This is an excerpt (first 20 pages) of a completed screenplay.

"Legend of the Golden Pagoda" - screenplay by Derek Paterson. FADE IN: EXT. THE GOLDEN PAGODA - NIGHT Rising into the night sky like some monstrous golden phallus illuminated by searchlights. This faux Imperial Chinese tower consists of seven floors, each smaller than the other, each with its own carved balcony roof edge. At each corner of the first floor roof edge lurks a snarling dragon, so realistically carved that they almost look alive. INT. DARK JUNCTION OF CORRIDORS - NIGHT A shaft of light shines down from above revealing four corridors that lead off in different directions. RAPID FOOTSTEPS. From out of one corridor runs SANDRA, 20s, wearing a tight black combat suit and utility belt with pistol holster and MP5 machine pistol. But her weapons of choice right now are gleaming TWIN SWORDS inlaid with swirling silver patterns. She skids to a stop in the middle of the junction, looking all around as she gasps for breath. The shaft of light plays over her frightened, sweat-streaked face, her wary eyes. A SHADOW leaps at her, possibly a man in swirling black robes and hood, his face completely hidden. Sandra brings her swords up and around to deflect the CLAWED HANDS that reach for her throat. She ducks and slashes deep into the robes. An animal-like SCREAM comes from the shadow as it stumbles into one of the corridors and disappears! A SECOND SHADOW comes at her from behind! Sandra spins and slashes at the swirling black robes. The shadow SCREAMS and leaps down another corridor. Sandra looks around. They're gone. She examines her sword blades. Slick with blood. SANDRA So you bastards bleed after all. She crouches and examines something on the floor. It's an INHUMAN SCALED CLAW, severed at the wrist. Its fingernails are like long curved knives. It smokes and burns and decomposes into a bubbling puddle. Sandra turns and runs down a corridor. INT. DARK T-JUNCTION - NIGHT Three alert MEN dressed in black and armed with MP5s keep watch while their team leader, GREG, 25, kneels beside a WOUNDED MAN. They're a high-tech group linked by radio comms and mini-computers strapped to their forearms. They each wear infra red monocles over one eye. The wounded man is on his way out. Greg grips his hand and visibly suffers while his comrade dies. A final shuddering, agonized gasp and it's over. RAPID FOOTSTEPS. The three men take aim, then abort as Sandra emerges from a corridor. She looks down at the dead man, looks at Greg. He picks up a bullet casing. The floor's littered with them. GREG His gun's empty. He didn't hit a damn thing. Where's Mason? SANDRA He didn't make it. Greg looks curiously at the swords Sandra's carrying. SANDRA Bullets don't stop them. GREG The hell does that mean? SANDRA Maybe they're wearing body armor, I don't know. What I do know is, these work. She offers one to Greg. He swings it experimentally. GREG Any more where these came from? SANDRA Plenty. Whole bunch of statues and weapon displays back there. Just one thing. She flips open the lid of her forearm computer and shows him. THE DISPLAY shows a graphic of the T-junction with six red hot spots. One's slightly cooler, more orange, than the other five. The corridor she came out of stretches into the distance... and at the other end are fifty hot spots, a loose group on the move, coming this way fast. Suddenly the fifty hot spots disappear. SANDRA They're smashing the sensors. Let's move. GREG We take his body with us. SANDRA He stays here. Greg opens his mouth to argue -- but Sandra's look makes him change his mind. He runs past the other three men, they follow him. Sandra pulls a spiked metal ball from a pouch on her belt and throws it at the ceiling. It sticks there. She runs after Greg and the others. INT. DARK CORRIDOR - NIGHT Running, Sandra flips open her computer. THE DISPLAY shows the T-junction, with fifty hot spots spilling out. Most turn to follow the team! Others cluster around the fading orange spot, blotting it out. Sandra makes a disgusted face. INT. T-JUNCTION - NIGHT EXCITED MONKEY CHATTERING. Mixed with CRUNCHING, CHEWING, SLURPING noises. Like it's feeding time at the Zoo. AN INHUMAN CLAW reaches up and pulls the spiked metal ball from the ceiling. The claw closes about the ball, crushing it. The claw opens again, pieces of twisted metal, plastic and electronic components rain down. INT. DARK CORRIDOR - NIGHT SANDRA'S COMPUTER DISPLAY blacks out. She slams the lid shut and keeps running, looking back over her shoulder into the darkness behind. INT. DARK CHAMBER - NIGHT Doorways lead off in all directions. The team runs into the chamber. Greg skids to a stop and looks around. Which way?! Sandra arrives. They look to her for guidance. She checks an ELECTRONIC COMPASS and slowly turns around. SANDRA Not getting any readings! GREG Take a guess! One of the men, DAWKINS, looks up. His expression changes to terror, he opens his mouth to scream-- WHAP! He's lifted up off the floor and vanishes into the darkness above! All in the space of a heartbeat. His MP5 drops and CLATTERS on the floor. Greg spins, sees Dawkins' MP5 lying there and points his MP5 skyward. His flashlight beam reveals-- A CREATURE THAT'S A CROSS BETWEEN A SPIDER AND A MONKEY. The multiple legs grip the ceiling, it hangs upside down. The monkey half holds Dawkins' limp body and chews his face. Its yellow eyes blaze as it grins at Greg, its teeth stained red with blood. Greg and the other two men gape in horror. Sandra pushes them aside and THROWS HER SWORD. It impales the monkey-thing which SCREECHES and lets go of Dawkins. It scuttles across the ceiling and disappears into the dark. Dawkins splats onto the floor. Sandra snatches the other sword from Greg's hand and points to a doorway. SANDRA Go. Greg and the two men reluctly circle around Dawkins and run to the doorway. Sandra takes a hand grenade from her belt, pulls the pin, drops it onto the body. SANDRA So long, Dawkins. She runs to the doorway and exits. INT. CORRIDOR - NIGHT Sandra sprints for her life. From behind her, through the doorway, an EXPLOSION. The blast lights up the corridor and slams her off the wall, she stumbles but keeps running. ENRAGED ANIMAL SCREAMS follow her down the corridor. INT. DARK CHAMBER - NIGHT Smoke fills the air. Dozens of robed shadows lie scattered on the floor, unmoving. They leap up, very much alive! And run through the doorway. INT. SANCTUM ENTRANCE - NIGHT Greg and the two men stop and stare at a black onyx door inlaid with golden Chinese-like symbols. Sandra catches up with them. GREG Can you read this? SANDRA Yeah, it says "Way out." She kicks the door open! And rushes inside. INT. SANCTUM - NIGHT Crowded with life-size jade and ivory statues of gods, goddesses, demons, dragons, monkeys, cranes, tigers. Greg and his men slam the door shut and slide a locking bar into place. Just in time! LOUD BANGING shakes the door. Everyone steps back. Sandra takes another grenade from her belt, pulls the pin and jams it between the door and the locking bar. If the door opens, it falls. GREG Think that'll stop them? SANDRA Do you? They creep through the sea of statues, looking left, right, back -- and up. The banging noises fade with distance. Greg stops before a statue of a fierce-looking warrior wearing bamboo armor and a wide straw hat. The warrior holds two scimitars, great curved swords. SANDRA Keep together! Keep moving! Greg takes a sword from the statue's hand. He lets his MP5 dangle and holds the sword in both hands. GREG Yeah! Just what the doc ordered! One of his men, WILDE, nods approval. Greg moves on. Wilde lets his MP5 dangle and reaches for the second scimitar. The warrior statue comes alive and in one flowing deadly movement CHOPS WILDE IN TWO from skull to crotch. The two halves fall away from each other and splat on the floor. The warrior statue returns to its former position. Greg spins round -- peers into the darkness. GREG Wilde? Where the hell are you? Sandra and the other man, PARKER, creep round a snarling tiger statue. A DISTANT EXPLOSION. SANDRA We got company. Up ahead, another black doorway with inlaid golden symbols. SANDRA Found the exit. Let's go. She walks ahead -- then spins round when she realizes Parker isn't following her. There's no sign of him. SANDRA Parker, where the hell are you? She jumps with fright as Greg appears beside her. SANDRA I've lost Parker! GREG I've lost Wilde! We have to look for them. He turns back but she grabs him, pulls him around. SANDRA It's every man for himself. GREG Then leave me. You're faster, you're smarter. Get the hell out of here. SANDRA Are you kidding? You're my ace-in- the-hole. If they're chasing your ass, they're leaving mine alone. She runs to the door, grips the huge handle, pulls it open. Revealing a SQUARE SHAFT that might suit an elevator, only there's no elevator. Just blackness. Sandra takes a looped rope and grappling hook from her belt. She sticks the hook over the top of the door and throws the rope down the shaft. EXCITED MONKEY CHATTERING grows in volume. Sandra and Greg look back. SANDRA'S MONOCLE POV - the chamber viewed in infra red. Dozens of heat blooms are coming their way, fusing together into a writhing mass of long arms and short legs. SANDRA We're outta here. She holds the rope with one hand, grips the sword with the other, and jumps down the shaft. Greg EMPTIES HIS MP5 into the darkness. He throws the MP5 away and follows Sandra down the rope. He's still got his scimitar. Parker lies spread-eagled and torn to pieces beneath the snarling tiger statue, whose claws and fangs are red with blood. His final expression is sheer terror. The rope goes taut, pulling on the door which BOOMS SHUT just as the mass of GIBBERING SHADOWS comes out of the dark. INT. SHAFT - NIGHT The deafening BOOMING noise echoes up and down the shaft as Sandra and Greg descend. Sandra drops down until she's level with a square opening. She shines her MP5 flashlight into the opening. Nothing. GREG Keep going! SANDRA Running out of rope! She kicks off the shaft wall and swings back in, slipping neatly through the square opening. INT. STAIRWAY LANDING - NIGHT Stairs lead up into darkness, and down into more darkness. Sandra crouches, watching and listening. Greg swings in through the square opening. He stumbles and goes over on his ankle. His YELP of pain echoes up and down the stairway. He leans against the wall and rubs his ankle as Sandra stares at him. GREG Don't you worry about me, I'm right behind you. Sandra creeps downstairs. Greg moves after her, limping and leaning against the stair wall. INT. BOTTOM OF STAIRWAY - NIGHT Giving access to a hallway that runs off in both directions, into darkness. Sandra descends from above, sword held ready. A PATTER OF TINY FOOTSTEPS. Sandra tenses as a figure runs out of the darkness and abruptly stops 10 feet away. She's dressed in a blue silk robe tied at the waist. A blue dragon mask covers the upper half of her face. BLUE DRAGON LADY'S eyes, seen through the mask's round eyeholes, are merciless. She carries a fan which she SNAPS OPEN. Sandra spins as MORE FOOTSTEPS come from the other direction. A second figure runs out of the darkness and suddenly stops. She's dressed in bright yellow silk and wears a yellow dragon half-mask. There's no mercy in YELLOW DRAGON LADY'S eyes either. She SNAPS her fan open. Greg limps downstairs, dragging his scimitar. SANDRA Stay there. GREG I'm not dead yet! Blue Dragon Lady flicks her wrist and six gleaming 12-inch blades shoot from her fan spines. She attacks! Sandra ducks and weaves and blocks with her sword, their blades CLANG together. Yellow Dragon Lady dives forward into a smooth gliding roll. Sandra jumps! Yellow Dragon Lady's gleaming fan blades miss her legs by inches! Greg unholsters his gun and SHOOTS at Blue Dragon Lady. She holds her fan like a shield, Greg's bullets RICOCHET off the steel mesh. She runs at him and swipes the gun out of his hand. Her second swipe knocks the sword out his other hand. Her third swipe slashes open his combat suit and leaves six wet red lines across his chest. Greg collapses back onto the stairway. Sandra kicks Blue Dragon Lady in the back, splatting her against the wall. Sandra spins, blocks Yellow Dragon Lady's thrust and kicks her in the belly so she doubles over. Sandra brings her sword down on Yellow Dragon Lady's neck! There's no sound, no blood. The yellow silk robe flutters down, the mask and fan clatter onto the floor. Yellow Dragon Lady is gone, only her clothes, mask and weapon remain. Blue Dragon Lady slashes at Sandra a dozen times, driving her back. Sandra blocks as best she can but the swirling fan blades cut her shoulder and arms. Each wound drags a YELL OF PAIN from Sandra's lips. Bleeding and hurt, Greg slides to the bottom of the stairs, snatches up his fallen gun and SHOOTS at Blue Dragon Lady's back. She spins faster than the bullets and swats them out of the air with her fan. Greg clicks empty! Blue Dragon Lady runs at Greg, who grabs his fallen sword. It takes all his strength to raise it. The fan slashes! CLANG! Greg stares in disbelief at the broken scimitar blade, cut in half. Blue Dragon Lady stands poised on one foot as she raises her fan above her head, the blades like a dragon's claws ready to strike. Greg looks up into Blue Dragon Lady's eyes which gleam with triumph. Then they WIDEN in surprise. Greg looks down at the bloody sword growing out of her chest. It's Sandra's sword, thrust into Blue Dragon Lady's back. The blue silk robe flutters down, the mask and fan clatter to the floor. Blue Dragon Lady is gone. GREG Where did they go? SANDRA How the hell should I know? She puts her arm around him and lifts him up. Together they hurry along the hallway. INT. LONG HALLWAY - NIGHT Sandra drags Greg, supporting him. His head's bowed, he can hardly stand let alone walk. SANDRA Come on, we're nearly there. GREG Leave me. SANDRA Sounds like a damn good idea. She continues to drag him until they reach... INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY - NIGHT Guarded by giant Shiatzu dog statues. The scowling dogs look down, watching their every move. SANDRA Look. Look there. Greg raises his head. UP AHEAD: a high doorway looking out over the brightly lit city. The sky's filled with brilliant stars. SANDRA We made it. We made it! HAN SUNG, 60s, a solid and dangerous Chinese in a silk suit, steps out in front of them. So do four of his MEN, wearing suits and carrying guns. They smile with amusement. Han Sung doesn't smile. HAN SUNG I'm afraid not. He raises his gun. BLAM! Greg's punched out of Sandra's arms and sprawls on the floor, dead. Sandra stares at his body, then turns to glare at Han Sung. Her face twists with rage and she springs at him, raising her sword above her head. BLAM! Han Sung's next bullet punches her back. Sandra sprawls face-down, unmoving. HAN SUNG Give their bodies to the hairy ones. Han Sung tosses the gun to one of his men and exits. His men move in on the bodies. They pause in sudden fear as an ANIMAL SCREAM echoes along the hallway. An unmistakable roar of triumph! EXT. GOLDEN PAGODA - NIGHT The dragons grin their approval. END TEASER IDEAL PLACE FOR OPENING CREDITS FADE IN: EXT. APARTMENT BLOCK - NIGHT A gleaming glass structure towering above the city. EXT. PENTHOUSE - NIGHT A couple of soft lights on inside. No shadows visible. The balcony is deserted. The glass doors lie open, curtains stir in the breeze. Hanging from wires underneath the balcony like a black spider, with a sheer drop beneath him, ADAM GREFF enjoys the view. He seems entirely comfortable with his situation. You or I would be screaming in terror. RICK (V.O.) Delta Leader this is Delta Base. Launch the probe. Over. Adam wears a "Say what?" expression. He taps his earphone and talks softly into his radio mike. ADAM (into radio) You might want to repeat that, "Delta Base." INT. VAN - NIGHT Stuffed with electronic gadgetry. There's barely room for RICK, 30s, a serious tech-geek. If there's slight physical resemblance between Rick and Adam it's because they're cousins. RICK (into radio) Are you gonna hang there all night or are you gonna launch the damn probe? Over. EXT. PENTHOUSE - NIGHT Adam fishes inside his quilted jacket and brings out a gleaming metal ball. ADAM (into radio) Preparing to "launch probe." Using a lever arm built into his harness, Adam cranks himself slightly higher so he can reach up and over the balcony edge. He places the ball on the edge -- there's a big enough gap underneath the balcony rail -- and gives it a tap. ADAM (into radio) Probe is launched. Repeat, probe is launched. He can hardly stop himself from laughing. EXT. PENTHOUSE BALCONY - NIGHT The metal ball rolls toward the open glass doors... INT. PENTHOUSE LIVING ROOM - NIGHT ...and rolls inside, where it stops when it encounters thick carpet pile. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick peers at a monitor that shows the penthouse interior from the metal ball's floor level fish-eye lens POV. A tastefully decorated room, expensive furniture, doors to left and right and a long hallway ahead. RICK (into radio) We have an empty penthouse apartment. Over. EXT. PENTHOUSE - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) You're sure? INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick turns to a second monitor. It shows a section of hallway with an elevator door. INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY WITH ELEVATOR - NIGHT The very same hallway. Rick's monitor POV comes from a security camera hanging in a corner. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick looks at a third monitor showing a section of underground parking lot, and an elevator door. INT. UNDERGROUND PARKING LOT - NIGHT Rick's monitor POV comes from a security camera hanging from a support. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) I'm tapped into the building's security system. Nothing to worry about. His Lordship and Mrs. Lord are out on the town tonight drinking champagne and eating caviare. You ever eat caviare? Over. EXT. PENTHOUSE BALCONY - NIGHT Adam pulls himself up and over the balcony rail. He lands silently and creeps to the balcony doors. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick's watching the metal ball monitor. He jumps as Adam's giant foot steps right in front of the ball. RICK (into radio) Oh-kay. Blueprints say the master bedroom is to your left. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Adam creeps toward the door to the left. INT. PENTHOUSE HALLWAY - NIGHT Adam heads toward the bedroom door. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) This girl I went out with, her name was... Samantha? She said she liked it. Tasted fishy to me. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE HALLWAY - NIGHT Adam pauses outside the bedroom door. ADAM (into radio) Rick? INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Yeah? Over. INT. PENTHOUSE HALLWAY - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) Shut the hell up. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam pushes open the door and looks inside. The master bed is big enough for ten people. Adam's impressed. He moves to another door and opens it revealing an empty bathroom. ADAM (into radio) They got gold taps. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Delta Base advises turn off the water before you unscrew them. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam walks to a corner where a flower vase stands on a carved table. He lifts the table and vase aside, then lifts the carpet to reveal a SAFE set into the floor. A cork of gleaming steel with an electronic keypad. ADAM (into radio) Oooh mama. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick leans forward, concerned. RICK (into radio) Delta Leader report your situation, over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam sits cross-legged on the floor. ADAM (into radio) I am looking at some serious personal security. Only way I could bust through this thing is with a laser beam. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Give me a visual please. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam pulls out a second metal ball and places it on the bed. ADAM (into radio) How's that? INSERT CU RICK'S MONITOR - showing Adam's face upside-down. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick taps his keyboard. INSERT CU METAL BALL - small WHINING NOISES from inside. INSERT CU RICK'S MONITOR - the image rights itself and zooms in on the floor safe. RICK (into radio) I'm good. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) You don't have to keep saying "over" all the time. It's just you and me. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) You know, for someone who was in the military, you know jack about radio protocol. Over. No, wait. Attach the scanner. Now I'm over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam shakes his head as he pulls three electronic gadgets from a fat pouch on his belt. He wires them together and places them on the floor safe. One goes over the keypad. ADAM (into radio) It's in place. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick studies a monitor that shows blocks and columns of scrolling numbers. RICK (into radio) I'm receiving telemetry. Stand by, Delta Leader. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam wanders the room. He picks up a jade dragon statuette and examines the base. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Maybe we do need a laser. My signals are bouncing. Fuzz analysis suggests layers of titanium and maybe depleted uranium. The hatch must be six inches thick. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam looks at a wall painting, a seascape with a China tea clipper in full sail. ADAM (into radio) That doesn't make sense. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Huh? INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam opens a bedside table drawer. There's a notebook, a silver pen, a plastic case containing a three-inch CD, and a dog-eared copy of the King James Bible. ADAM (into radio) I think you mean "Huh? Over." INT. UNDERGROUND PARKING LOT - NIGHT A BLACK LIMO rolls up and stops near the elevator. INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick's glued to the telemetry screen -- doesn't notice anything else. If he'd only turn his head... INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam closes the drawer, heads back to the floor safe. ADAM (into radio) We're talking one and a half, two cubic feet at most. Nothing could fit into that space that justifies the cost of a safe like this. INT. UNDERGROUND PARKING LOT - NIGHT The black limo drives away. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Use your imagination. Bearer bonds. Company ownership certificates. Fake passports. Maybe the biggest damn diamonds you ever saw in your life. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) Diamonds is why I'm here. How do I get to them, genius? INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick types furiously, little windows pop up and close as the columns of numbers are split up into blocks and analyzed. RICK (into radio) Believe it or not I'm working on that very problem. The combination is... twelve digits. More typing. A window pops up with the number "7" in green. RICK (into radio) And the first digit is seven. Repeat, the first digit is seven. Over. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) Color me impressed. How long before you crack the other eleven? Should I make myself a sandwich? INT. VAN - NIGHT Rick glances at the monitor showing the underground parking lot -- and four people standing in the elevator. INT. UNDERGROUND PARKING LOT - NIGHT The elevator doors slide shut, cutting off our view of the four people. SIR ROGER TREMAYNE, 70, a stiff upper lip Englishman with white hair; his beautiful young Chinese wife LEI PING, 20s; and two hulking Chinese BODYGUARDS. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) O-o-o-o-oh, shit. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) Rick, you okay? INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Delta Base this is Delta... Delta Leader, Delta Leader, come in. Ah hell, Adam, talk to me for Christ's sake! INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT ADAM (into radio) Whassup my man? INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) Elevator's on its way up. I think it might be him. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam snatches up the electronic gadgets and stuffs them into his belt pouch. ADAM (into radio) You "think" it might be him? He kicks the carpet back over the floor safe and restores the table with the flower vase. He hurries to the door. INT. VAN - NIGHT RICK (into radio) I can't be sure, someone got into the elevator. Stand by. Over. Sweating, Rick peers at the monitor showing the entrance elevator hallway. On the monitor, the elevator doors slide open. RICK (into radio) Oh, man... INT. ENTRANCE HALLWAY WITH ELEVATOR - NIGHT The elevator doors slide open. The bodyguards step out. One of them opens the penthouse apartment door and goes inside. Sir Roger and Lei Ping exit the elevator arm in arm. The second bodyguard escorts them to the door. INT. PENTHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Adam hurries back into the bedroom and SLAPS his hand down on the bed mattress, the metal ball flicks up into the air and he catches it, puts it inside his jacket. He exits. INT. PENTHOUSE HALLWAY - NIGHT Adam exits the bedroom, heads for the living room. INT. PENTHOUSE LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Adam enters and is INSTANTLY ATTACKED by the 1st Bodyguard who throws a flurry of ferocious punches that Adam only just avoids. Adam grabs a crystal lamp and smashes it over the 1st Bodyguard's head. The 1st Bodyguard shakes off the debris like an angry bear and stalks toward Adam. Adam tosses the metal ball at the 1st Bodyguard. ADAM Fire in the hole! The 1st Bodyguard pitches the ball through the open balcony doors. Adam turns his head to watch and nods his appreciation of the perfect throw. The 1st Bodyguard reaches inside his jacket for a gun. Adam pushes down on the 1st Bodyguard's wrist, stopping the draw, and punches the surprised guy, snapping his head back. The 1st Bodyguard falls backward over a couch, his gun spins through the air. Adam snatches the gun out of the air, ejects the magazine, throws the gun over his shoulder. ADAM (into radio) I'm blown, coming down fast. (puzzled pause) Delta Base, respond. Over. Adam unhooks a coiled rope from his belt and heads for the balcony, but the 2nd Bodyguard leaps in from the hall. Adam has to turn and block a dozen elbow and knee strikes. The 2nd Bodyguard spin-kicks, Adam drops fast and punches him in the nuts. The 2nd Bodyguard clutches his crotch, spins out of control and demolishes a thick glass coffee table on his way to the floor. The 1st Bodyguard rises, Adam backfists him, driving him against the wall. The bodyguard wipes blood from his lips, glares at Adam and charges. Adam sidesteps and gives the 1st Bodyguard a helpful push -- right through the open balcony doors! The curtains flutter, the 1st Bodyguard vanishes. The 2nd Bodyguard grabs Adam's ankle and yanks him off his feet. Adam spins in the air and lands like a cat on all fours. The 2nd Bodyguard rises again but Adam smashes a chunk of broken glass over his skull. The 2nd Bodyguard collapses onto what's left of the coffee table. SIR ROGER (O.S.) That's quite enough of that. Sir Roger is perfectly at ease, one hand in his jacket pocket. Lei Ping stands to one side in marksman's stance, aiming a gun at Adam. SIR ROGER My wife is a crack shot. I'd advise you to stand very still. Sir Roger takes a cellphone from his pocket, punches a number, holds the phone to his ear and listens. SIR ROGER (into phone) Why don't you bring him up and we'll have a cosy little chat, hmm? He slips the phone into his pocket, and indicates a chair. SIR ROGER Take a seat, won't you? There's no reason we can't be civilized about this. Adam sits down. Out on the balcony, the 1st Bodyguard heaves himself up and over the rail. He brushes himself down and tidies his hair before coming inside. SIR ROGER Put the kettle on, there's a good fellow. The 1st Bodyguard gives Adam a dark look, and heads for the kitchen. Sir Roger sits down on a couch. Lei Ping doesn't move an inch, she keeps Adam covered. SIR ROGER Shall I assume your being here isn't accidental? By which I mean, you're not robbing every apartment in this building, are you? Just this one. Adam doesn't answer. SIR ROGER So you knew I was in town and you assumed, rightly as it happens, that my wife would have brought her jewelry with her. Adam looks away, feeling like a chump. SIR ROGER I don't like heights myself. I've never even stepped out onto the balcony. Can't help but admire someone who's brave enough to climb up the side of a building. And all because of a few shiny baubles. ADAM You should keep your windows closed. SIR ROGER And risk trapping the dragon spirits inside? That would be a grave mistake. They must be able to leave when they wish. CLAUDE, 30s, a huge Belgian mercenary carrying an Uzi machine pistol, enters pushing Rick in front of him. Rick's relieved to see Adam but his relief vanishes when he sees Sir Roger, and Lei Ping aiming the gun. SIR ROGER Please sit down. And put that away, Claude. You're being rude to our guests. Claude throws Rick into a chair and slips his Uzi inside his jacket. He leans down to whisper into Sir Roger's ear. Sir Roger listens with increasing interest, watching Adam and Rick. He dismisses Claude with a little wave. SIR ROGER See what's delaying the tea, there's a good fellow. Claude exits to the kitchen. SIR ROGER Would you do me the courtesy of telling me your names? Adam and Rick glance at each other. Adam shrugs. ADAM I'm Adam Greff. RICK And I'm saying nothing till my lawyer gets here. ADAM His name's Rick Harrington. We realize we've made a huge mistake. If you let us go, we'll spread the word that your security is impenetrable and your apartment is guarded. You won't ever be bothered again, I can guarantee it. SIR ROGER That sounds like a reasonable deal. I'm tempted to take you up on it. Sir Roger makes another phone call. SIR ROGER (into phone) Adam Greff and Rick Harrington. He puts his phone away and smiles. SIR ROGER Ah, here comes the tea... Claude returns with a silver tray, teapot and cups. SIR ROGER Unfortunately we don't seem to have a table any more... Lei Ping, without taking her gun off Adam, walks to a lamp table, puts the lamp down on the floor, and using her foot flicks the table into the air. It tumbles end over end and lands perfectly, right way up, in front of Sir Roger. Adam looks at the table, looks at Lei Ping. Her stony expression gives nothing away. Claude puts the tray down. SIR ROGER Tea, Mr. Greff? ADAM I'd love a cup. SIR ROGER Mr. Harrington? RICK I'll pass. Claude pours two cups. He adds cream into Sir Roger's cup, stirs it, offers the cup and saucer to Sir Roger. Then looks enquiringly at Adam. ADAM As is. Claude gives him the cup. Adam takes a quick sip and is pleasantly surprised. ADAM Wonderful. (to Rick) You don't know what you're missing. RICK Color me disappointed. Claude moves to stand behind Sir Roger. ADAM Who's your supplier? SIR ROGER I am. The Chinese tea trade is still very much alive. It's just that no one talks about it these days. ADAM You were in Hong Kong? SIR ROGER For a considerable number of years. And in fact I still am. The Chinese Government has no qualms about dealing with foreigners. It wanted to take back ownership of Hong Kong, but it also wanted the British to stay. We are a conduit to international business. And we love China dearly. They know and respect this. ADAM It wasn't that long ago you were milking the place dry. SIR ROGER Times have changed, Mr. Greff. We acknowledge the uncouth methods our ancestors employed. They made the mistake of treating the Chinese as barbarians. Not realizing, of course, it is they who were the barbarians. RICK This is all very nice... ADAM So how can we get out of this mess? Assuming that's possible. RICK We didn't take anything. All you have on us... on him... is entering your apartment. SIR ROGER I don't like to bother the police, Mr. Harrington. Which ensures they don't bother me. RICK Then what say we just walk on out of here, and I don't file a complaint about your guys messing up my van? Sir Roger's phone RINGS, he holds it to his ear and listens. ADAM Hey. RICK What? Adam puts his finger to his lips. Shh! Adam notices Lei Ping hasn't moved an inch. Sir Roger listens some more... then puts his phone away. SIR ROGER Tell me, what do you know about a man named Han Sung? ADAM If you mean the gentleman who is allegedly involved with the Chinese Tongs...? SIR ROGER There's no need for diplomacy. Han Sung and I are... old rivals. We have little love for each other. And he is not "involved" with the Tongs. King Dragon Han Sung runs them. ADAM I heard that too. RICK No kidding. The guy's crazy. He wiped out the other Tong bosses. Chopped them into little pieces and served them up in his restaurant... Rick realizes they're staring at him. He shuts up. SIR ROGER Are you familiar with Han Sung's nightclub? ADAM I hear it's a wild place, but I haven't been there. Sir Roger sips his tea. Adam puts his cup and saucer down on the table. ADAM What exactly are you proposing? SIR ROGER You've shown yourself to be a resourceful man. Your military and police records confirm this. ADAM I repeat my question. SIR ROGER Han Sung has something I want. ADAM And you think I'm going to go fetch it for you? SIR ROGER Hear me out, Mr. Greff. You haven't heard what's involved. Or what the rewards are. ADAM If it's anything to do with Han Sung, the "rewards" involve my steaming entrails and a whole lot of pain. SIR ROGER Perhaps. And then again, perhaps not. You have skills which few men possess. RICK Damn right. They don't call him "The Human Fly" for nothing. Sir Roger chuckles. Lei Ping cracks a smile. Adam winces. ADAM I didn't pick the nickname. RICK I did. I called him that. I was the first. Adam gives him a withering look. RICK Hey come on, it's like a superhero. SIR ROGER You served with your Ranger Division for seven years. For two of those years you were attached to special operations. A curious mix of hostage rescue, political kidnapping, covert intelligence gathering, and assassination. ADAM Mind telling me who was on the other end of that call? The 2nd Bodyguard begins to regain consciousness. Sir Roger motions to Claude who lifts the dazed man and drags him out. SIR ROGER That should not concern you, Mr. Greff. What should concern you is the fact you have been caught in the act, so to speak. As I said, I don't like to bother the police. Adam glances at Lei Ping. She's still covering him. ADAM A powerful man like you prefers to implement his own justice system. SIR ROGER Very well put. ADAM And the only thing you're worried about at the moment... is whether we leave bloodstains on the carpet, right? SIR ROGER You're catching on, Mr. Greff. Claude returns and stands behind Sir Roger's couch, glaring hostility at Adam and Rick. ADAM So, let's talk about Han Sung. SIR ROGER Before we do, let me warn you that my wife is a human lie detector. Should you attempt to deceive me, this conversation will come to an abrupt end regardless of the carpet cleaning bill. RICK Now wait a minute, you can't just go around threatening people. You're not above the law. No one is. Any shooting goes on here, the cops are gonna bust down your door and throw you and Quick Draw McGraw over there in the slammer. ADAM Rick, old buddy, why don't you let me do the talking? Rick stands up. Claude looks to Sir Roger for a cue but Sir Roger doesn't react. RICK That's all you've been doing, and you know where it's got us? Nowhere. (to Sir Roger) We're walking out of here. Nobody better try to stop us. Lei Ping lowers her gun and extends one leg behind her as if she's getting ready to push something. She twists her shoulder and hip and extends her arm straight toward Rick, palm outward, and lets out a WHOOSHING breath. Rick's slammed back into his chair as if Lei Ping hit him, but she's 20 feet away! He rubs his chest in pain and stares at her, bewildered. RICK Hell did you hit me with? Adam bows his head toward Lei Ping in acknowledgement. ADAM One of the most impressive demonstrations of Gong Chi I've ever seen. Please accept my admiration. RICK Gong what? She damn near bust my ribs! Adam kicks the table, sending it, the teapot and the tray flying toward Lei Ping. In the same motion he jumps onto Sir Roger's couch, leaps past him and SLAMS into Claude, knocking him backward. Lei Ping punches the table, turning it into matchwood. She punches the teapot, shattering it. She punches the tray, putting a fist-sized dent into the silver. She tilts her head left and right, avoiding cups and saucers and teaspoons. Nothing touches her. They break and clink behind her. Claude lies on his back on the floor, stunned. He lifts his head in time to meet Adam's fist coming down. WHAP! Claude goes for a nap. BLAM! The gunshot makes Adam spin round. Lei Ping shot Rick in the shoulder! Blood seeps between his fingers. RICK Ah, Jesus! The two bruised Chinese bodyguards appear, guns drawn. Sir Roger shakes his head, and they withdraw. Sir Roger sips his tea as if nothing's happening. SIR ROGER My wife could as easily have shot him between the eyes. Do sit down, Mr. Greff. Let's have no more unpleasantness, hmm? Adam unwillingly returns to his chair. ADAM Takes a lot to ruffle your feathers. SIR ROGER A lifetime in the Orient has taught me patience. It's also taught me to find a man's weakness and use it to control him. Adam glances at Rick. And nods defeat to Sir Roger. RICK I need a doctor. I'm bleeding to death here. SIR ROGER Your cousin's technical expertise may prove useful. But you, Mr. Greff, will be my primary agent in this matter. ADAM Why don't you quit pussyfooting around and tell me what it is you want me to steal? SIR ROGER Gold, Mr. Greff. A fortune in gold bullion. ADAM Fort Knox is a little out of my league. SIR ROGER It's sitting in crates in one of the upper rooms in Han Sung's nightclub, waiting to be shipped back to the old country. ADAM Let me just stop you there and tell you, this is pretty tough jerky you're asking me to chew. SIR ROGER Why? The Tongs only deal in gold and silver. Paper money means nothing to them. The bullion is Han Sung's annual tribute to his masters. It's the price he must pay for retaining his rank and influence. Stealing the gold from him serves two purposes. One, it will cause Han Sung acute embarrassment. The High Dragon Lords will question his competence. He'll lose face, and with the Chinese, as you know, face is everything. Two, it will make both of us very rich indeed. ADAM How rich is "very rich"? SIR ROGER Its value is conservatively estimated at two hundred million dollars. I'm willing to offer you a cash equivalent of twenty-five percent upon successful completion of the job. ADAM Fifty million bucks. That's a lot of money. SIR ROGER Consider it extreme hazard pay. ADAM Just for argument's sake, let's suppose the gold exists. I'm guessing it's not just sitting there waiting to be snatched by anyone who happens to be passing. Han Sung has a couple of his boys keeping an eye on it, right? SIR ROGER There will be guards, yes. ADAM So I get past these guards and reach the gold. What am I supposed to do with it? Two hundred million dollars worth of gold bullion must weigh upward of two tons. SIR ROGER Closer to three, actually. But don't you see, Mr. Greff? That's all part of the challenge. Sir Roger looks at Rick, who's still holding his bleeding shoulder. SIR ROGER And what do you say, Mr. Harrington? RICK You had me at "gold." SIR ROGER Very sensible. We'll get that scratch attended to in a moment, never fear. RICK Thanks... ADAM I'll need time to think about it. SIR ROGER Alas there is precious little time to think. The bullion will be taken to the docks at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning and loaded aboard one of Han Sung's tankers. I must have your answer now. ADAM Why not arrange an ambush when he moves the gold? Set up a crossfire with a couple of sniper teams-- SIR ROGER He'll expect that! Every hired gun in town will be on hand to protect the convoy. It addition to which, we may expect the convoy's firepower to be considerable. No, Mr. Greff, if we are to relieve Han Sung of his wealth it must be done either tonight or tomorrow night. You'll need some time to "case the joint," as they say, and prepare a plan. I should imagine tomorrow night is the optimum choice. Don't you agree? Sir Roger sips his tea. Adam is speechless.

end excerpt

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