longer. Goth Girl twists Vera's hair, enjoys her gasp of pain. Lord Saxon fingers the wet scar that runs down his face. LORD SAXON This, this is nothing to the agony you got coming to you. LANCE You hadn't run away, I'd have finished the job. LORD SAXON Where's Turo? LANCE Looking for him myself. Got some unfinished business. LORD SAXON Your business is with me. Lord Saxon leaps the balcony rail and lands inside the circle of Skulls. He shrugs off his cloak and holds out his hands. Two Skulls offer him Japanese swords. He draws the swords from their scabbards with a flourish. The Skulls step back. LORD SAXON I'm gonna skin you alive. I'll put your head on a spear and make love to Turo's bitch while your dead eyes watch us. LANCE Yeah? Well, I'm gonna... Nope, I got nothing. Guess you win the evil threat contest. LORD SAXON Someone give this dead man a knife. A Skull throws Lance a knife. SKULL You're gonna bleed, man. LANCE Thanks. Lord Saxon spins toward Lance, his swords slashing the air. Lance parries with his knife -- SNICK! the knife blade is cut in half by the superior Japanese steel. Up on the balcony, Vera gasps. Goth Girl grins and twists Vera's hair, making her wince. LORD SAXON Just playing with you. The Skulls laugh and hoot. LANCE Yeah, funny. Lance tosses the broken knife at Lord Saxon and dives for the spiked ball and chain, swings it at Lord Saxon's legs. Lord Saxon jumps and slashes the chain in two. The spiked ball flies into the Skull who gave Lance a knife, punching him over. Lance is left holding 12 inches of chain. LORD SAXON Not much of a weapon. LANCE You could always lend me one of those fancy katanas. LORD SAXON And break up a matching pair? Nah. Watch out. Lord Saxon attacks, swinging his swords so fast they blur. Lance turns and runs at the circle of surprised Skulls, picks the biggest guy he can find and runs right up the surprised Skull, using him to execute a high back-flip. Lord Saxon looks up in surprise. In mid-air above him, upside-down, Lance whips the chain across Lord Saxon's face, drawing blood. Lance lands behind him. Enraged, Lord Saxon spins and charges at Lance. He thrusts a sword at Lance's heart but Lance brings his hands together in prayer, his palms trapping the blade. The gleaming point is an inch from his heart. Lord Saxon pushes the sword with all his strength. Lance pushes back. Both men shake with the sheer physical effort, sweat runs down their faces. Lord Saxon swings his second sword but Lance lets go, leaps high and kicks Lord Saxon in the face, driving him back. Lord Saxon staggers, regains his balance, glares at Lance. LANCE If you're the best this bunch of pussies has to offer, maybe I should be their leader. Lord Saxon spins, slashes. Lance staggers back clutching his face. Lord Saxon just gave him a new scar. LORD SAXON That's just a taste. No more games. A rumbling earthquake shakes the building, dust falls from the ceiling, some Skulls are thrown down. Lord Saxon lunges at Lance who drops to the ground and sweeps Lord Saxon's feet out from under him. As Lord Saxon flies overhead Lance twists onto his back and punches upward into Lord Saxon's body, a salvo of solid, bone-crunching strikes. Lord Saxon hits the floor like a sack of potatoes and coughs blood. He tries to get up but his legs give way, he falls to his knees, stares at Lance in shock. Lance snatches up one of the katanas and stands behind Lord Saxon. LANCE This is for those who didn't make it. Better warriors than you. SWISH, he cuts Lord Saxon's head off. The headless torso pitches forward. Lance faces the Skulls. His face is a bloody mask, the katana drips blood. He invites the Skulls to attack. The earthquake shakes the building again. The Skulls break and run for the exit, crowding outside. Lance looks up at the balcony. Goth Girl bares her teeth and draws back her knife, ready to stab Vera. Lance throws his katana, it spins through the air, buries itself between Goth Girl's tattooed breasts. Goth Girl looks down at the handle in surprise, then pitches over the rail and falls, dead. Lance and Vera stare at each other. Lance runs to the door that leads upstairs. Vera runs from the balcony. INT. HALLWAY - TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Lance and Vera run to each other and embrace. The building shakes around them. LANCE Gotta get outta here. EXT. TURO'S PLACE - NIGHT Skulls mount their motorcycles and ride out of there fast. Cracks appear in the street, smoke rises from below. The cars topple into the cracks and burn. A screaming Skull and his bike disappear into a wide crack, flames lick up. Lance and Vera emerge from the building and squint through the smoke. They look round as Earl stumbles outside after them. Lance grabs him and steadies him. LANCE Where's Turo? EARL Down there with Dred. It's over. Vera closes her eyes, looks away. LANCE Hell's going on? Damn place is coming apart. EARL Doesn't matter. It's over... Lance slaps him, hard. Earl shakes his head. EARL You want the long explanation? A nearby building collapses and bursts into flame. LANCE We ain't got the time. EARL This way. Hurry. Earl hurries down the street, Lance and Vera follow. EXT. GHETTO STREET - NIGHT Near the alleyway Lance came in through when he followed Anna here. Mist boils out of the alleyway. Lance, Vera and Earl hurry along the street. EARL Things are gonna get worse before they get better. The balance has been upset, it takes time-- LANCE Yeah yeah, save it. Okay, recognize this place, we're here, now what? The ground shakes, throwing them down. Earl scrambles to his feet and plunges into the misty alleyway. EARL Come on! His glowing staff becomes a receding spark of light. Lance helps Vera up and together they follow him. EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT Filled with mist so thick Lance can't see a damn thing. He holds onto Vera and she clings to him, afraid. Lance puts his hand against a wall and feels his way. EXT. ALLEYWAY EXIT - CITY STREET - NIGHT Earl steps out into an empty city street and clear air. The brightly lit city looms above him framed by a background of brilliant stars. He takes a deep breath, and smiles. His smile fades when he looks at the broom in his hand. He looks down. He wears a janitor's overall. EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT Vera suddenly stops. Lance holds her hand, tries to pull her after him. She won't move, refuses to go on. LANCE Come on! We're nearly there! Vera shakes her head. She steps back from him, their arms stretch until their hands come apart... Lance steps after her but the mist retreats as if it's being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, taking Vera with it. She retreats into darkness, becomes a shadow, disappears all in the space of a couple of heartbeats. EXT. ALLEYWAY EXIT - CITY STREET - NIGHT Lance staggers out, disoriented. Earl takes his arm. LANCE Let go of me! EARL She can't come with you. Lance grabs him by the throat. LANCE Hell are you talking about? Earl chokes and splutters but gets the words out somehow. EARL She was shot. She died, remember? She died in your arms. LANCE All you ever do is talk crazy. EARL She doesn't belong here any more. She can only exist there. LANCE Take me back or so help me I'll snap your scrawny neck-- Earl chokes, his eyes roll. Lance lets him go. Earl sits down on the sidewalk, exhausted and gasping for breath. Lance steps into the alleyway, but notices-- LANCE Where's the mist? Where's the goddamn mist? EARL You can't go back. Not by yourself. You have to be invited. LANCE That's it? That's your explanation? EARL Believe me, I've been trying to figure it out ever since I came to The Lot. I just don't know, and that's the honest truth. A moment's silence, then... LANCE Who was Turo? EARL He was a somebody. The kind of guy you read about in the history books. The kind of man legends are made of. Earl stands up, leans on his broom. EARL Well. Can't stay here all night. I gotta go. LANCE Go where? EARL Just a place. Think I used to work there. Maybe I still do. He walks away, leaving Lance standing there. EARL There is one thing I do know. Turo will return. When he does, we shall meet again. In The Lot. Where lost souls come to find themselves. Lance calls after Earl-- LANCE When? When will it happen? Earl doesn't answer, keeps walking. LANCE Will she be there? Will she be waiting for me? Earl stops, looks back. EARL I wish I knew. I really do wish I knew. Earl continues on his way. In a few moments Lance is alone. The sounds of the city reach him -- humming traffic, a distant police siren. He closes his eyes, tilts his head back, and sighs. He opens his eyes and finds himself staring at a sedan parked across the street. He walks to it, tries the door. Locked. He elbows the side window, smashing it. The ALARM shrieks. Lance climbs in, forces the cover off the ignition, twists wires. The alarm stops. He hot-wires the engine, it ROARS to life. He turns on the lights, looks over his shoulder, flips on the blinker and pulls out. The sedan cruises down the street. Its lights disappear into the night. FADE OUT The End.

End excerpt


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