This is an excerpt (first 20 pages) of a WIP screenplay.

"Lone Justice" - screenplay by Derek Paterson. FADE IN: EXT. ROCKY CANYON - DAY BLAM! a gunshot rings out, echoes off the canyon walls. A dented tin can, sitting on top of a rock, doesn't stir. BLAM! another shot, the tin can remains untouched. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! in rapid succession, they miss too. BILLY HAWTHORN (O.S.) How many times I told you, squeeze the trigger gentle? You're not choking a turkey, dammit. HANK (O.S.) It's this old gun of Pa's. It don't shoot straight. Sheriff BILLY HAWTHORN takes the smoking six-gun from HANK PIKE, 18, who peers through wire-rimmed spectacles. Billy's older and wiser, touches of silver at his temples, eyes crinkled with amusement. BILLY HAWTHORN Well now let's see... Billy thumbs back the hammer, sights along the barrel and BLAM! he shoots, ZING! the tin can flies into the air. BILLY HAWTHORN Yep, pulls to the right and up. The trick is let the bullet leave the barrel first. How's your wrist? Hank's been absently rubbing his wrist. HANK It's okay. Billy gives Hank his six-gun. BILLY HAWTHORN Let's leave it for today. I gotta see if my prisoner woke up. HANK I ain't hit anything yet. BILLY HAWTHORN That's 'cause you ain't listening to what I'm telling you. HANK Is he a desperado? BILLY HAWTHORN What? No, just a drunk. HANK Let him sleep it off. Just once more, Billy, please? Billy sighs, resigned. He gestures, load 'er up. Hank breaks the six-gun open and reloads. BILLY HAWTHORN Hope you paid for those cartridges. Didn't just sneak 'em out without telling your Pa. 'Cause then I'd have to arrest you. Take you before the judge next week. HANK Where's them cans? Billy opens an old saddlebag at his feet, pulls out three tin cans. BILLY HAWTHORN Keep your gun in your holster and your finger off that trigger till I say so. Hank holsters his six-gun. HANK Okay. Billy walks twenty paces and balances the tin cans on three separate rocks a few feet apart. Behind him, Hank adopts an exaggerated gunfighter's stance, feet apart, knees bent, hand hovering near his gun holster, fingers twitching with anticipation. Billy turns and sees. Hank sheepishly straightens and makes a fuss of adjusting his belt. Billy shakes his head, he returns and stands behind Hank. BILLY HAWTHORN Reckon this is the safest place to be today. HANK You're even funnier than my Pa. BILLY HAWTHORN Let's see what you got, boy. And remember. Squeeze the damn-- Hank quick-draws and BLAM! a tin can ZINGS! into the air. Hank gapes in surprise. BILLY HAWTHORN That the one you was aiming for? Hank gulps, it's hard to confess the truth... HANK Yeah. Billy stares at him, suspicious. HANK No. Billy rolls his eyes at the heavens, why me? BILLY HAWTHORN Hold the gun with both hands. Hank does this. BILLY HAWTHORN Line the barrel up on the target. Hank closes his left eye and sticks his tongue out, he's concentrating so hard. BILLY HAWTHORN You aiming at the target? HANK Yeah. BILLY HAWTHORN Open both eyes. HANK What for? BILLY HAWTHORN Stops you losing your sense of balance. And nobody can sneak up on you from the side. You got both eyes open? HANK Yeah. BILLY HAWTHORN Put your tongue in. Don't want to bite it off. Hank pulls in his tongue. BILLY HAWTHORN Take a deep breath. Hold it. Hold it. Now let it out slow. Squeeze the trigger, real gentle. Hank gently squeezes the trigger -- and shuts his eyes! BLAM! He squints through the smoke. The tin can is untouched on its rock. HANK Dammit. BILLY HAWTHORN I think I see what the problem is. EXT. TOWN OUTSKIRTS - DAY Hank and Billy slowly ride home side by side. HANK You ever think about marrying? BILLY HAWTHORN Sure I did, once. Had my eye on the prettiest girl in the whole county. She was sweet on me, too. Then the shooting started, 'n I volunteered. Couldn't have been much older than you. Dumbest thing I ever done. HANK How long was you away for? BILLY HAWTHORN They told us it would be over in six months. Took a mite longer'n that. By the time I found my way home she was already married and raising two young 'uns. Anyways, that's enough about me. What about you and the Morgan girl? HANK Whaaaaat? BILLY HAWTHORN Uh-huh. Guess you don't know what I'm talking about. Hank clamps his mouth shut. Billy chuckles. EXT. WIDE VIEW OF DESERT - DAY Beautiful, rugged, deadly. Baking under the blazing sun. EXT. ROAD INTO TOWN - DAY THE COLONEL, 50s, rides tall and proud in his saddle. Alongside him, a one-horse buggy driven by his daughter ANNABEL MORGAN, 17, an unspoiled beauty. MRS. MORGAN sits beside Annabel, an attractive older version of her daughter, holding a parasol to protect them from the sun. They pass a faded sign that says "GABRIEL, POP. 300." And sure enough, up ahead, the town. EXT. RIDGE ABOVE ROAD - DAY Looking down on the Colonel and the buggy. Watching them, a group of men on horseback. SARGE, a huge Negro in Union Army uniform. JAMIE, a young gunslinger with a sneering grin. PECOS, a lean Texan who don't say much. SANTANA, an Apache renegade. THE MEXICAN, once a proud nobleman, now reduced to stealing and killing to survive. NED GATLING, the cold-eyed leader of this motley gang of desperados. None of them move a muscle. They just watch. EXT. TOWN MAIN STREET - DAY The Colonel and his family ride in and exchange friendly hellos with TOWNSFOLK who tip their hats and smile. The Colonel rides on to the Bank while the buggy makes for Pike's General Store. INT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Stacked full of vittles. Hank sweeps up. He looks out the window, sees the buggy approaching. He's hypnotized by Annabel Morgan. Hank's FATHER, 50, comes to stand behind him. HANK'S FATHER She's too good for the likes of you, boy. Hank swallows hard, disappointed. HANK You think so? HANK'S FATHER That's what they told me about your mother. Hank gets it. A slow grin. Outside, the buggy pulls up. HANK'S FATHER Lady might appreciate a hand, don't you think? Hank thrusts the broom into his father's hands and heads for the door. He skids to a stop in front of a mirror, slicks down his hair with spit, and runs outside. His father chuckles and shakes his head. EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Hank runs up to the buggy and offers Annabel his hand. But Annabel indicates her mother instead. Hank hurries around the buggy and helps Mrs. Morgan down. MRS. MORGAN Why thank you, Hank, your daddy raised a gentleman. Hank grins, abashed. He's disappointed to see Annabel has climbed down by herself. ANNABEL Thank you, Hank. Annabel takes her mother's arm and they climb the steps. Just as they enter, Annabel glances back and sees Hank standing there, watching her. Annabel quickly looks away and smiles to herself. MRS. MORGAN Don't play with the poor boy. ANNABEL I'm not! INT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Hank's father greets the ladies. HANK'S FATHER Good day to you, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Morgan. Nice to see you again. MRS. MORGAN Good day, Mr. Pike. We thought we'd pay you a visit and purchase material for a new dress for Annabel. HANK'S FATHER You couldn't have timed it better, ladies. I just got new bolts of cloth delivered, all the way from Boston, Massachusets. Finest quality. He leads the way and Annabel eagerly follows him, dragging her mother after her. MRS. MORGAN Land sakes, what's the hurry? EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Hank holds a bucket of water for Annabel's horse to drink. HANK I'll change jobs with you any time you like. Hank notices Ned Gatling and his gang ride into town, slow and easy. They amble toward the Saloon and dismount there, tying up their horses. The gang enters the Saloon but Gatling stops, as if sensing he's being watched. He stares across the street at Hank. Hank stares back. Gatling lights a cheroot. Still staring at Hank, he flicks the match away. Gatling turns and enters the Saloon. INT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Annabel wraps blue cloth from a bolt around herself and admires her reflection in a long mirror. HANK'S FATHER I'd have to say that color matches your eyes, Miss Morgan. ANNABEL You think so, Mr. Pike? Hank's Father looks outside. He sees Hank staring across the street, intent on something. HANK'S FATHER Would you kindly excuse me for a moment, ladies? MRS. MORGAN Most surely. Annabel's so taken with the cloth she doesn't even notice him exit. EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Hank's Father comes outside and joins Hank. HANK'S FATHER Never thought I'd live to see the day. HANK What's that? HANK'S FATHER Miss Annabel Morgan's in our store and you're not interested. He sees Santana and the horses. HANK'S FATHER Boys from the "Lazy L"? HANK I never seen any of them before. Hank's Father stares at him, waiting. HANK Those posters Billy hangs on his wall? That's where they belong. HANK'S FATHER Sometimes you can't judge a man by how he looks. Especially when he's been in the saddle a few days, maybe longer. HANK I guess not. Hank's Father goes back inside. Hank claps Annabel's horse, looks over at the Saloon again. After a moment's thought, Hank sets off up the street, towards the Sheriff's Office. INT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Annabel admires another cloth, imagining the dress. MRS. MORGAN Why, this time last year you only charged five cents a yard. HANK'S FATHER I am subject to the whims of my suppliers, Mrs. Morgan. I did consider cheaper alternatives, but such low quality would never be acceptable to persons of your taste. ANNABEL We're fortunate to have a man of your discernment, Mr. Pike. Aren't we, Mama? MRS. MORGAN Oh, we surely are. But she's smiling, enjoying Annabel's happiness. EXT. TOWN MAIN STREET - DAY Hank hurries along. EXT. SALOON - DAY Ned Gatling stands in the doorway. He looks up and down the street. EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Hank knocks on the door. Billy opens the door and scowls at Hank. BILLY HAWTHORN Hank Pike. You back for another whupping? His scowl becomes a grin, he steps aside, invites Hank in. INT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY A rear door leads to the cells. Billy opens a desk drawer and pulls out a checkers board and a worn wooden box. He sets up the game. PRISONER (O.S.) Hey, when am I getting out of here? BILLY HAWTHORN Shut up! Billy shakes his head at Hank, just ignore him. HANK There's riders in town. BILLY HAWTHORN Riders. HANK They're over at the Saloon. BILLY HAWTHORN They brawling and kicking up a ruckus? HANK Can't say that's the case. BILLY HAWTHORN If they were, I could lock them up for breach of the town's peace. HANK I don't rightly know if they'd take to being locked up. BILLY HAWTHORN Never met anyone who did. What's got your nose twitching? Hank examines the "Wanted" posters on the wall. BILLY HAWTHORN Recognize any of them? HANK Nope. BILLY HAWTHORN So they're not wanted by the law and they're not doing anything particular. That about the size of it? HANK Guess so. Just thought you should know, that's all. PRISONER (O.S.) I demand a fair trial! BILLY HAWTHORN Shut up! Billy selects a rifle from the rack. BILLY HAWTHORN I could use a walk anyway. Drunk's making me crazy. HANK You want me to come with you? I can get my pa's gun. Billy stares at him. Hank lowers his gaze, abashed. BILLY HAWTHORN Town's not paying you to be my deputy. Not yet, anyways. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back soon enough. Ten cents a game. HANK Ten cents! BILLY HAWTHORN What's the matter? Scared to play for real stakes? HANK Ten cents suits me just fine. Billy grins and exits. Hank sits down in Billy's chair. He puts his feet up on the desk, makes himself comfortable. PRISONER (O.S.) I never been drunk an' disorderly my life! HANK Shut up! EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Billy Hawthorn closes the door, turns-- Ned Gatling stands there, his six-gun already drawn. INT. BANK MANAGER'S OFFICE - DAY The Colonel signs papers. The BANK MANAGER blows on them to dry the ink, and inspects them. BANK MANAGER Everything's in order. Anything else I can do for you, Sam? COLONEL MORGAN That's about it. The Colonel rises, they shake hands. The Bank Manager escorts him to the door, opens it. BANK MANAGER You'll give my regards to Mrs. Morgan and Miss Annabel? COLONEL MORGAN I surely will. EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Gatling's got the drop on Billy Hawthorn. Billy looks past Gatling and sees four gang members hurry into the Bank. Santana the Apache stays on his horse, holding the other horses' reins. Billy licks his lips as he weighs his chances. He's got his rifle but Gatling has the drop on him. Gatling smiles. Daring him. INT. BANK - DAY CUSTOMERS scream in panic as the four Gatling Gang members enter with their guns drawn. Pecos mercilessly clubs the elderly BANK GUARD who falls, dropping his shotgun. Jamie grins hugely and keeps everyone covered. Sarge kicks open the door to reach the frightened CASHIER. Sarge smashes his rifle butt against the Cashier's head, the Cashier goes down hard. The Mexican smiles charmingly at an attractive YOUNG WOMAN. THE MEXICAN Buenos dias, senorita. Please do not worry. We are only making a withdrawal. She cringes in fear. Jamie laughs, enjoying this. The office door opens. The Colonel and the Bank Manager gape at the robbery in progress. Sarge turns but The Colonel's gun leaps into his hand, BLAM! and Sarge is spinning, his face twisted in agony. Pecos SHOOTS, woodwork around The Colonel comes apart, The Colonel grimly weathers the storm and BLAM! Pecos staggers back into the Bank Guard's empty chair and sits down, relaxing. Jamie and The Mexican SHOOT, The Colonel grimaces, grabs the door frame, holds himself up and BLAM! Jamie's gun spins from his hand, Jamie YELPS and clutches his arm. Sarge aims his rifle. The Colonel glares at him, tries to bring up his gun but his hand's shaking, his strength is failing-- BLAM! Sarge blows The Colonel back into the Bank Manager's office. The Bank Manager cringes in terror. EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Billy winces at the shooting inside the bank. GATLING Sounds like someone got uppity. BILLY HAWTHORN You'll hang for this. All of you. GATLING Well. That's a matter of opinion. Hank opens the door, Gatling's eyes flick onto him, Billy brings his rifle up and around-- BLAM! Gatling's bullet punches Billy through the open doorway. Billy takes Hank down with him. INT. BANK - DAY Customers cower and sob as the smoke clears. Jamie shakes Pecos. No reaction. Sarge grabs Jamie, pushes him toward the cashier's desk. SARGE Get the damn money! Sarge exits carrying two money sacks, not even slowed by the bullet he's carrying in his bleeding side. Jamie runs behind the desk, stuffs all the money he can find into a sack one-handed, stumbles outside. The Mexican backs toward the door. He glances at Pecos, crosses himself. THE MEXICAN Va con Dios, mi amigo! He politely tips his sombrero to the surprised Young Woman, and runs outside after the others. INT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Hank's Father, Annabel and Mrs. Morgan have all heard the shooting. The ladies are alarmed. HANK'S FATHER Stay here and keep your heads down, ladies. He leans over the counter and snatches up a rifle. INT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Hank lies on the floor, stunned, with Billy Hawthorn lying unmoving on top of him. PRISONER (O.S.) What's going on out there? Hey! Hank rolls Billy off. He shakes Billy, and realizes his friend is dead. Hank scrambles to his feet, snatches Billy's six-gun from its holster. EXT. BANK - DAY The gang including Gatling mount their horses. Gatling notices Sarge's and Jamie's wounds, and Pecos's empty horse. The Mexican shakes his head, Pecos ain't coming. The Bank Guard stumbles out of the Bank, face covered in blood, fumbling with his shotgun. Santana the Apache leans down, SHOOTS the Guard in the chest at point blank range, and WHOOPS in triumph. GATLING Let's get outta here! They dig in their spurs and ride hell for leather. Santana abandons Pecos's horse, it wanders across the street, confused. EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Hank runs outside, takes aim and tracks Gatling as he rides away. Hank pulls the trigger -- BLAM! An oil lamp shatters. Hank missed by a mile! Customers spill out of the Bank, shouting and screaming. EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY On the porch, Hank's Father aims his rifle at the robbers. Gatling sees him and SHOOTS on the gallop. Hank's father grimaces in pain and collapses clutching his chest. EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - DAY Hank lowers his six-gun and stares in disbelief at the sight of his father lying on the porch. He runs to the General Store. EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY By the time Hank gets here, all that's left of the gang is a cloud of dust. Hank kneels and cradles his Father's head and shakes him. HANK Pa? Pa! His Father doesn't respond. A blood stain over his heart. Hank looks up in anguish as Annabel and Mrs. Morgan come outside. Mrs. Morgan covers her mouth and looks away. Annabel stares, wide-eyed. The Bank Manager runs up, red-faced and out of breath. Annabel looks toward the Bank, wondering where her father is. Mrs. Morgan wonders the same thing. The Bank Manager lowers his gaze, he can't look at them. Realization dawns on them. Annabel hitches up her skirts and runs toward the Bank. BANK MANAGER Miss Morgan! No! Mrs. Morgan grabs the Bank Manager's arm. MRS. MORGAN Tell me what happened. Tell me! BANK MANAGER Your husband, ma'am... They shot the Colonel. He tried to stop them from robbing the bank, and they shot him. EXT. BANK - DAY Townsfolk watch in silence as Annabel runs up. She stops, stares at the dead Bank Guard. She steels herself to go inside. INT. BANK - DAY Annabel enters. She stares at Pecos, dead in the chair. Then she sees The Colonel's boots sticking out the office doorway. She covers her mouth and sobs in anguish. EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Hank lets go of his Father and stands up. BANK MANAGER Where's Sheriff Hawthorn, why isn't he doing something? HANK Billy's dead. BANK MANAGER Black day. You had them in your sights and you missed! How could anyone miss at that range? Hank ignores him and heads for the Bank. EXT. BANK - DAY Annabel exits. She closes her eyes, lets out a long sigh. She opens her eyes and watches as Hank marches up the street and enters the Sheriff's Office. He comes back out a moment later carrying a rifle. He goes after Pecos's skittish horse and grabs the reins. Annabel runs up to Hank and grabs his arm. ANNABEL Hank! What are you doing? Hank shakes her hand off, mounts the horse, and gallops off down the street. ANNABEL Hank! EXT. PIKE'S GENERAL STORE - DAY Mrs. Morgan and the Bank Manager gape as Hank rides by. BANK MANAGER Damn fool, he'll get himself killed! We need to raise a posse! That's what we need to do! EXT. DESERT OUTSIDE TOWN - DAY Ned Gatling and his gang ride hard, leaving the town behind. Hank rides hard, eating their dust. EXT. HIGH VIEW OF DESERT - DAY Five riders leave dust trails... and a sixth trail follows. EXT. FOOTHILLS - DAY Gatling and his gang head for high ground. Gatling looks back over his shoulder. He sees that trail of dust, following them. He nods to Santana, who looks back into the dust. SANTANA Hey oh na dey. SARGE One rider. GATLING He leading a posse? SANTANA Na dey koo ta. SARGE Don't see nobody else. JAMIE Must be some kind of fool. GATLING Don't matter. We can't have someone bird-dogging our trail. Gatling draws a finger across his throat. Santana nods understanding. EXT. BROKEN-WALL CANYON - DAY The gang gallops into the canyon. Santana stops and dismounts. He drags his horse out of sight, ties it up. He takes his rifle and starts climbing. Santana reaches a ledge that gives him a commanding view of the canyon mouth. He lies down and waits. Hank rides into the canyon, determined to catch up-- Up on the ledge, Santana takes aim. BLAM! Hank's horse collapses and Hank is thrown, he lands heavily, lies unmoving. Santana slides back down to his waiting horse and slips his rifle into the saddle holster. Hank wakes up. He raises his head, sees his dead horse lying nearly. He looks for his rifle, sees it. He crawls toward it. His leg's hurt, every movement brings a stab of wincing agony. Hank sees Santana coming. He crawls as fast as he can. Santana walks casually, as if he's in no hurry. Hank grits his teeth and keeps going. He's almost there! He touches his rifle-- Santana stamps his foot down on the rifle. He grins at Hank and draws his knife, sunlight gleams off the big blade. Hank swings a fist-size rock into Santana's knee! Santana ROARS and slashes at Hank but Hank rolls away, the knife bleeds his shoulder instead of his throat. Hank throws the rock, it slams into Santana's face, the Apache staggers, half-blinded. Hank launches himself at Santana, bowls him over. They sprawl on the hard ground, rolling over and over until Santana gets on top. Santana forces his knife down until it's an inch from Hank's throat, but Hank grabs Santana's wrist with both hands. Santana forces the knife closer. He grins, tasting victory. With a huge effort Hank pushes the knife to one side, the point scrapes against rock. Hank's hand quests blindly for his rifle -- he grabs the barrel -- swings the rifle up and round like a club, the butt smashes into Santana's head, he pitches over. Hank rolls on top of Santana's back, grabs Santana's wrist and jerks Santana's own knife up into the Apache's throat! Santana gurgles and relaxes, dead. Hank rolls off him, gasping for breath. The blazing sun beats down upon Hank without mercy as he lies there bleeding, unable to move. The Mexican's big hat blots out the sun. THE MEXICAN Ay. A terrible way for a man to die. Hank tries to rise. The Mexican pistol-whips his head. BLACKNESS. EXT. ABANDONED MINING CAMP - DAY Hank opens his eyes. He's standing tied to a wooden frame, arms and legs spread wide. He looks around. Broken dusty shacks. A mine entrance closed off by a rockfall. Only ghosts live here now. JAMIE Hell, I'm not gonna miss him. Damn Apache gave me the creeps. Never knew if I'd wake up dead. GATLING Shut up. Gatling and Sarge sit by a fire, Sarge is stripped to the waist. Gatling lifts an iron out of the flames, inspects the glowing red tip. Sarge eyes the iron warily. Jamie's right arm is in a sling, he draws his gun with his left hand, over and over. JAMIE My daddy always told me, never trust an Apache. They don't think like us. They're animals. SARGE Your daddy say anything 'bout Negroes? JAMIE They sing real good. GATLING (to Sarge) Take another drink. Sarge swigs from a bottle of whiskey. GATLING You ready? SARGE As I'll ever be. Sarge passes the bottle to Jamie. Gatling brings the iron to Sarge's side. Sarge steels himself. A HISS of cauterized flesh. Jamie winces, turns away. Gatling puts the iron back into the fire. He gets up and walks over to Hank. Hank glares at him, eyes full of hate. JAMIE Cut him loose and give him a gun. GATLING Sure that left hand of yours is up to it? JAMIE Let's find out. GATLING I'm sore tempted. (to Hank) That old man would've put lead in me if I didn't do for him first. HANK That old man was my father. GATLING Gave me no pleasure to shoot him. But it happened. HANK What about the sheriff? GATLING Well now. That's different. Never did like the law. HANK You shot him down in cold blood. GATLING He had a gun in his hand. HANK He didn't stand a chance. That makes it murder. JAMIE Watch out, Ned. Dude's some kind of lawyer. GATLING I let you go, you're gonna come after me, and keep coming, till I'm dead. HANK You got that right. Gatling shakes his head, sighs. The Mexican rides in, Gatling goes to talk to him. THE MEXICAN No one else. Just him. GATLING (to Sarge) You good enough to ride? Sarge pulls on his shirt, wincing in pain. SARGE I'm good. Jamie steps up to Hank, sticks his gun into Hank's face. Hank doesn't even flinch, he's too full of hate. Jamie thumbs back the hammer. GATLING Save your bullets. You might need them. Gatling and Sarge mount up. JAMIE You go on ahead, I'll catch up. Gatling, Sarge and the Mexican ride off. Jamie holsters his six-gun. He walks to his horse, opens a saddle bag. Takes out a coiled bullwhip. He lets it play out, swings it experimentally, then CRACKS! it. JAMIE You, my friend, are going to wish I'd used a bullet. Hank glares at him. Jamie CRACKS! his whip, the leather slashes Hank's shirt open, leaves a bloody welt across Hank's chest. CRACK! another terrible welt. Hank groans and squirms, but will not cry out! Jamie whips him, again and again and again, a sadistic outpouring of vicious anger that leaves Jamie panting for breath, and Hank hanging limp on the wooden frame, a bloody unmoving mess. Jamie's had enough. He coils his whip, returns it to the saddlebag. JAMIE What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Jamie mounts his horse and rides out, trailing Santana's horse after him. Hank hangs limp and unconscious. EXT. CANYON EXIT - DAY The Mexican waits for Gatling and Sarge. They pull up and wait. They examine the beautiful painted landscape ahead. Jamie rides to join them. Gatling gives Jamie a quizzical look. Did you do it? JAMIE Forget about him. GATLING Mexico! The Gatling Gang rides, a-whoopin' an' a-hollerin'. EXT. ABANDONED MINING CAMP - DAY The blazing sun hangs in the sky. The heat tortures Hank who sags on the frame, head bowed. A breath of wind blows dust through the mining camp. Hank raises his head... his strength's almost gone... his eyes try to focus... on a blurred shadow... a ghost. It doesn't seem real. A wizened, shrunken old INDIAN MAN stares at Hank. Hank lets out a dry croak, then his head drops again. FADE TO BLACK

End excerpt


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